Checking on Pregnant Rhelia

Western Weyr - Mevalonath's Domain(#8050RJh)
Outside on the ledge is a single dragon's couch, the stone worn smooth from turns of use, and padded with rushes to accomodate to Mevalonath's specific form. A thick curtain hangs down in the entryway to the weyr, a means of providing some protection from the weather. An additional buffer to the outdoors is that the entryway curves sharply before emptying into the rider's domain. Along this short hallway are a few pegs and items for care of dragon and straps as well as other utensils and at the end of it is a soft gauzy curtain of pale blue and cream. Inside the small space is transformed into cozy and inviting space. To the right is a plush off-white couch situated next to a pale yellow rug and a brazier to provide warmth in the room. In the other corner there is a large bed decorated with several pillows and a dark blue comforter. More pale yellow rugs are scattered about in areas commonly tread upon so as to protect the occupant's feet from the cold stone. Here and there are shelves carved into the wall in a nearly random pattern upon which several personal items rest.

Being as it's a nice day, Mevalonath and Rhelia are enjoying the weather and some relaxation. Though, given their current state, to do so they're unwilling to leave their weyr. Instead Mevalonath is fairly sprawled across her ledge in the sunlight, and Rhelia's managed to ease herself into some sort of semi-comfortable position using the green's forelegs as seating. It would definitely be a lot more comfortable if there weren't a big pregnant belly on the greenrider.

At least there's not too much longer of having to deal with that big pregnant belly? Dhonzayth and L'ton land, the bronze offering a polite croon, while L'ton carefully slides to the ledge. "Hey sweets.." He offers, though this time the bronzerider isn't bearing gifts, and he's moving to offer her a kiss and a hug in greeting.

'Too much longer' is a rather subjective term, depending on who is doing the carrying and who's just waiting to see their offspring. Mevalonath is not moving, not even for Dhonzayth, so he'd best be careful and see that he mind his manners. Struggling to sit up, Rhelia uses that hug to help pull herself forward a bit to make it easier to get up. But once she is up, she's a little more interested in the bronzerider and hugs him and kisses him in return. "Hey."

Well, there is always that little bit of an issue. Dhonzayth is content just to sit on the ledge, giving the green her space, though offering another croon. L'ton does what he can to help Rhelia up, and then once she's on her feet, he's happily squeezing her and giving her a bit of a twirl. "How're ya doing, love?" He questions, unwilling to relinquish his hold on her.

Mevalonath offers a loud puff of air, though it's not quite a snort, in reply to Dhonzayth. Hey, at least she responded to him? Rhelia can't help but crack a smile at the twirl and endearments, though the question prompts her to wrinkle her nose. "Uncomfortable," is her first reply. "Got another month, according to the healers, and I want it out now. But, it is a nice day outside."

"Maybe it'll be early, and then ya'll be lucky." L'ton tries to cheer her up, giving her another bit of a kiss. "It is.. Ah was gonna come haul ya outside, if'n ya were already. Figured ya might need some fresh air." Pushing a piece of hair out of her face, he smiles a bit. "Ya ever gonna forgive me fer these 9 months?" Dhonzayth, meanwhile, will take the puff of air as a good sign, settling down to watch her.

"It better be," Rhelia huffs, calming only slightly with L'ton's efforts to cheer, or distract, her with a kiss. But then she swats, almost playfully at the bronzerider for the second question. "I'll be taking it out of your hide, soon as I can move around again," she threatens. Just wait until she has to pass the thing, then she'll be really ready to kill him.

"Wait, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?" L'ton teases her, ducking to try and avoid any swats that may follow for that question, though he's looking at her with an innocent enough expression. Though, thank goodness for drugs - maybe he'll escape alive. And then, he's returning to try and make amends for his joke with a kiss. "How's Meva?" He questions, though it seems it may come from the bronze settled watching her.

Rhelia half-heartedly gives chase to try and get more swats in for that comment. But really, she doesn't go far after him. He's allowed to apologize with a kiss, but then she gives him a playful push away. "You can see her, doesn't she look well? I managed to oil her yesterday, too." A hard thing when you're really pregnant.

"Dhon wanted ta know." L'ton tries to justify, glancing over his shoulder at her, shaking his head. "Ya dun a good job.. Ya should have made Y'sar do it, though." He teases her yet again about her little Eastern brownrider, as he's pushed away, looking quite like the kicked puppy, sniffing.

