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Xanadu Weyr - Eiriana's Weyr(#8113RJe)

The area around Eiriana's home is unusually quiet for late evening. There's no sign of Bit the canine trying to dodges the twin girls Zira and Ziria's last cooking attempts. There's no sign of Becky the feline or any of her latest batch of kittens. And there's certainly no signs of Balmaith, Zira, Ziria or even Eiriana herself! Just what is going on here? The answer comes as the redhead sneaks out of her front door, carrying several large plants. Looks like the greenrider finally got some time to herself!

Too bad that Tonny's going to interrupt her time to herself, for the bronzerider is appearing in the Xanadu forest, meandering towards Eiriana's weyr. Pausing, he spots her meandering out, smiling and moving to meet her, moving to take one of the large plants for her. "Hey, lil-bit.. Lemme help.." He offers with a smile around the foliage.

Eiriana blinks as her plant is taken but then it proves to be Tonny so she offers him a smile. "Hi Tonny. Yeah, if you can get that one and I'll get this one. They've just got to go to the far end of the garden. The twins have been torturing them inside. I'm glad they are non-poisonous plants." Eiri starts off without waiting for him move towards a shovel stuck in the ground and an oddly oversized hole. In fact, it's big enough to fit Tonny in… "Coming by to see me and the girls?" She asks innnocently.

"Ah can do that.." He agrees, shifting the plant to cart it down to the other end of the garden, following along with her. "Shards, they ain't been eating them, have they?" L'ton asks, a bit concerned as he glances at the plant in his hands. "Ah did.. Ah though Ah'd come see how ya were doing, cause Ah know Ah ain't been so good 'bout coming by lately. Things been crazy at Ista.." He offers, before smiling, and then nervously eying the large hole. Gulp.

"Just set it off to the side." Afterall, that's what Eiri does real quick. She puts the plant off to one side and picks up the shovel. "They were trying too. But I don't keep anything dangerous in the house. It's no worse for them than a salad. A very expensive salad that took me five turns of coaxing to get growing." She smiles sweetly at him and points to the hole. "Hop on in and then I'll lower a plant to you." But she's still got that shovel, yup. "Oh? Anything interesting going on?"

"Bunch of Istan holders coming to the resort to stay. Some.. fight or something they're working out." If L'ton ever knew what the deal was, he clearly has forgotten, or chosen to. Even after the plant is settled, he's moving to settle himself into the large whole, crossing his arms as he looks up at her. "Just dun hit meh, kay?" He teases her, before tilting his head. "Anything exciting here?"

"And they picked vacation spot Ista Weyr to do it in. I like their kind of fights. Why can't we have fights where we end up someplace relaxing afterwards?" Eiri moves to pass him the first of the two plants, releasing the shovel to do it too. "I wouldn't hit you Tonny. Not unless you did something really stupid. And then I'd just sic your daughters on you when they have a fight. That's punishment enough." She pauses to breath, oddly enough the lifting has already worn her out. "Oh something mildly exciting yes."

"Ah'd be happy ta get in a fight with ya, just ta take ya somewhere relaxing, and make up with ya afterwards." Tonny replies with a wink, even as he's taking the first plant, settling it carefully on one side of the hole, shifting it to make sure its steady, before he's moving to hop awkwardly out of the whole, and try and pull her into a hug as she's pausing to breath. "Ya okay, Eiri?" He asks, concern evident in his voice.

Eiriana tries to shoo away his concern, without much luck. "I'm fine. I'm fine, Tonny. Really. It's nothing out of the normal for me being pregnant again." But she snuggles into his hug until her breathing returns to normal. "We've still got one to go Tonny. Get back in there. And move that one more to the right. These kinds of plants like to be grouped closely together." And with that she completely dismisses her own comment about being pregnant and gets back to work. Typical Eiri.

Eiriana tries to shoo away his concern, without much luck. "I'm fine. I'm fine, Tonny. Really. It's nothing out of the normal for me being pregnant again." But she snuggles into his hug until her breathing returns to normal. "We've still got one to go Tonny. Get back in there. And move that one more to the right. These kinds of plants like to be grouped closely together." And with that she completely dismisses her own comment about being pregnant and gets back to work. Typical Eiri.

L'ton is soothed by her calmness, beginning to move to jump back into the ditch to realign the various plants, before her words are actually sinking it. And then he's hurriedly turning back to her, shaking his head, and pulling her back into a hug, or at least trying. "Pregnant, Eiri?" He perks up a bit, leaning back to watch her face with a smile. "Ah… Its not.. Is it..?" He seems unable to actually say what he wants to, either.

