Gold Bennueth (Rea) Rises (2)

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Rea clears her throat a little, wiping the bits of water from her eyes before nodding at Ivan, and then stopping. "Aerhi likes this stuff?" Oogle, "I can't see how anyone could stand it, but considering your state, maybe I can." Reaching out a hand, she places it on Ivan's shoulder to make sure he's gonna stay sitting up straight, and when he doesn't fall over, she turns back to A'ven, frowning at his reminder. "Is it possible there is just an off switch somewhere for Bennueth? It's possible, right?" She grumbles, folding her arms at her chest and frowns. "I guess I can be glad she isn't like a green, every few monthes." Rolling her eyes a little, she looks close to a spoiled child in her seat. At the comment of breath smelling, she shakes her head furiously. "Noooo. Puking would be bad for my health, I think… And the smell in here is already bad enough to make me queasy. Ugh.."

There was a meeting. There is /always/ a meeting. Though, it seems that the meeting has concluded, for L'ton is appearing in the the Tiki lounge, chatting to a young woman wearing a wingsecond's knot. As they reach the entrance from the patio, however, she's hanging back, shaking her head and excusing herself, while the Istan shrugs his shoulders and heads further in. Moving to retrieve a drink of his own, he's pausing, turning to check out the Westerners and other visitors there, almost falling over himself as he identifies a particular goldrider, and with that particular goldrider, a bottle in his hand. Sauntering closer, he leans on the closest surface, nodding to each in turn. "Gentleman… Rea.."

Amused, Ivan says, "Yes, Aerhi likes this stuff. She's into the strong drinks. If anything, she has a stronger stomach than mine. I usually go for the typical beer, or fruity mix drink." He eyes the bottle that was stolen from him, then decides that perhaps they are right. He should lay off the binging for a bit. She isn't coming home any faster if he's even more drunk. With a deep breath, he licks his lips a bit in thought, before turning his gaze upon Rea. An off switch? Oh. He raises a brow upwards slightly in thought, then clears his throat as he motions with his head to A'ven. "I think you'd like the pink one." He admits to Rea, chuckling. "It is the sweetest, got a bit of red fruit in it."

A'ven blinks, recognizing L'ton from Turns ago. "Hi L'ton!", he offers conversationally as he finally gets the import of Rea's comment about 'off swtiches' "Oh…." he says under his breath with a little cough and a clearing of throat. He volunteers, "I've only been drunk…. really drunk, once…" "I was much too young to handle it really. Never again."

"I'm not sure if I'm even up for the fruity kind… Bennueth tends to have a fit with any sort of alcohol beverage. Stubborn beast." Idly listening to the conversation about desks, Rea picks up a drink umbrella and twirls it in her hand, "Aerhi has a strong stomach? Not something I knew about her, but I suppose when you've led a Weyr, a few drinks look appealing." She grins to Ivan, still twirling that umbrella. A'ven's greeting to L'ton catches Rea's attention, though, and her eyes divert up to the man in question. "Shells! WHat're you doing here?" She suddenly yelps, leaping up from her chair and knocking it over as if she got hit wit ha sudden force. "Should I worry that your spying on me?" She growls a little, shifting her shoulders as if trying to shove off a feeling and it not working…

L'ton grins at A'ven with a nod. "Ah'm glad it was ya that got saddled with that goldrider, and not me and Dhonzayth… Ya couldn't give me enough ta be Weyrleader." And yet, his voice shows his amusement, and the drunken one just gets a look, shaking his head without a word - its not his place to admonish anyone else, perhaps? Though, as calm as he is, he does jump slightly as Rea's chair goes tipping over, slopping his drink over his arm. Sighing, he shakes his head and settles the drink on the table before moving to pick up the hair, quickly waving Rea to settle back down. "Meeting, lil-bit. Just a meeting. Though, Dhon didn't wanna leave, with yer Bennueth looking like she does. Ah'm sorry, Rea.."

A'ven's eyes show a little concern for the goldrider as he sighs a little. "Another lost lunch.", he comments, referring to the fact that he almost always has an upset stomach after flights. His eyes soften as well, in compassionate understanding.

R'dy comes in with a package in his arms, his lanky form clearly burdened. He weaves through chairs and tables and feet, his head turning to look around. He blinks owlishly when he spots Rea already in the company of others and grimaces. "Great looking out, Ceth. You could have warned me she wasn't alone," grumbles the bronzerider.