Sniffy kicked puppies are kind of cute, in a pathetic sort of way. At the mention of her Eastern brownrider she shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "I've got to get rid of him soon, he's driving me out of my mind. And did you know he wants me to be his weyrmate at Eastern?" Really now, can you believe it? Someone would actually want Rhelia! Her glance strays towards Meva and Dhon. "Can't he tell that she's well and fine?" she teases.

"Well, he says he ain't used ta not getting snapped at and chased off." L'ton chuckles, before shaking his head, trying to inch closer, still looking like quite the pathetic bronzerider. "Shards, have ya told him it ain't his, yet? Ah bet that'd get rid of him." He grins, inching a bit closer. "Least Ah know better than ta tell ya should move back ta Ista."

Rhelia laughs as well, offering her own little headshake. "Well, he shouldn't get too used to it not being there," she adds in. Though maybe the green is finally, in a way, slowly warming up to being able to tolerate the bronze's presence. He is well-behaved and obedient, after all. "Nah," Rhelia replies, though she lifts a finger to her face in a thoughtful pose. "I should just tell him that next time he shows up. That probably /would/ get rid of him," she muses before drifting into a grin. "Yes, at least you've got more sense than him." It's so much easier to keep a man around and let him be all cute and lovey when he's aware that you're not really his.

Much easier for the guy too, to know that there is no lasting… responsibility or commitment, and there'll be no pleas to take her home and make her a special friend. "If'n ya do, make sure Ah know, so Ah can hide somewhere, ta see his reaction." He may feel a bit bad for the kid, in the end, but.. it'd still be amusing.

Oh, so Rhelia's not a special friend? It's when the girl wants to be an extra special friend, or simply the only one, that a guy has to worry. Rhelia looks a bit puzzled at L'ton, "He'll be around tomorrow?" she offers, "Not sure when though." The bronzerider has no sense of preservation and also suffers from trainwreck syndrome. At least he doesn't want anything from Rhelia really.

Just hot loving! That's nothing too horrible, though, is it? At least not when it comes from the super special type of friend that Rhelia is, who doesn't want to be the super special weyrmate. "What's that look for?" He questions, moving to wrap his arms around her expanded middle.

It's quite far from horrible. Hot loving is /great/ no matter your status. Though, it's kind of a hard thing when you're pregnant, and there's really nothing great about being the super special weyrmate either. "I don't know why you'd want to be here, unless you want to help?" Rhelia smirks. There's quite a bit of middle for L'ton to go for, though it's not like the greenrider is trying to sneak away or anything.

"Ah could. Ah mean, maybe he'd believe it more if'n the real daddy was here?" L'ton considers this, idly burrowing his face into her neck as he holds close, before turning to rest his head on her shoulder. "Ah think Ah've met him a few times.. Shards, though, he might see me and go running the other way."

"Maybe," Rhelia replies, "Though I was only kidding…" He probably would think she had come up with some new kind of hormone-induced funny if she simply blurted it at him, after all. Nuzzling into the embrace and snuggling up to the bronzerider, she suggests, "Have Dhonzayth wait somewhere else?"

"Ah think Ah could do that.." He grins, seeming to confer with Dhonzayth for a while, before nodding. "Dhonzayth says as long as he can watch through me, okay." And then she's nuzzling into him, and he's turning to give her another soft kiss. "Ya dun need ta be kidding, Ah mean.. What if'n he loses it, and yer all alone?"

Oh, so both rider and dragon have an enjoyment of other's chaos, drama, and suffering? Lovely. Rhelia stiffens slightly at the suggestion. "Hmm… I hadn't really thought of that." When people lose it, who really knows what they're quite capable of, and Rhelia does live quite high above the bowl floor.

Well, like dragon like rider? As Rhelia stiffens, he's hurriedly trying to calm her down, rubbing her back, and even going so far as to gently rub her shoulders. "Ah.. Ah didn't mean ta make ya worry about it, sweets.. Ah was just trying ta think of why Ah'd have a reason ta be here, side from seeing how badly the kid takes it."

Well, Meva and Rhelia are quite alike in several ways, so it must be true for others to share certain traits and interests with their other half. "Well, that is a good reason for you to be here, either one." Because really, Rhelia wouldn't mind seeing the same happen to someone else.

"So, are ya gonna throw me out, so that ya can go back ta enjoying the sun, or can Ah coax ya inside fer some cuddling? Ah can even rub yer back fer ya.." He offers as greenrider bait, looking rather hopeful at the prospect of a positive answer.

Rhelia grins broadly and backs away for a moment, looking the bronzerider up and down. "Well, when you put it that way, I guess you can come in and rub my back." It is kind of hard to turn down a free backrub, after all, which is probably why 'the kid' has lasted so long.