Eiriana seems content until he's not doing as told. "Pregnant. You know. Like how we made our little girls?" Eiri gives him a puzzled look before returning his smile. "Well I don't know. You haven't seen the other ten bronzeriders I have in here day to day that my girls adore, have you?" She sits down, dangling her feet over the edge of the hole and somehow subtracting the turns off her figure by that very action alone. "Of course it's yours Tonny."

"Shards.." L'ton murmurs, though its a happy word, as he's moving to gather up the other plant, settling it and the first together. And then he's moving back to the side of the hole to lean into her to give her a kiss. "Ya.. Ya dun mind?" He hazards carefully, giving her a wide smile. "Ah mean… Ah ain't mad, dun think that. Ah'm thrilled.." He murmurs.

Eiriana leans into Tonny as he comes to stand near her. "I don't mind. The girls will be happy for a brother or sister to play with. It might keep them from torturing Bit so much." Although what's to keep them from tormenting their father and new sibling? Not much. She suddenly reaches for his shirt collar and its a none-too-happy reach either. "If I find out I'm carrying multiples again, I'm going to hunt you down and cut something important off, got it?" And then the temporary flash of evil Eiriana is gone and she snuggling once again. "It'll be nice to have another little one running around."

L'ton snuggles her. "Ah'm glad… Ah mean, it ain't like ain't use ta a big family either, right?" Oh, the torture of being hauled along at some point or another for /that/. And then he's suddenly having his collar grabbed by Eiriana, and his eyes are widening. "Shards. Hopefully it won't be, Ah wouldn't wish that on anyone twice.." He mumrmurs, before he's being cuddled again, and he smiles. "Ah think it will be.."

"A really really big family. They won't be able to marry anyone with a name starting with a Z. My girls are going to have to go to High Reaches to find husbands. It is safe for them to go to High Reaches for husbands, isn't it Tonny?" Eiri gives him one of those mild glares that means several things including 'If our girls can't find husbands because you breed to everything not related to them, I may have to impede on your future breeding abilities.' Eiri is dangerous when pregnant! And unusually moody as she's happy again not seconds later. "If it's a little boy, you're going to have to come visit more often or he'll be surrounded by all girls."

"Ah think High Reaches is safe.." L'ton agrees after a moment, seeming to consider this. "Yeah, High Reaches is safe. Fort and Western ain't ta bad either. But, Ah'd avoid them Z's here at Xanadu.." Perhaps its his favorite stomping ground? And he's cringing a bit at that glare, though as she's swinging back to happy, he's smiling, trying to give her puppy dog eyes - don't hurt the Tonny? "Ah think Ah can do that.."

"High Reaches, Fort and Western." See? Now that makes Eiri happy and there's not another death glare in his direction for the moment. She won't hurt the Tonny provided the Tonny keep her nice and happy. Unhappy Eiris dig deep holes without thinking about it and carry big shovels. "Unless of course you want a son running around in frilly dresses. I always thought that was one of those things I missed out on with having all sisters. No baby brothers to dress up in girl clothes and force to show them off to their friends…"

"Well, Ah think Ah'd feel real sorry for him, if'n ya were putting him in all sorts of frilly clothes, but well, if'n that's what ya want ta do." L'ton teases her, chuckling and moving to sit on the edge of the whole next to her, shifting to put his arm around her, looking at her sidelong. "So, what color ya gonna go with him fer this time, hm?"

"I wouldn't really know what to do with a boy. My pa always said girls were harder but then he didn't have any sons either so dresses it is until I figure it out. If I have a boy at all. What would you do with one more little girl running around?" Eiri lets him put his arm around her and she settles up against his side with grin. "I was thinking orange. Lots and lots of orange. Either that or blue if its a girl. Little girls can pull off blue just as well as little boys. I'm going to have to move into a different weyr though. I don't have enough space in this one."

"Love her just as much as the rest of 'em?" And probably spoil her absolutely rotten too. "Ah mean, they're all beautiful, with ya as their ma.." He smiles, kissing her temple for a moment, before grinning. "Blue, then?" And he's chuckling and nodding. "Ah probably could help. Or, ya might could just get them ta add another room onto the back."