When everyone begins to congregate, Ivan settles back slightly for the moment, then pushes himself up to his height easily enough. With a rocking of his shoulders, he edges off to the side for a moment, before offering up a smile to Rea. "I suppose she would have to." That said, moments before she goes tumbling back, and flinging the chair to the side. With a moment of concern across his face, he shakes it off, before placing down his marks on the table to pay for the round, then says, "A'ven, I'll get to work on a few designs for your new desk. Thank you for your offer, by the way." He says, in regards to the helping out, then says. "Have a nice.. " He pauses for a moment. "Night." With that, he shifts his frame and heads for the door, side stepping a few patrons along the way.

K'ael wanders into the Tiki lounge with a yawn and a stretch. He's off duty and in need of a drink! He peers around a bit, taking in all the unfamiliar faces as well as… L'ton. Yay his favorite person! K'ael heads straight for the bar, blinking slighty as the lady of the hour goes tipping over. After ordering a whiskey sour, he moves to take a seat near all the excitement. "Careful there, don't let those chairs sneak up on you."

Dhonzayth> Western Weyr - Corrals

Rea is wringing her hands as she stands there, watching L'ton like a hawk before forcing herself to take a deep breath. She can do this… Bending down and picking the chair back up, she can't seem to get herself to sit back down, and when Ivan abandons her to all these riders, her anxiety turns up a notch more. "Right, right. Meeting, and you just happen to show up when Bennu is being especially cranky, right?" She grins teasingly, though the sides of her lips are still pulling into a slight frown. Then R'dy and K'ael comes in and after checking K'ael's knot none too subtly… The goldrider pales. "W-what brings you here, R'dy?" She asks tentively, standing at the edge of the table… She knows what's going on, she's just debating if she should run while she still can…

Dhonzayth> Glyith takes off in a shallow glide and drops on a large unsuspecting buck. No nonsense here. The buck is simply dispatched with a quick snap of his neck. The once wriggling and struggling animal is rendered easily lifeless. Glyith latches on to its throat.

R'dy profers the package to Rea, his smile looking more like he might have choked on something. "I borrowed these for some research, and I came to return them." He glances around and licks his lips and then blurts out, "Did you know that Bennueth is proddy?"

"Ah promise, Rea, tis just a meeting. It ain't mah fault that yer Bennueth seems ta time it just right." He teases her a bit, watching the drunken Ivan leave, spotting R'dy and K'ael as they arrive. Arching an eyebrow at the younger Istan, he shakes his head slightly, though he's not moving to chase him off at least. Instead he's glancing back at Rea, taking a bit of a step back to give more space to the younger riders, even as he's finding and empty chair. Settling back in it, his feet are quickly put up on the table top, ankles crossed, with drink in hand. Too bad he doesn't have a hat.

It's been a while since J'rezi has left Xanadu Weyr, but here he is! He's sitting alone, his face buried in some sort of fruity drink. His reddish-blonde curls are as messy as ever, falling into his eyes and obscuring his view. But, it's alright. The young man (well, barely a man- he's only sixteen turns!) doesn't seem too interested in conversation or socializing. He has seen and recognized the junior Weyrwoman, as well as the male riders gathering around her. That observation, paired with Ciniterrath's restlessness, has J'rezi thinking one thing— flight. He's not all that comfortable with the idea, hence, his nose is buried in his drink. Firmly. It's unlikely that anything short of an earthquake would get him to move.

A'ven takes a second to clear a bit of space around him. He asks the barkeep for a bucket, which he quickly receives and places nearby. The barkeep looks at him a little funny but hey, he's Weyrleader — best to just go with it. He looks around at the others and greets them well enough, although as Glyith's mood begins to overtake him there's a shade of distrust and rivalry in his gaze that's usually completely absent.

Dhonzayth> Bennueth flies with a graceful haste from her ledge beyond, wings spread wide to catch the breeze passing through the bowl before she lands, eyes whirling a violet color as she watches Gylith blood an animal. Shuffling her wings to her back, she seems in no more hurry to make a selectiong, pacing herself along the corral and eyeing the terrified animals beyond. Opening her wings once again, the glowing gold arches them to make herself even bigger, threatening, as she hisses at the gathering males. And then she's aloft again, circling the corral as if herding her pray.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth has cheerfully fled to the Western feeding grounds, letting his rider search out the other half of the duo in the bar. And thus he's dropping into the feeding grounds, trumpeting as a greeting to the gold hostess, before he's stretching out to snap his muzzle at a beast, playing a bit before he brings it down, tipping it over before he's dropping his face to blood it, letting it spill into the dry ground in honor of the gold above.

