Post Bennueth's Flight

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

With Rea's gold having risen and been caught, L'ton has retreated to the place at which it all began - the Tiki Lounge. And so he's settled inside by himself a drink in hand, as he gives the passing women what might actually even be called a leering look as they walk by. Perhaps that's why he's still all alone.

Neia sits alone at one of the tables, one picked because where it's set - being well out of the way of the main stream of traffic. The bronzers arrival is noted, then again so is the arrival of every other flight affected male that comes this way. One hand remains laying in her lap while the other stays wrapped around the stem of her glass.

L'ton seems to have found the vic-er… lady he's going to zone in on, at this point, for he's sliding out of his seat and meandering over to Neia's table, flashing her a smile before moving to slide into a seat next to her without asking permission. "Hey, sweets.." He murmurs, leaning a bit closer than he actually should, as he follows the line of her arm from the glass to her shoulder.

Neia flicks a look at her uninvited guest, a slim brow arching as she turns to look at him. "Greetings." she offers in return. "You know I am armed with a rather sharp elbow and I'm not afraid to use it." she whispers when she leans in towards him, "And I'm sure a well chilled drink poured in your lap might help you cool off too." Yes, a greenrider with a wicked streak in her as she sits back with a beautific smile upon her lips. "I take it that you are amongst those other rather touchy looking males that have been circulating through here since the gold was caught?"

"Ah'm willing ta brave an elbow er two ta have a pretty companion." L'ton counters quickly, though he does straighten enough to give her some space. Chuckling at her question, he shakes his head. "Now, now, what gave ya that idea sweets? Ah mean, Ah ain't being all touchy yet, even if'n Ah want ta be." At least he's being up front with his intentions. Sipping at his drink, he's eying hers, contemplating on ordering another round, but holding off for the moment.

Neia settles back in her chair with a sigh as space is finally given. "Touchy could mean a few different things. I ride a green, I know how males can be when their dragon does not win a flight." For the most part her drink is held and rarely sipped from, the level slowly sinking past the halfway mark.

L'ton apparently can't help himself, however, for he's reaching a finger to trace it from her elbow down to her wrist on the hand that's hold the glass. After a moment, he's shaking his head as if realizing what he's doing and he's scooting a bit, to avoid the thwap he assumes is coming. "Well, least since ya ride green, ya'll never be left wanting.." He counters.

Neia shrugs, ignoring the touch of the finger to the best of her ability. "I suppose you have a point there, it all depends on how you look at it." In a few large gulps the drink is downed, the glass shoved forward. "That doesn't mean I'm not affected by the high emotions from a gold flight even though my dragon is green."

Looking over his shoulder to the bar, there's a wave of his hand and he's ordering them another round, before he's turning back to watch her. Resting his arm on the back of his chair, he's swiveled towards her, grinning. "Well, Ah suppose that's true, though it ain't like a bad thing.." And then he's finally introducing himself with a grin, even offering a hand. "L'ton of Ista.. Bronze Dhonzayth's…"

Neia when the round of drinks is delivered the paper umbrella is discarded with a flick of her fingers, letting fall to the table top and be forgotten. "Neia of Ierne, Green Nakiath's." While the bronzer turns about and resettles, the greenlet stays with her legs beneath the table and eyes on her glass for the most part. "Ista, been there before same with Igen, Xanadu, and Fort. I dearly Love Fort."

"Do ya, now? Fort's nice 'nuff, but them goldriders there, they is scary." L'ton comments, thinking about her words, even as he continues to watch her. "How're ya holding up so well, after that flight? Ah mean.." He shakes his head, and as the drinks arrive, is quickly downing half of his without a second thought.

Neia laughs softly, "You've not met my green then." she whispers when leaning in closer to the male, her eyes softening with the help of her first drink. "Nakiath buffers alot of it for me, which doesn't always tend to bode well as it will mean that she'll rise rather quickly now."

"Now, are ya saying she's scary, or that she's the one that keeps ya so tagether?" He questions, shifting and stretching, moving to put his arm over her shoulders, pulling her a bit closer as she leans. "Well, that's not a bad thing, is it?" He questions, with a grin. "Maybe Ah should stick around ya, then, hm?"

