Zorya Goes to Igen

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands(#3306RJM)

Sianne nods, settling in a char and setting her glass on the table. "Men." is whispers before a small chuckle is given. "I'm afraid that mine lifemate opened her mental mouth and spoke already. SOrry." There's a glance bowlward then another shake of her head. "Always speaks up without asking first."

Zorya gives her head a light shake, lifting a hand tuck back a stray lock of hair just after. "Its alright." she assures with a smile, "Maybe a reminder wouldn't be so terrible." Men, yes. Terribly untimely things they are.

L'ton is entering the Sands at what is, truly, a dangerous speed, as he's practically taking out one young server who's making her way out to the patio. Quickly excusing himself, and giving the girl a kiss in apology, he's taking a moment to spot the rider who gave the warning, and the one he was meant to meet. Spotting them, he's quickly darting that way, dropping down to his knees. "Shards, Zor.. Ah'm so sorry.."

Sianne narrows her eyes as she watches L'ton and his entry. "This poor girl has been waiting for you, I really should just pack her up and take to Igen for a vacation." she warns. "Maybe I will anyways, it would serve you right L'ton."

L'ton's entry gains the blue-eyed gaze of Zorya. … Right. "As Ah was just saying, Its alright L'ton. Ah'm sure whatever it was was important." the girl waves off his lateness with mild indifference. Sianne's remark earns a blink, though the girl doesn't remark on it.

"Mai's having a real rough day of it, and Ah got distracted.. Carrot was just gettin' into everything too.." L'ton murmurs, trying to justify it - apparently more to Sianne than to Zorya - as he settles down in an empty chair. But then he's pouting at Sianne, "Hey!"

Sianne holds to her silence, just watching the pair and sipping her drink. "Well you keep her waiting here and I'm sure you had a good reason but still if she came to Igen there'd be plenty of things for her to see and do." Yes the weyrwomans just a thinking right quick she is. "And we do have a clutch now on the sands too."

Zorya refrains from rolling her eyes at L'ton's explanation, though the thought clearly crosses her mind. "Ah haven't been ta Igen…" the girl muses, lifting her waterglass to take a long sip as she leaves the thought hang, perhaps just in order to see her uncle's reaction.

"Well, Ah'd be happy ta take ya fer a day, when Ah go get Mai's parents, when the baby comes." L'ton quickly counters, at Zorya's mention of having never been, before turning to look at Sianne with a wrinkle of her nose. "We'll have eggs soon 'nuff. Lisle's good went up a fair bit ago. Should be any week now."

Sianne just smiles, yes she's going to torment L'ton for a while with this. "But our eggs will be hatching sooner and Igen isn't this place, she's never been there and she might like it better then here." There's a wickedness in her smile as it's beamed at both Zorya and the bronzer.

Zorya just blinks. One, or perhaps both, of the reactions was not quite what the girl expected. As clutches are mentioned there's a cough on her part, free hand moving to her mouth as the other lowers the glass to the table. Swallowed wrong?

L'ton starts to say something to Sianne, but then Zorya's coughing, and L'ton is quickly moving to pat her on the back, trying to help her clear her airways. "Yeah, but we're her… Me and her cousins.. Ah know yer not from Igen.. musta been hard leaving everyone ta end up with all that boring sand.." He replies, trying to hide his amusement.

Sianne flicks a nasty look at L'ton, low blow buddy. "Fortian born and raised, and that's where Sak was clutched and hatched but in an hour of need we went to Igen to help out a weyr." Her gaze narrows. "Not my fault she rose while I was there to make me Senior."

Zorya waves off L'ton with a flap of a hand. The cough quickly subsiding and the girl turns her gaze to the man for a moment. "Ah know you're here.. that's why Ah came in the first place." Though there's touch of something more in her tone, a but or maybe. Uncertainty found in the gaze that flashes momentarily towards the Igen Senior.

"Ah ain't saying its yer fault.. But Ah am saying, Ah know it can't always be easy, and here ya are wanting ta take mah poor niece away from everyone she knows.." And then Zorya's speaking up, and the bronzerider is turning to look at Zorya with a tilt of his head.

Sianne hrmmphs. "Why shouldn't I take her? She's been searched once so there's something abotu her that dragons find that they like." she says. "And besides Igen has alot of intresting things like artifacts and stuff."

Zorya bites her lip as the other two go on. "Ah-," she starts. She /is/ sitting here. There's a pause for a moment longer from the girl, by chance waiting until a moment of silence in the conversation of the others to interject herself. "Might not be so bad.." Maybe? Though who is she to say no? Eyes flicking between the two.