K'ael has to fight the urge not to raspberry the older bronzer. If he had a quarter mark for every time L'ton used the 'meeting' excuse him and Azaeth wouldn't need to lift crates all over Pern. And that means they wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. His comments don't get a response out of Rea, and rather than scare her further he just relaxes with his drink. Or tries to relax, at least.

Dhonzayth> Ceth drops from the sky like an ugly green wherry, falling upon an unfortunate beast with the sort of perverted delight he takes in everything. Rather than ripping into the flesh of the beast however, he sinks his entire mouth around the herdbeast's neck, almost delicately sucking the blood that beats out of it as it thrashes.

Dhonzayth> Ciniterrath isn't a native Western-dragon, but he's acting fiercely territorial. His overly long tail twitches, the tip flicking back and forth like the pendulum of a clock. The bronze's eyes have been overtaken by a vibrant and overwhelming purple, spots of resistant-red and orange breaking through to the surface intermittently. From where he's perched, on a ledge overlooking the corrals, Ciniterrath has a prime vantage point. Throwing open his wings, he swoops over the herd of beasts and snatches one for himself. Turning on a wingtip, he returns to 'his' ledge ('his' for the time being, at least) and wastes no time in drinking his fill. With his muzzle stained a bloody red, the liquid dripping from his chin to stain the stone around his front feet, the shockingly-bony and thin bronze looks positively insane. But he's ready- oh, is he ready. His wings are held half-open, muscles bunched as he crouches. He waits, whirling eyes watching Bennueth hungrily.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth has spotted the queen fleeing from her throne. He opens up his own sails to follow after her. After a couple of slow circles about the corral, the large bronze seems to have made a selection. He swoops in to dive bomb a particular large male, knocking it senseless and not bothering to finish the deed before he takes a bite out of its neck. Once he's finished with this one, he throws the beast into another, then sits on it as he gets his fill.

Rea suddenly paces back and forth in a small area, and then suddenly it dawns on her that A'ven is a bronzerider too, and with a bit of a jolty motion, she moves herself to a table without any surrounding bronzeriders. R'dy's words catch her off guard and she blinks at him, visibly wincing her eyes shut. "Ya think? I thought you all were gathering for a bronzeriding convention…" She grits, and then shaking her self, smiling apologetically to R'dy before she's looking around to the others. "Your all here for…" She doesn't finish the sentance, sorto f tucking in on herself and she flicks her eyes from one to the next. "Don't you know, 'Ton, Bennueth has an on switch just for Dhonzayth. I'm gonna hafta start banning you from Western, if this keeps up." She grins tentively, and then tightens her lips shut to prepare for what she knows is coming, her eyes glazing over a little.

A'ven stands up with some effort and gets himself a glass of water. He doesn't look at Rae, respectful of her desire for space at the moment. Casual conversation isn't possible for him at the moment as a bit of a grimace or half snarl appears. His mind is taken by his dragon right now, and he's even finding it hard to get back to his seat with his water unspilled.

"Well, Ah'll just have ta keep than in mind, won't Ah, Rea?" He teases the teen, rocking back in his chair, balancing on the back legs of the chair. "Though, at least ya know me this time, around hm? Makes it what… 3 fer 5, since Ah'm pretty sure ya dun know that kid there.." He's jerking his thumb in K'ael's directly, though he does grin at the other Istan. No death yet? Awesome. And then the bronzerider is content enough to nurse his drink, just idly watching the other riders, letting Rea wander off by herself.

Dhonzayth> Bennueth circles once more, hissing at the bronzes even as the blood, before turning to her choice again. Finally with intent, the gold launches at one of the bucks, causing her circling herd to scatter to the winds as she sinks her teeth into it's throat. Her tail lashes with anxiety, hitting another animal mearly as it attempts to run away in fear. Guzzling herself on the fresh blood, she rips away the first one's throat in a bit of glee before turning on her second prey, the one she caught before. With a bit of fight in her she roars, before lowering her head upon that one, as well. Wings are still spread wide, body poised… ready, waiting, as she turns to keep an eye on all that follow her lead.