Neia shrugs, "Both I suppose. She can put the fear of anything into anyone if she wished then in the next moment wrap herself around a lost child in order to protect and comfort." Yes an odd green. Leaning closer she nearly comes to rest against her table companion, "I'd be thinkin' your just wanting to test the waters."

"Ah'll have ta keep that in mind.. Perhaps mah Dhonzayth'll have the… pleasure of getting ta know her." He murmurs as she's leaning closer, arm settling a bit more firmly around her. "Ah dunno about that.. Ah already think Ah like how the water's looking today.." L'ton's gaze, somehow, remains locked with hers, at least for the moment.

Neia says "Please do, I find that flights are more entertaining when you have fellow riders around you that keep you alert at all times." By now she's pretty much trying to lay against him in any fashion she can, uncaring about how it looks to others at tables around them. "Yes, it's beginning to look rather inviting do you think?""

L'ton shifts a bit, before simply moving to pull her into his lap - then there's no more need for leaning at all. "Mmm, Ah think flights are more entertaining when there's a pretty girl at the center of it.." And then he's taking a moment to look her up and, moving to wrap both his arms around her instead, trying to steal a kiss.

Neia giggles like a teenybopper as she finds herself removed from her seat and resettled in the riders lap, one arm goes around his neck for support or something. "Hey there are some pretty male greenriders out there." she offers with a grin, "But we females are vastly more entertaining when it comes to all the post flight fun." This is almost whispered.

"Ah like mah girls, no matter how pretty them male greenriders may be." L'ton chuckles softly, shaking his head, giving her a squeeze as she wraps her arm around his neck. "Ah bet ya are, sweets, Ah bet ya are.." Murmuring, he shakes his head for a second, before giving her a grin. "Maybe Ah should find out just how entertaining ya are, sweets.."

Neia waves a hand, laughing some and planting a kiss on his cheek or at the very least she trys to. "Much better, your lap is more comfy." Snuggling in against your chest the greenrider makes herself right at home, "Yes I'm very entertaining, yes indeed."

L'ton carefully snuggles up with her as she leans against his chest, the tiny greenrider fitting quite well, actually. Kissing her forehead, he chuckles, hand rubbing her arm from shoulder to wrist again. "Ah'm sure ya are…" Glancing around them, and making a face at the stare one young woman is giving them, he shakes his head. "Whatcha say we get outta here?"

Neia lounges there, all warm and relaxed. "But where shall we go? I do not know if I should between let alone fly with what I've drunk down while sitting here with you." Kisses are smiled at, her own being given in return along wit nibbles and small bites.

"There've got guest weyrs, sweets… Ain't ta far from here either, right off the bowl. No need fer flying or betweening either." He grins, even as he's managing to catch her lips for a kiss. And then he's trying to get up, her still in his arms, to head to said weyrs. "Unless ya protest, sweets.."

Neia laughs as she finds herself still cradled in his arms as he rises from his chair, "My drink." is said plaintively as a hand is held out for the frosty glass. "Guest Weyrs? Forgot abotu those. Hope they aren't filled up."

L'ton ducks enough for the greenrider to be able to snag her drink off the table, his own gone far enough that it really doesn't matter. Somehow managing to get the proper mark piece out, its flipped to the table before he's carting her out across the patio. "Well, Ah hope they ain't, either.."

Neia snatches her drink with a laugh, "If they are we can make it a party!" yes she just said that, please feel free to remind her she said that when the booze wears off. "My how strong you are."

"We'll see, sweets.." He chuckles, as they head outside, though he's preening at her compliment, clearly happy by his.. find?

Neia giggles and chortles, enjoying this to it's fullest, even the green seems content to lay out in the bowl and be placidly entertained by other dragons winging in and out of the bowl.

