Comforting Laera

It has been an interesting month for the normally carefree Laera. Having spent most of it going back and forth between healer hall and here. Though in the last few days that has stopped since she helped bring her Uncle back to Xanadu Weyr to convalesce. For most people this has been the first time that have noticed the bluerider serious about anything, (though while she is most focused on many things, outwardly she doesn't seem to). That this has effected her Uncle that she is close to and her best friend D'len…this has made her double serious about this. For now though she has finally left the pair be and is walking back to her own weyr along the beach. A slow casual walk where she casts a thoughtful gaze out to the water, occasionally picking up stones to skip along its surface.

Perhaps L'ton has a lot on his mind, or perhaps he's just looking for a different stretch of beach to meander down. Either way, he's meandering at a slightly faster pace down the beach, seeing Laera's form from a distance. Yet, as he catches up with her, he recognizes the teen who is certainly related to more than one person that he knows, and he's moving to pace her quietly. "Ah.. Ah'm sorry 'bout yer uncle, Laera.." He offers eventually.

She is quiet as he joins her until he speaks. It is not clear if she noticed his presence before hand but she does not seemed spook when he talks. Laera offers him one of her trademark grins, though there is touch of moisture brightening her eyes. "Yeah thanks, he is fine now…we got him home." She says a bit too cheerfully and turns around to face the rider, walking backwards. "So what brings you to Xanadu Tonny?" She asks with a tilt of her head as she looks up at him.

"Ah'm glad he's doing better.. Ah felt real bad fer yer aunt… Ah.. wish there was something Ah could have done fer her.." L'ton sighs softly, shaking his head before giving her a bit of a smile. But then she's turning around to watch him as she walks, and he grins. "Just walking. Taking a bit of time, fer Ah go back, since stuff wrapped up early." And then he's moving to put his hands on her shoulders, perhaps to turn her back around to walk the correct way.

"Reckon that new brown boy of hers got things well in hand. Nice guy he is even if he is a bit quiet, stayed with her about the whole time she was up at the hall." Laera says with a grin, that is more characteristic of her, much more natural and less forced. Seems she approves. As the hands move to her shoulders, she actually steps in closer to him instead of letting him turn her around. Her own hands coming up to grab the labels of his jacket to pull him closer as she leans up to kiss him.

"He seems well 'nuff. Ain't had ta deal with anything, with this one, unlike that last one." L'ton contemplates idly, before he's shaking his head, murmuring something about getting to know him better. And then, as she's stepping closer, and then grabbing on to his jacket, the bronzerider is resisting for the smallest fraction of a second before giving into the kiss, hands dropping from her shoulders to wrap around her waist.

Perhaps she is just reaching out for support in her own way. Kris has it, D'len has it, her Aunt has it, her mother has it. She has been the support for D'len, but there has been noone backing her up. She is just the niece and she always seems so relaxed that perhaps people forget how close she is to her uncle. Whatever the reason, she takes comfort how she often does, in the arms of a man. She hardly notices the hesitation, as her hands move up around his neck, her kiss hungry and full of desire. If not for L'ton…at least the escape he will hopefully provide.

And L'ton has no issue with being the support for someone, anyone. With Lisle having found K'ris, there's no need for him to support her. And thus, he's finding himself with her niece in his arms instead, and it seems that any initial thoughts he had about saying no have completely evaporated. Returning the kiss, he's reluctantly pulling away to look down at her with wide eyes, and then a smile. "Well then.." He murmurs softly.

By time he pulls away Laera is just a touch breathless, fingers moving under his jacket, tugging at the shirt in almost a frenzy. The movements pause as he pulls away and she looks up to him, then over her shoulder. "My weyr ain't that far iffin here is a bit public for ya.." Her hands move to his jacket again as she starts to walk backward, hoping to pull him along with her. "I need this…" She whispers, a faint begging tone to her voice as she looks up at him directly.