He can't help it. As J'rezi overhears Rea's comment about her gold having an 'on switch' just for Dhonzayth, J'rezi snorts. As he's taking a sip of his drink. Perhaps not the greatest moment to laugh out loud. Juice dribbles down over his lower lip and trickles down his chin. Oh, how attractive. That's the best way to attract a weyrmate, don't ya know! J'rezi's cheeks flush a thoroughly-embarassed shade of red, and he hastily wipes the juice from his face with a shirt sleeve. His hazel eyes flicker to Rea, looking straight at her face for just a moment before being cast downwards, unsure and uncomfortable. "Sorry," he says quickly in a hushed voice, the word tumbling out in a mumble. "I wasn't laughing at you, just at.. at what you said," J'rezi attempts to explain, but only blushes and even deeper shade of crimson. The young bronzerider also turns to glance at the other riders loosely gathered around Rea- would any of them think that his laughing at Rea's comment was innappropriate? He hoped not. He should have just kept to himself, and minded his own business.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth drained the first with frightening speed and then he's quick on the draw, pulling a second from the stampeding herd as Bennueth drives them to the four winds. Crouched low, protective over his kill, this time he's not letting a single drop of the precious energy escape him to soak into the hard-packed dirt of the corral. As the beast is drained of its life, to give life to Dhonzayth's flight, the carcass is flung aside, the brassy bronze rocking back on his hind legs to watch the golden leader. One can't ride out before her, even as his antsyness is evident as he shuffles, wings opened wide, flicking back and forth.

R'dy glances around nervously and then he clears his throat loudly. "I didn't mean to come just now. I'd offer to leave, but…" He shrugs and looks apologetic, sinking into a nearby chair. "We should move," he says in spite of sitting, looking at the bar. "This isn't the right place for this."

Dhonzayth> Ceth is not as quick as Dhonzayth. He lumbers, huge and unstoppable, but decidedly quite slow on land. He lets the drained beast slide to the ground and rises on his haunches, steading himself before launching after another beast with an ungainly hop-skipping.

Dhonzayth> Glyith chooses a second, wary now that the queen could take flight at any moment. He's quick to make the beast stumble and then pounces on it's back, raking the beast with his talons and dropping to blood it. His lifts his head now and then, expectant.

Dhonzayth> Ciniterrath watched Bennueth catch her prey, ripping it's throat open in a fit of joy. It was impressive, to say the least. A low rumble rose to tickle the back of Ciniterrath's throat. If dragons could purr, this bronze would most certainly be purring. The bony-bronze is on all fours, his body sunk low to the stony ledge. He takes a half-step forwards, his tongue flicking out over his muzzle to clean any blood of flesh that clings vainly. Ciniterrath's eyes whirl something fierce and fast, unable to tear his gaze away from the golden queen drinking her fill. He's thirsty, still. LEaping from his ledge once more, Ciniterrath picks on a second beast and sinks his teeth into it's neck mid-air. While he drinks, he keeps an eye on Bennueth warily. Should she shoot to the skies, he would be quick to follow.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth knows better than to let any time go to waste when it comes to the blooding. He's stacked up a pile of four beasts before the gold hunkers down to take off, and he's still working on a fifth. He's going to need all that energy to get his massive self off the ground. With his last beast still hanging from his jaws, the bronze opens his iron-clad sails up and gets ready for lift off. He peers around a bit at the other chasers, his competition, before focusing back on Bennueth.

Rea shakes herself a little to release some of the glazing from her eyes— she's not fully in tune quite yet, and her eyes focus on J'rezi for a moment, frowning even as he specifies his laughter. She giggles tentively, covering her mouth with her hand as she does so. "Aye, I doubt Bennu responds to Dhonzayth… And if it is true, I'm gonna hafta do something about it." She glares again, before she flicks her eyes to K'ael, pondering, "No… Don't know him. Maybe that's what sways it, though? Not knowing?" She's trying her best to resist, but it's obvious that she's failing. At the last, R'dy's words penetrate her thoughts and her eyes grow wide. Suddenly ,she jumps up, once again knocking yet another chair to the floor in her haste and runs for the door, knocking into a few people at her sudden exit.