L'ton is certainly enjoying it too, as their trip across the bowl is filled with random twirls as he carts her with relative ease, pushing open the door to a ground weyr to thankfully find it empty. "How's this, lil'bit?" He questions with a grin, rolling his eyes slightly as Dhonzayth informs him that /he's/ being entertained by the green, being entertained by the others.

Neia ends up hiding her face in the crook of your neck, still laughing but trying not to watch things spin around and around as you twirl and whirl. "Much better, things aren't spinin' about like the bowl was."

Western Weyr - Ground Level Guest Weyr(#1967RJs$)
This spaceous ground level weyr was hand hewn from the volcanic rock of the island, leaving the black walls and floor somewhat rough and uneven. Softening the darkness of the weyr are many small glows placed in alcoves just above eye level which cast a warm, yellow light.
Defined by a large, plush rug from the weavercraft is the living area for the riders. Several chairs, a writing desk, a large bed and a wardrobe are scattered in a pleasing fashion upon the blue-green rug. On the walls are several tapistries showing scenes of dragon's cavorting in Western's lagoon, dolphins at play on the sea and a dragon's eye view of Western Weyr as seen from the lookout point at the top of the crater.

"Well, that ain't no good, maybe Ah shouldn't spin ya around so much." L'ton grins, leaning to kiss whatever part of her face he can reach as she hides it. Glancing around him, he settles on the bed set in the alcove, heading that way to carefully settle Neia down with a grin. "Right.." He chuckles, leaning down to kiss her again.

Neia giggles again as her ear is repeatedly kissed and all. "No more spinning please." she whispers with a tug on your hair. On the bed she flops backwards, arms splayed out to either side of her. "Right." comes in agreement along with a kiss.

L'ton kicks off his boots before he's being tug down, and he's carefully stretching himself out along side her, carefully shifting so that his arm is underneath hers even as she sprawls. "That dun like ta much fun, now.." He teases her, moving to tickle her side slightly, even as he loops his leg over hers to keep her from scooting away.

Neia laughs softly, torso wiggling against the bed as laughter rings out. Tickling demands that she tickle back and she does so, her fingers driving against your ribs relentlessly. "Wretch." she calls out.

"Ah try.." He manages, even as he's squirming a bit, and then he's trying to catch her wrists to hold her hands to the bed - at least in doing so he has to stop the tickling too. "Maybe Ah think ya deserve it.." He murmurs, though, as he leans down over her, smirking, and then kissing the side of her neck.

One wrist is captured but the other is still free and waving madly about. "No I don't." she issues with with a grin. "Never do I deserve to be tickled until I laugh like a loon." her free hand pats your cheek before dropping to the bed when your lips find the side of her neck causing a shiver to run through her.

L'ton slides his hand from her wrist to fold his fingers through hers, giving her hand a gentle squeeze, grinning as he listens to her argument as for why she doesn't deserve to be tickled. As she shivers, he nuzzles at her jawline idly before nipping lightly at the side of her neck.

Neia is lost for words, the argument lost again when she's distracted by nuzzles and nips, kisses and more. For now all she can do is lay there with her eyes partially closed and her breathing quickening to little pants.

L'ton has apparently lost the battle to be a proper gentleman about it, between Dhonzayth loss and continued emotions and then the hurriedly consumed alcohol, for he's shifting enough to begin to kiss the other side of her neck, sucking on her earlobe for a minute before propping himself up on an elbow to look down at her, with a grin, reaching to push a bit of hair out of her face.

Neia tips her head for you, opening up the length of her neck. Her face, once her hair is moved aside, is flushed, her eyes partially closed. Her earlobes pink and red in places from where your mouth locked onto them.

L'ton smiles a bit more as she tilts her head back, catching her lips in a long kiss, before nuzzling again at her neck, kissing the dimple in the middle of her throat and pushing her shirt aside to kiss along her collarbone, hand squeezing hers before he's moving it to rub at her side. "Ya kay, lil'bit?"

Neia would reply but the kiss stops her at first then it's the return of the nuzzling. "Very fine." is all that gets out before she turns her head to begin a return of all the touches. Her lips, soft and warm, move along the column of your neck, teeth nipping sharply at your right earlobe.