"Yer weyr…" L'ton seems to agree, even if there is a hint of a question in his words, before as she's starting to walk backwards, he hears that tone in her voice, and he's moving to just scoop her up into his arms, to find his way to her weyr. "Ah.. understand, Laera…" He reassures her, with a bit of a smile, even as she's got a hold of his shirt and then his jacket.

As he scoops her up, her arms go around his neck. Laera gives a nod to his words, a brief look of thanks and need touches her gaze. Lips find themselves on the neck…ear…teasingly, hungrily. He will either find her weyr in time or else. Well it wouldn't be the first time she put on a show.

L'ton at least has some idea where her weyr is, and so its not too long before he's pushing the door open to rush inside, despite the distraction that she's posing. Pausing in his steps down and then, he's moving to catch her lips in a long kiss. But once they're inside, all bets are off, and he's headed straight for her bed, pushing aside the curtains of it to settle her down.

A hand comes to his cheek as their lips meet, Laera's own desire and hunger evident in the kiss. Whether she feels anything for this person is beside the point, she just needs some companionship and distraction for a time. That she does know the person, actually makes her want it a bit more. He knows what he is here for and there is no confusion on that. No call me laters. Just the physical act. As he lays her down on the bed, she grabs his jacket again to pull him down with her, moving to slide it down over his arms.

L'ton has never had any misconceptions about what it can mean - always dealing with whatever the outcome is, when there is an outcome to be dealt with. And then, she's pulling his jacket off, and there's no hesitation as he stretches out beside her, giving her a long kiss, and letting himself be anything and everything she needs right now - no strings attached.

Next comes the shirt, releasing the kiss to undo his pants. Fingers moving rapidly over his form, there is a hunger that far outwieghs the last time they met this way. One might even call it angry, fighting, taking control. There will be scratch marks and bite marks. Have fun explaining that to the weyrmate. When finally things are said and done she lays on top of him, a sweaty breathless mass, cheek just resting on his rising and falling chest.

Thankfully, there are enough scratch and bite marks left in an honest fashion that the new ones may in fact go unnoticed. Hopefully, at least. As she's settled on top of him, he just sighs softly, keeping his arms around her and gently rubbing her back. Lifting his head enough to give her a soft kiss on the top of her head, he's remaining quiet as he catches his breath.

She too is quiet for a time, just laying there clinging to him, but not looking at him not while tears fall from her eyes and mix with the salty sweat on his chest. There is the occasional shaky breath, and fingers cling to him all the tighter. As the kiss touches her head, eyelids flutter close squeezing away any further tears. This is definately different for her, one who normally laughs, talks, giggles through and afterward.

L'ton continues to gently rub her back, lifting a hand to gently wipe the tears from her face, before he's just holding on to her. "Its okay, sweets… Let it out.." He murmurs, stroking her hair out of her face, and making no move to move, merely there for her.

And it is those words that set the dam to break. As if someone finally gave her permission to let out all the fears and worries, anger and grief she has been holding inside for the last month. In the end she is just a teenage girl and while she is pretty strong, even she can't do it alone. For a long time she lays there crying, quietly letting the emotions leak through her eyes. After what seems like hours the tears finally in and she rolls off him to lay next to him and looks up, eyes swollen from the tears but seemingly with less weight on her shoulders. "Thank you…don't tell…I will be ok now.." She will go back to being the rock and perhaps finding escape like this as needed or just with her lifemate.

L'ton just holds her the whole time, rubbing her back and arms, not making any attempt to shush her, just trying to comfort her by his presence. "Ah won't tell, sweets… Ah know it ain't easy, and Ah know everyone expects a lot from ya.." He murmurs, as she rolls away, turning on his side to watch her with a little bit of a smile. "Ya know where ya can find me.. even if'n ya just need someone to sit with, so that ya dun feel all alone." He offers, with a smile, before he's offering her his hand, and laying back on his back to just stay with her, for now.

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