L'ton is simply amused, letting them say whatever they want for the moment, Dhonzayth is Dhonzayth and can prove his worth for himself. Letting them talk, or as the case truly is, not talk, L'ton is focused on knocking his drink back without any hesitation. Yet, suddenly Rea's taking off and his hand is going to his head, before he's tipping the chair back to the ground, pulling his feet off the table to get them back underneath him, and then's rushing after Rea, though he does stop to help one unfortunate young lady who had been in the goldrider's way back to her feet with a wink. Gunfight? Oh, wait. Gold flight, right.

Dhonzayth> Suddenly without any warning, save for the sound of a mental gunshot and the tip of a hat, Bennueth bunches her limbs and springs into the air, making the imortant downward stroke as she casts the beast in her paws to the ground. Lifting vertically, she tries to gain distance between those she's leaving behind, towards the freedom, and coolness of the skies against her hide. Flicking her tail once again, she catches an upward air pocket and rises as fast as her body will allow. She must escpae them and their wanting ways, to the welcoming embrace of the clouds.

A'ven half rises from his chair, trying to decide if he should follow. No. There's no reason to pressure the woman with the pressure of so many urgent males. Should his catch, he can find her well enough in time. He settles back down again, able to focus more completely on his friend now, and better for it, most likely. Still, his eyes linger hotly on the door where she left. That's no piece of chopped liver walking away, and he does notice. He's not immune, just… distracted.

J'rezi thinks he should follow Rea, even though she didn't seem too pleased with his explanation. Downing the last of his drink, the young bronzer stands and stretches his arms above his head in a wide arc. Is he buying more time before the chase? Perhaps. But, no matter. Ciniterrath's mind is beginning to rapidly close in on his own, and J'rezi makes the decision to follow Rea. He walks slowly, to avoid knocking over any chairs or people, and makes his exit without a word.

Dhonzayth> Glyith is aloft, pushing the air out of the way in an effort to at least get a reasonable start with this many chasers in pursuit. Alas, he does not befriend the wind, for his form is not as aerodynamic as some. He's too massive for that. No, he and the wind fight, at least at first, as he works his way skyward against the relentless call of gravity. This will not be an easy, gliding flight. The bronzes gathered here are all fit, and well in their prime. Glyith rumbles, concerned with that knowledge, if a draogn can indeed be called concerned about something so deeply engrained. So his instinct compels him with the others. And so it is that he complies!

K'ael doesn't really respond to L'ton's comments about him. There wasn't any point in introducing himself that he could see. She wouldn't remember his name win or lose at the flight, so it would be easier to be forgot or to save introductions for tomorrow. He does give Rea a dimply smile when she looks his way though. He's trying to be the least threatening as possible, but clearly his attempts are failing, as Rea goes bolting off. He sighs a bit, drowning the rest of his drink, then takes off after Rea. A bit more gracefully, though. Without bowling himself or anyone else over in the process.

Dhonzayth> Ceth takes a moment to process what's happening and then he spreads his wings, abandoning his catch with some reluctance to rise after Bennueth, letting out a sharp, brassy bugle in her wake. His wings strain under his weight and then he's up into the air, a considerably more speedy creature there than on his feet, at least.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth knows that a good rider always can read the signs of his leader, and as Bennueth bunches her haunches, shooting upwards like a bullet from the barrel of a gun, the brassy one is quick to follow. Haunches are gathered up beneath him before a great push and his wings are sweeping downwards before he's off at a full gallop across the sky, unwilling to let this new guide disappear like the sun over the horizon. And so he's striving upwards, finding what thermals he can to aid his travels, unwilling to simply give in as the gold picks a difficult path through the terrain of the sky.

Dhonzayth> Ciniterrath still has the taste of hot blood in his mouth. He's hungry for more, but has no time to spare- Bennueth is off! Like a loaded spring, Ciniterrath's muscles are bunched, ready to propel him after the gold. Without wasting another second, the emaciated-looking bronze launches himself vertically, wings pushing downwards to lift him higher and faster. The air is cool and refreshing, but his flesh is hot to the touch. His claws rake the air, as if the action will gain him some altutide. Towards the clouds the pack heads, and Ciniterrth is amongst them. The bronze is young and inexperienced, as far as mating flights go, but he is certainly determined to prove himself. He proclaims his attendance loudly, a trumpeting bugle erupting like molten, hot lava from somewhere deep within the smoking volcano.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth takes only a split second to let the beast he's gnawing on drop from his jaws. Then his enormous sails are pushing him upwards in the gold's wake as fast as they can. He refuses to let her pull too far away from him and the gaggle of chasers surrounding him, though this bronze doesn't get the same benefits from the thermals as she does. He's just too heavy for that, and has to rely on his own power to propel himself towards the heavens. He emits a resounding trumpet as the ascend, calling his bronze brethren to battle and letting the gold know that they'll gain on her if she's not too careful.