"Good…" He murmurs softly into her neck, shifting to turn his head towards her as she nips at his ear. Fingers tighten in the side of her shirt as he shivers a bit, before moving enough to catch her for another long kiss. "Ah'm glad yer green dampers it fer ya.. Now Ah get ta enjoy ya without the rush.."

The rush is the furthest thing from her mind right now, all that is in it is the male with her, the feel of another body against hers. "Exactly." is murmured as she sits up just a bit.

L'ton shifts a bit to let her start to sit up, rolling back onto his side. Yet, he's keeping his legs over hers, and he's tilting his head, even as he continues to grin. "What is it, sweets?" He questions, hand moving to rub her arm again as he watches her, even if his gaze may wander a bit.

Neia shakes herhead, one hand pulling her shirt some to ease the tightness of it over her chest. "All the wiggling was pulling it tight and was chokin' me." she mumbles with an ackward blush and dip of her head.

"There's an easier way ta deal with that.." He grins as she pulls on it to ease the tightness. Cause then he's reaching to just try and tug it off over her head, even as she's blushing. "Aw, dun hide…" He murmurs, pouting a bit.

Neia blinks as one moment her shirt is there and the next it's not, leaving her in nothing more then her skimpy bikini top, yes she was swimming earlier. "Slick aren't ya."

L'ton winks at her, with a grin. "Ah try?" He looks innocent enough, at least, continuing to sit there and look at her with a little bit of a pout, puppy dog eyes, and a hand resting lightly on her now bare stomach.

Neia tossles your hair, trailing her hand down over your face. "Your overdressed." she states softly. "You really are."

"Then Ah suppose Ah should fix that, now, shouldn't Ah?" He grins, sitting up enough to tug his shirt over his head as well, turning to kiss her hand. "This better, sweets?" He questions, even as he's leaning back against her to give her another soft kiss.

Neia nods swiftly, dropping her hand to your upper chest just above your heart. "Much, fabric tends to chaffe bare skin." she notes with a wink before the kiss is returned.

"Ah'll have to keep that in mind.." He grins, though he's taking advantage of the fact that she's only wearing a bikini top to trail kisses down the center of her chest, even as his fingers trail back up. And then he's nuzzling at her ear again with a grin. "So, when do Ah need ta hunt ya out at Ierne, ta stand a chance?" A different chance than he has now, apparently.

Neia taps her chin most thoughtfully, "Whenever you please but I hope that within a few months I will be moving to Fort perhaps." Tries as she might she can't ignore the kisses moving along her skin, her chest to be to the point. "You keep distracting me."

"And what do Ah keep distracting ya from, sweets?" Grinning, he shakes his head. "Well, then ta Fort. Whichever.." Clearly, the location doesn't bother him too much. And so he's stopping, hand back on her stomach as he waits for her answer.

Neia lifts a hand to rub one ear then the other before trailing her fingers down along her neck, "WIt those kisses and nibbles, the nuzzles and all against my neck and chest."

"Am Ah not allowed ta distract ya? Ah mean, ya dun seem ta mind… Or, is something gonna happen, because Ah'm distracting ya?" But, nevertheless, he's planting more kisses across her stomach, watching her with amusement.

Neia jumps, shaking herh ead, "I didn't say that but it makes it hard to… think." yes that's what she's trying to say.

"Why do ya need ta think?" He asks again with an innocent tone, shifting a bit to press his chest against hers, resting his forehead against hers, with a grin. "Ah mean.. Ah can stop, if'n ya want ta think, and all.."

Neia threads the fingers of her right hand into his hair, tugging on it some. "I didn't say that." she whispers. "I'll just give up talking is all." she curls in closer to him, sighing at the contact of warm skin to cooler skin.

"Talking is overrated…" L'ton murmurs, before he's pressing against her smaller frame, nuzzling. Winding a hand in her hair, he's giving her a long kiss. "Ah'll show ya.." And then it seems that despite his earlier patience, Dhonzayth's mood has finally gotten to him, and he's showing her exactly how overrated talking can be.

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