At least the kid has learned do to something right? As she looks him over, he grins, moving to steer her inside, already beginning to rub at her shoulders with fingers long used to this routine. Heading for the couch, he grins. "Maybe if'n yer real nice, Ah'll get yer feet ta." Only if she's real nice, though.

Rhelia needs little proddings from the bronzerider to go inside and head for the couch. "Feet too? My, aren't you feeling generous?" she teases, wiggling into a comfortable position on the couch and leaning into L'ton's fingers. Mmmm, massages…

"Maybe Ah just know that Ah need ta stay on a greenrider's good side.. Specially one who has a scary dragon, and not a all cuddly one." L'ton is well aware of the personality relationships between some of the riders. Settling behind her on the couch, he's shifting his hands to work on her lower back, rubbing outwards from the spine.

Rhelia grins at that. Surely the bronzerider is also familiar with another greenrider in her family as well, who's quite well known for flipping out over things. "Smart bronzerider," Rhelia murmurs approvingly, tilting her head downwards as she enjoys the backrub, offering a little moan when Tonny hits a good spot.

L'ton, thankfully, only knows Rhelia's brother in the most professional of manners. Thank goodness. "Ah try, sweets… Ah try.." He grins, shifting to focus on the spot that elicits the reaction from Rhelia, thumbs working to gently, but firmly rub out the soreness. "Relax…" He reminds her gently.

Yes, thank goodness for that. Things would be weird, otherwise. "And sometimes you succeed," Rhelia replies, voice still a murmur. She relaxes with an exhalation, letting L'ton put her lower back right. At least he'll fix that, since in a way he is a source of all her problems at the moment.

"Aw, only sometimes?" L'ton pretends to sulk a bit, even as he's continuing to work on her lower back in silence. And then, as only appropriate, since he's trying to fix the damage the baby has done, he's brign up the baby. "So, Ah think we should name him Zhelan." Yes, completely out of nowhere.

Rhelia snickers slightly, but doesn't answer L'ton. Though the suggestion from out of nowhere has her confused. "Zhelan? What? Why?" They have to /name/ the little bugger, too?

"Cause. Ah think its a good name. And, well, Ah'd feel bad just leaving some kid somewhere, with no name. Ah mean, maybe one of them other girls Ah know'll take him, and he needs a name." L'ton pats her back idly, trying to get her to relax again as he finds another knot.

Rhelia furrows her brow slightly, though she relaxes her back and lets L'ton find another knot to work out. "Okay, but why Zhelan of all names?" Oh, and there is another knot, the poking of which earns another soft moan from Rhelia.

"Well, ya have ta have a Z, and then there's the -hel from ya, and sorta the -n from me.. Ah dunno. Ah though it sounded good." L'ton shrugs, one hand holding onto her side to brace her while working hard to get out the offending knot.

"Has to be a Z?" Rhelia half-repeats, half-questions, though she sounds a bit puzzled by the whole thing. She offers a shrug of her shoulders though and gives up, "Zhelan's fine, just wondering where it came from." It's not like she really cares, apparently.

L'ton simply nods. "Gotta be a Z." He agrees, without elaborating at this point. "Thanks.." He murmurs, as his hands shift to begin working on her neck and shoulders as well, though a bit more gently now.

Yes, neck and shoulders need a bit more delicacy than her lower back, and Rhelia dips her head down further and closes her eyes. "Zhelan it is. Whenever he makes it out, which had better be soon." Too bad she can't threaten the little guy out.

"Ah'm sure it will be, Ah'm sure it will be. Shards, if'n Mev goes up, Ah'm sure she'll solve the problem fer ya." L'ton teases her, shaking his head even as he continues to carefully work the knots out with finger tips, even going so far as to rub at her skull as she ducks her head further.

"When you put it that way, she needs to go up /now/. Shards, I've been begging for her to wait, but maybe now that's what I need." Nothing like being very pregnant and having to deal with a proddy dragon and a flight. Yes, wouldn't Dhonny and Tonny like it if Meva were to go up?

"Ah'd offer ta have Dhon try and shoo her up, but Ah have a feeling it wouldn't end well for him.. and she'd still just sit there like she is." He grins, leaning forward enough to kiss her cheek, before settling back to the attention he's giving her back. "Ah mean.." Of course he'd enjoy it… proddy greens are fun.

Rhelia fairly snorts at that. "He /should/," she replies with just a bit of crankiness. "It'd be better if she'd just go, at least get it over with." It could be referring to several things though, any of which not being a problem for Rhelia any longer would be wonderful.

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