Dhonzayth> Bennueth roars back to those who announce themselves, pulling herself ever higher the the sky, where the air thins and takes her away from Western and above the oceans surrounding about. As she pulls herself closer to the colder air she barrel rolls through it for a moment, twisting herself about in a nearby cloud to hide her glowing skin. But with the barrel roll, she fails to open her wings again and thus allows gravity to pull her downward, straight into those chasing her and beyond, diving ever close to the sea before she falls a great distance and pulls open her wings again, causing the water to pull back at the sudden air thrown against it. Halting just a moment to gain her barings, she's suddenly pulling away again, away from Wester nand farther out to the depths of the sea.

Dhonzayth> Glyith folds his wings, trying to follow Bennueth in her dive. Tricky! He certainly has the bulk to assist him in his downward plunge but he cannot truly match the move of the golden queen in her prime. Still, he tries, allowing the speed of the wind over his wings to build, trying to carefully adjust his trailing sails downward so that he doesn't get going too fast. The sea gets closer, and then, as she pulls away, he has to strain against the mounting pressures of the cold and cruel wind to level with her, and manages that, only just…

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth fought so hard to get up to the top of the invisible mountain, spend so much energy forcing his brassy body to become one with the clouds. And then, like an arrow spiraling to the target, Bennueth is rolling and diving, and Dhonzayth is left to contemplate his actions. Lingering in the clouds, letting the winds following the ocean currents keep him aloft as he regains his bearings. And then, he's diving at a more controlled pace, focusing on the length of the dive rather than the speed at which its achieved, dropping altitude at a much slower pace. And yet, as she's fleeing out over the water, he's still above her, trailing admittedly, but keeping her in sight. The gold has gone from leader to outlaw as she continues to elude them.

Dhonzayth> Ciniterrath takes quiet satisfaction in BEnnueth's answering roar. With a somewhat smug glint in his fiercely whirling eyes, Ciniterrath climbs higher and higher after the object of his attention. But, he refrains from climbing nearly as high as the gold does. The air thins here, and Ciniterrath labors slightly to take as much air in as he needs. The bronze is thrown a curveball when Bennueth allows herself to fall right through the thick middle of the pack of suiters; he took her eyes off of her for just a moment to gain his bearings, and look what happens! Irritated with himself, Ciniterrath hastily pulls his wings in and allows his body to drop like a rock towards the ocean lingering below. Mimicking Bennueth, the bronze throws open his own wings just a few hairs short of smashing into the waves. He skims over the surface, wingtips turned downwards to trail over the frothy waters. Now, flying levelly, Ciniterrath restrains himself, conserving energy for any other acrobatic stunts Bennueth might throw his way.

Dhonzayth> Ceth doesn't attempt such bold manuevers. The oddly proportioned dragon is content simply to follow Bennueth via the straightest route he can manage. He dives after her, though never as low or as fast. Reckless though he might sometimes be, he's learned better than to attempt so fancy a move in flights that might force him to drop out. And this one, he admires and wants. His shadow skims the surface of the ocean, one amoung many following Bennueth's larger shadow in the lead.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth is never one for the acrobatics, it was too dangerous with all the males packed in as tight as they were. He makes a push to get himself to the front of the pack, only to be taken off guard as Bennueth decides to drop back down through them. He gives a hard flap to the side to avoid her, unfortunately giving a larger brown a nice bump on his way over, then he drops off to soar down towards the water. As he dips down his claws nearly skim the top a bit, before he's pushing to get a bit higher and above the spray of salt water misting up from the water below. Here he can gaze on the lovely golden hide as it contracts with the vast blue below.

Dhonzayth> Bennueth peers with her whirling eye over her shoulder as she skims over the water, watching the antics of the bronze's and how they respond to her, the heat of her amusement showing through her need to flee the bronze and brown ones. She's expended herself in her little stunt, her body built for stamina, but not for the agility she's pushed herself in to. bouncing her tail off the surface of the water, she playfully sends a bit of spray back to those skimming the same level she is, before she begins to lift again, not nearly as high as she was before, and not as fast, either. In a sudden movement, she twists herself and zips past the chasers, giving another mental 'howdy' in her by pass. Though she tries her best to manuver past them, she is visibly slowing from her antics, and even she recognises it, she sends a bit of a croon back to them, alluringly.