"We keep this up and we'll have as many kidlets together as you have right now. Then I'll be fat and you'll be exhausted or dead. Whichever comes first." The bite is kept from Eiri's comments by his compliment. She giggles at him and nods. "Bright blue. And lots of it. I'll also need some red and yellow too. And new green and purple for the girls so they don't feel left out." Cause Eiri

's kind of decoration is inherited. She suddenly look aghast. "And destory my lovely gardens out the back?"

"Well, Ah'll be happy ta give ya as many as ya want, but Ah ain't gonna force them on ya, dun worry… And, it ain't like ya're ever gonna get fat, sweets." He smiles at her, giving her a squeeze. "Ah'll see what Ah can do, about the stuff, kay?" He promises, offering her a pinkie, before chuckling. "Well, sweets, its just as easy ta dig up part of it ta move, for the expansion as it would be ta dig all of it up ta move it."

"As long as there are no more twins. One set is more than enough." Probably not a good time to remind Eiri that some of her sisters have had three sets or even two sets of triplets. "I will too. I'm going to get fat soon enough. And then I'll be all round and you won't come to visit me anymore." There's a soft sniffle from the woman. But then he offers to get her more decorating stuff and its all smiles while she takes his pinkie in hers and shakes it. "I wouldn't be taking my gardens with me if I move. Most wouldn't survive the replanting. I'd just have to start again."

"Ah'll do my best, ta make sure there ain't no more twins.." Though, that really all falls to Eiriana, doesn't it? Quickly shaking his head, he smiles and gives her another kiss. "Sweets, Ah think yer just as gorgeous when yer all round and pregnant as ya are the rest of the time." He reassures her, smiling. "Well, then, Ah guess moving it is.."

"You'd better." There's a hint of a threat there. But just a touch. Eiri's still pretty happy. She perks up at his kiss. "You really think so Tonny? You don't think I'm fat enough to weigh Ball down? She says this time she's going to stop letting me ride much sooner to save her back and wings." Note that the green is not in sight and for some reason there's a recently disturbed patch of earth in Eiri's garden just about the size of a green dragon… "Will you help me? I want to gather lots of new plants and dig a new garden and the girls will both need little patches of their own!"

"Ah really think so, sweets. Ah promise. Ah mean, how could ya not be all sexy, when yer all round and pregnant hm?" He snorts as he listens to what Balmaith says, before shaking his head. "Not at all, sweets. She's just being moody.." At the mention of the garden, he freezes for a second, before slowly nodding his head. "Ah'll help out what Ah can, Ah mean, Ah'll see if'n Ah can get someone else ta help, ta."

"Because I'm all round and pregnant?" Eiri offers but she's not arguing much. "She's always being moody. Silly green. She said after this, if I have anymore she's going to sit on them to help keep the population down. Really she likes them though. She's always letting Zira and Ziria climb all over her." Eiri picks back up her train of thought about the garden quite quickly. "I could do raised beds this time and you can help move all the wood for me Tonny! And whoever you get to help could nail the wood together. And maybe we could get move people to move all the topsoil I'll need…"

"Now yer just being silly.." L'ton shakes his head, before giving her a smile. "Ah think some of 'em just are, more so than other. Ah'm glad Dhon is all laid back.." Like rider like dragon? "Aw, now that just ain't fair. Ah'd like ta think that we make pretty good kids.. no need ta smoosh 'em all." He chuckles, before nodding slowly, letting the greenrider come up with whatever plan she wants, in the hopes that she'll simply forget about it by the time it comes to fruitation.

"Am not." Eiri stick her tongue out at Tonny. "Ball is just special. That's all." Even when complaining about the green, she's still defending the green. "We do. She doesn't want any more of them. She says three is more than enough. You're like a gold dragon anyway, you've got a ton already." But then she suddenly glances at her abandoned plants in the hole. "Oh dear. I've got to get those covered and watered before they dry up. Promise you'll come back to visit me soon?"

"Well, she ain't ya. Its up ta ya, really. Dun let her be all silly and make ya give up something ya want, kay?" And then he's leaning to give her a kiss, sticking out his tongue at the gold dragon comment, before nodding, and getting to his feet. "Ah'll be back real soon, Ah promise. Be careful, kay?" He smiles before he's blowing her another kiss and sneaking back the way he came to find Dhonzayth.

"I won't." Eiri promises. After his kiss, she's up on her feet and slipping into the hole. "Come back when the girls are awake. They'll want to see you. I will. Be safe getting back to Ista." She blows a kiss to him in return before picking up her shovel again. Time to get back to gardening. Before certain canines, twins or felines discover the missing plants from indoors.

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