Preggy Proddy Rhelia

Western Weyr - Mevalonath's Domain(#8050RJh)
Outside on the ledge is a single dragon's couch, the stone worn smooth from turns of use, and padded with rushes to accomodate to Mevalonath's specific form. A thick curtain hangs down in the entryway to the weyr, a means of providing some protection from the weather. An additional buffer to the outdoors is that the entryway curves sharply before emptying into the rider's domain. Along this short hallway are a few pegs and items for care of dragon and straps as well as other utensils and at the end of it is a soft gauzy curtain of pale blue and cream. Inside the small space is transformed into cozy and inviting space. To the right is a plush off-white couch situated next to a pale yellow rug and a brazier to provide warmth in the room. In the other corner there is a large bed decorated with several pillows and a dark blue comforter. More pale yellow rugs are scattered about in areas commonly tread upon so as to protect the occupant's feet from the cold stone. Here and there are shelves carved into the wall in a nearly random pattern upon which several personal items rest.

Now, it may be well past midnight at Ista but its just starting to get dark in Western, and in the fading light, there's a brassy bronze landing on the ledge of a particular Western green, crooning to her, though making no move to get close. Instead he's shifting to the side to wait as his lifemate dismounts, rather weighed down with a trio of bundles, and its with those that he's ducking to the the Weyr without waiting for permission. "Rhelia?" He calls out partway down the short hallway.

Ahh, smart one Dhonny is, learning to keep his distance from the lovely Meva. For whatever reason, probably because she's feeling a little out of the evening scene ever since her pregnancy became obvious, Rhelia is at her weyr at this hour. And for some reason there is no Y'sar. Boy's probably got his own stuff over at Eastern or something, or she managed to detach him from her hip. "Yeeees?" she calls out, making no move to get up or anything. Since when has Tonny ever needed permission to enter?

"Ah brought ya some things, sweets.." Are the first words out of his mouth, settling the packages down on the couch as he grins, moving to give her a hug, with a grin. "No lil brownrider buddy, hm?" He teases her, before trying to touch the greenrider's belly. At least Dhonzayth is hands off.

That first announcement has Rhelia's attention, and she's up and off her feet to see what her bronzeriding baby daddy has brought her today. "Did you now?" she queries with a grin, nuzzling his neck gently as she's hugged. Yes, at least Dhonny keeps his paws off Meva, though obviously Rhelia has no touching hang-ups like that green of hers. At the inquiry into her brownie's whereabouts she half-rolls her eyes. "Been driving me /crazy/ today. Had to send him back to tend to his wing, or something like that, before I lost it." Poor Y'sar.

"O'course Ah did. Something fer ya, and something fer the baby, ta… Ah mean, he deserves stuff too.." L'ton grins, ducking to give her a kiss, grinning then. "So, he's still convinced its his? Got ya all ready ta pack off ta Eastern huh?" He teases her, even as he's tugging the string on the first package to pull out a large, dark green baby blanket for the greenrider, holding it up to judge her reaction.

Rhelia fairly snorts at the barrage of teasing questions. "I gotta get rid of him soon," she mutters with a shake of her head. And then her eyes fall on the presents, specifically the green blanket. "Oooooooh," she fairly squeals, reaching out to grab it for pettings. Nevermind she's not actually keeping the baby, heh. "It's so /soft/," she coos over it.

Not keeping the baby doesn't mean that Rhelia won't keep the blanket, however, it seems given her reaction. And, even if she doesn't, its something good to go with it. "Well, maybe if'n ya like that so much Ah should hold on to this other things, fer when yer all mad cause of that guy and ya need ta be cheered up." Grinning, he's tilting his head, dangling the two thinner packages by their cords.

Or appreciate the fact that there's a lovely green blanket that L'ton picked out for her and the baby, even if it does go with the kidlet to wherever it is that Rhelia dumps him, if not between. Rhelia quirks a brow at the taunt. "You'd better not," she cautions, eyeing the bronzerider. "You don't want to make me mad when I'm pregnant /and/ Mevalonath is proddy, now do you?" Have you no sense of self-preservation?

Maybe he really /doesn't/ have any sense of self-preservation. He did, after all, convince Rhelia to keep the baby. But then he's grinning, shaking his head. "Fine, fine… But only cause Ah think ya'll want it." He grins, the second and third packages opening to reveal… rather revealing outfits - one clearly meant for after the baby has come and gone to some other unfortunate soul, while the other is likely for the time being.

And he has, after all, sired over two dozen babies. "Of course I'll want it," she retorts. They are referring to the items and not the baby, right? Rhelia leans in closer to peer at the packages, picking up the post-baby dress and oohing appreciatively over it. Maternity clothes? A little less exciting, but it also gets its fair amount of attention and admiration from Rhelia.

Perhaps not clothes so much as things to wear instead of clothes. "Ah figured that Y'sar probably wasn't gonna get ya anything fun. And, well, ya know, ya ain't bad even if'n yer round.. And ya'll want something ta distract them boys with afterwards." L'ton teases, having forced some poor weaver into picking out the appropriate nightwear. "Ya know?

Anything you wear is technically considered clothing. At the bronzerider's little dig at her 'puppy', Rhelia outright laughs and shakes her head just slightly. "I'd say you've about judged him right, and me for that matter." There's a glance at her belly, which has become quite large indeed. "Can't wait for this bugger to get on out." So impatient, already.

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