Dhonzayth> Ceth is surprised, but only momentarily as the gold zips back through the pack, attemtping a dangerous twist in midair to follow her back the way he just came, like a surprised dog following a fascinating scent. So close! He reaches out, fat neck extending, arching, talons extending. Even his tail gets into it, lengthening behind him like an absurd pendant.

Dhonzayth> Glyith shifts his muzzle to dodge Bennueth's playful spray. He too, is tired now, as the flight has ranged far from Western over the sea. He spends his reserve gaining a little altitude in the hopes that he can trade it for speed when the time comes. He croons softly, half in surprise, half in an invitation that neither requires or compels an answer. It seems that time has come as he finds himself close. Both the sky and fate are relentless thieves of the unprepared. He must readjust, dipping his leading edges and his shoulders in a final committed try. If he misses, he may very well hit the sea with enough velocity to really hurt.

Dhonzayth> Ciniterrath lets out a little warbling croon of enjoyment as the water splashes from Bennueth's tail off his face and nose. Ciniterrath has yet to feel the strain of the flight on his body, but he'll surely soon begin to tire- although, he might not ever admit or show it. At Bennueth's sudden stop-turn-zip manuever, Ciniterrath throws his wings up to halt his own movements as soon as he can. As the gold skirts just inches from him, he can't resist but to return her croon and reach out for her. His tail lashes out like a lasso, ready to snare and pull her close. Ciniterrath's wings are wide open and welcoming, a blanket of churning lava ready to encircle and keep warm and protected- if she'd only let herself be caught. Ciniterrath offers another soft croon, hoping that he has managed to entice the gold into his grasp.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth remains above and behind Bennueth, staying free of her trail dust - er… free of the sea spray that she's splashing behind her, covering her trail. As she's starting to lift away from the waves of the ocean, he's slowly rising in turn, keeping her beneath him, keeping the gold under a watchful eye. And yet, despite the careful eye of the older Istan bronze, she's suddenly flipping away and he's left to switch after her, putting on a burst of speed as he tries to corner the gold, wrangle the wild beast, and lasso the fleeing badguy. At last, that's his goal as he's dropping down after the young Western gold, neck and talons outstretched in his attempt.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth croons a bit as he's hit with a bit of spray from the gold's tail. Even the somewhat inexperienced bronze can tell the lady of the hour was tiring a bit. Her strokes were not as graceful and her flying not as playful. He's saved his strength for this moment though, as she turns to move past them he does as well. Doing nearly a complete flip, the large bronze attempts to muscle past the competition, offering Bennueth a 'hello' of his own as he draws close.

Dhonzayth> Bennueth seems a little wary, taking in all the bronzes in her own attempt to decide, if she's given the chance. Seeing Dhonzayth come towards her, the gold shifts quickly to her right and up, trying to avoid the one she knows is capable, but in the process moving her into the fray of the other males. Realising what she's done, she skirts past a few others and collides with one bronze, curling herself around Ciniterrath and his daring ways that he followed her. Banking her wings open a little to make sure they don't hit the water, and with only a bit more of struggle, the gold finally croons her aknowledgement of the catch, twining her neck with the bronze finally.

Dhonzayth> Azaeth is unable to gets the push he needs to claim the prize. Instead he goes tumbling off into the water with a tremendous splash.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth tries to counter correct as Bennueth dodges him, but then he's overdoing it and the gold is ending up with another bronze and he's angling off to find his rider, and find someone else to comfort themselves with.

Dhonzayth> Glyith pulls up in time that his entry into the water becomes just a shallow dive, but the speed of it carries him deep — and he doesn't come up for a while.

Dhonzayth> Ciniterrath wouldn't ever let Bennueth fall into the ocean! He supports her with his strong arms and wide wings, curling his tail and neck with hers. He croons to her gently, reassuring her as he carries them off over the waves, in the general direction of Western- though, their pace is leisurely and anything but rushed.

A'ven stands, stiff from sitting in the chair so long and the exertions of the flight. He drains his glass of water and makes his way outside.

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