"Maybe cause Ah was hoping ta keep her.." L'ton counters with Sianne, before Zorya is piping up with her own, entirely valid and really more important opinion. After a moment, he sighs softly, before giving her a smile. "If'n its what ya want, Zor…"

Sianne looks as pleased as anything. "I do have plenty of room in the barracks still and Sakrienth would be well pleased if she brought home another candidate to offer to Ny and her clutch." There's a smirk to L'ton, "Your uncle is more then welcome to visit whenever he wishes as we have several comfortable guest weyrs on the bowl floor."

Zorya can't say no to either. The girl's mouth moves, but no words come out at first. On the one hand there's the senior weyrwoman, and on the other her uncle. He of all people should know the conflict in that for her. "Ah…" she starts, eyes on Sianne. Can't someone just make the decision besides her? And then her gaze shifts to L'ton. "If Ah go, ya will, right?" Visit that is. A way of avoiding actually putting the word 'yes' with her agreement just yet.

"Ah think Ah'd be more interested if there was a comfortable gold weyr, ta.." L'ton says innocently enough, with a wide smile in Sianne's direction, even batting his eyes slightly at the goldrider, before taking a deep breath, and nodding to Zorya. "'course Ah will. Least while Ah can stand the desert." He agrees, completely honestly.

Sianne gives L'ton a wink then a grin. "I'm sure arrangements could be made for that." There's just something in the seniors smile that reads mischief in the making. "We do have air conditioning in the Living Caverns and stuff, and in many of the weyrs and barracks too."

"Then Ah don't see why not…" Zorya replies, still a bit hesitant say the word to agree to go it seems. A short pause as the girl's gaze lingers on the table top before its pulled towards Sianne. "Ah'd be honored if ya'd want me." Because really, who could say no to such an offer? Certainly not someone with Zorya's raising, or well… she could, but its complicated.

"Ah'll have to keep that in mind.." L'ton winks back at Sianne, and files that very important bit of information away, before glancing back at Zorya. "Ah think ya'll be fine. Just gotta promise if'n ya dun have any luck, yer coming back here, right?" He grins, with a nod.

Sianne withdraws a knot from her jacket, just a simple white one but it's neat and new see! "Here you are then. So why don't you go get your things real quick while I assure your uncle here that you'll be well taken care of and all."

Zorya nods. "Of course." is the girl's quick agreement with L'ton. "Where else would Ah go?" the subtle question added even as slender fingers reach out to delicately grasp the knot offered by Sianne. "..Thank you." a slight nod to each in turn as she excuses herself from the table to do just that, collect her things, unless one should keep her for a bit longer.

L'ton lets Zorya go get her things, simply shaking his head at her as she questions where else she would go. Once she's cleared the immediate area, he's moving to put his arm over Sianne's shoulders. "Ya promise ya'll take good care of her? Promise promise?" He asks, with a bit of concern.

Sianne reaches out as if to pat the other riders arm. "I promise. I take good care of the weyrs candidates." She's a right mother hen. "Don't worry so muchh."

L'ton gently squeezes Sianne's hand as she reaches to pat his arm, with a smile. "Ah know, Ah know. Ah'd just hate fer something happen…" He shakes his head, with a soft sigh. "Ah'll trust ya, fer now, Sia-dear."

Sianne finishes her drink as she waits for the girl to return and chatters with her fellow rider. "Nothing will happen, we make sure our candidates spend plenty of time on the sands, getting to know the eggs and all."

"Ah suppose, if'n nothing else, it gives me an excuse ta come ta Igen, hm? Ah mean, Ah could always stop ta see a certain goldrider, when Ah come ta see my neice, too, ya know?" He throws out there, with a bit of hope in his voice as he glances sidelong at her.

It doesn't take all that terribly long for Zorya to return. Mostly long enough to walk to the resident dormitory and back, though when she does return its with a small pack hanging from her shoulder and a hand-me-down jacket from Pi draped over her arm.

Sianne says "Exactly." she notes, smiling more when Zorya returns. "I hate to do this but I should get back to Igen." THere's a look from Rider to candidate. "Would you like me to step outside while you say your goodbyes?""

"Ain't no worries. Ya gotta get her settled anyway." A smile, and L'ton is quickly getting up to meet Zorya, reaching to ruffle her hair and give the teen a hug. "Ya know how ta get a hold of meh, if'n ya need anything… Ah'll come see ya soon, lil'bit."

Zorya shakes her head for Sianne even as L'ton moves up to hug her. Goodbyes don't take that long, besides its not as if she's going for good… She nods then, "Ah know." the girl agrees, looping her free arm across the man's back to return his embrace for a short moment. "Ay come see me too, not just all your women…" Yes, she's picking that bit up from her cousin. Though there's more question in her statement of it than there would be in his daughters, that's for sure. "And ya tell Zipalla Ah'm sorry…"

Sianne chuckles then turns to the bowl.

"Ah will.." And then he's waggling fingers at the pair of them as they go.

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