Aftermath of Rea's First Flight

Western Weyr - Rea and Bennueth's Desert Oasis

It's late evening in Western Weyr, the sun just peeking over the horizon and bathing the ledges in a pale red. While most are up around the weyr still, the antics of one gold has brought her rider into nappy time. Curled into a bit of a fetal position on her bed, Rea has one hand splayed on the chest of her bed companion, head laying just next to his side with her temple propped against his ribs. Her hair that's normally kept in a tame braid has been allowed to go a bit wild, going in various directions, including where her hand is, and potentially up poor L'ton's nose or in his mouth, with how all over the place it is. Thankfully for him, the lass is still somewhat asleep, mostly tucked under the blankets…

L'ton has his arm loosely behind Rea, fingers perhaps once resting on her back are now limp against the bed and he's dozing as well, without any discomfort from the fact that his bedmate is laying half against him. But then he's wrinkling up his nose, shaking his face a bit to get the hair out of it, slowly shifting to push it away. Covering his mouth as he yawns, he stretches a bit, moving to put his hand back on her side.

Rea feels the movement under her palm, her face wrinkling up a bit as if she's trying to force herself to ignore the movements going on about her… Who wants to wake up from restful sleep, after all? It's the sudden displacement and replacement of L'ton's hand that brings the rider out of her restful slumber and tense wakefulness, wincing her eyes shut as if she can keep it all out, before finally opening them up to take in her current state. Slowly, as if afraid she's going to face the maw of a wild feline, Rea's head lifts and turns to look up in the direction of L'ton's face, eyes going a little wider in acknowledgement of what's just gone on…. And then the next result is the sudden violent movement of Rea *out* of her bed, pushing herself out of it as if she's been burned, and as a result plops her bare butt right on the floor, instead of her feet. "Shells!" She curses outloud at her thump, trying her best to rectify her ungainly fall. "W-who are you?" She balks a little, stepping away from the edge of her bed and looking down at Tonny as if he's commit some great transgression.

L'ton gently pats Rea's side as she beings to move a bit, murmuring something completely unintelligible, even as she's lifting her head from where its resting on him. Yet, he's still loathed to open his eyes. Its only when she's suddenly scooting not only away but out of the bed, accompanied by a loud explanation that he's bolting upright, looking at the source, quickly moving to detach the top comforter from the bed to push at her as she's standing there. "Uh.. L'ton…" He offers, for the first time having issues introducing himself, quickly looking anywhere but at the young… /girl/ who just climbed out of bed. "Ah.. Dhonzayth.." He starts to explain, even as he's trying to locate his clothes.

"L'ton? By the first egg, your L'ton? T'eo is going to kill me…" Rea remarks, groaning a little as she places a hand on her face. A rumbling from outside suddenly causes Rea to remove her hand from her face, looking down at herself in her state of undress and dives for the blankets to cover herself, "Well, Bennueth, it's kind've your fault I'm naked in the first place, isn't it?" She growls lowly, trying her best to cover what she can, "And where did you get your tastes, anyways? He's /old/!" She comments outloud to her lifemate, looking at L'ton for a moment… and then blushingly turning away, realising she's not the only one in a state of undress. "W-what were you doing in Western, anyways? I mean, Ista is a ways away, a-and I don't think your dragon would've known from that far away— by the shell, what am I saying, this is the womanizer, Rea, are you surprised?" She's grumbling again, half her words directed at L'ton, while the other suggests open conversation with herself. Shaking herself a little, finally, she speaks to L'ton again, even though her eyes are clearly focused on the floor. "I… uhm. I'm Rea…" Well, that was feeble, at best.

"T'eo, hm?" L'ton asks without looking over his shoulder, even as he's finding and tugging on his pants, keeping his back to her even after she's grabbed at the blanket as a result of Bennueth's warning, even as he's chuckling a bit. "Ah ain't /that/ old, sweets.." He comments back, though the amusement is clearly evident in his words. "Though, Ah really dun try and make a habit of catching girls who can't be more than a turn or two older than mah daughter.." He admits, pulling his shirt over his head after her second question, luckily muffling her words about being a womanizer. "Meeting. Always the shardin' meetings. But, Dhonzayth 'cided it was ta boring, and then yer gold, and.." He shrugs a bit. She knows what happened.

Rea peeks just a bit from the floor, checking to see if it's safe to look, and even she diverts her eyes to the ground again since he's not *fully* dressed. "Yes, T'eo… He warned me about you! Y-you and your flippant habits with women!" It's another accusation, clearly based a bit on T'eo's own dislike of the man, and when he comments on how old he is, she snorts in a bit of a laugh, now doing her own search for clothes. "When the age difference makes you old enough to be my father, then it's sufficient enough to call you old. I doubt children believe their parents young." Grabbing up a slip on dress, she drops her blanket and deftly slips into it while L'ton is busy with a shirt, sighing a little at finally being a bit clothed even though she's still quite taken aback. "Meeting? Hrm, I take it you have some rank at Ista, then?" She peers about for his knot, but it might not necissarily be on his shoulder, yet. "Well yes, I suppose that's a viable excuse, but still… Loosing my virginity to a man old enough to be my father… Not an experience you go brag about to anyone, I'll tell you." Blunt little one, ain't she? "I-I'm sorry you got roped into it, then, considering… dragons are not very good at scheduling when they're gonna get hot to trot."

L'ton adjust his shirt a bit as she talks, just nodding absently as if he's heard it all before. WHich, in all likelihood, he probably has. Socks are located, though, and he's busying himself putting them on, still giving Rea her privacy even if she happens to be dressed again. The knot is found just in time for her to question his rank, and he chuckles, holding it up, and finally giving the young woman a look. "Weyrsecond, miss Rea." He offers, a bit amused, shaking his head. "Trust me.. Ah.. If'n Ah could have stopped him, Ah would have. Tisn't fair to make a girl wake up ta some.. old man.." He laughs softly again as he uses her words, "After her first time. Ah mean.." He shakes his head. "Least.. Ah think it could be worse, though.. Ah'm sure not in yer mind." Ah, there's a boot!

Rea shifts a little on her feet again, folding her arms tightly against her in her nervousness, also a preventitive method to keep her from wringing her hands, though with hor her willowy fingers shake just lightly, maybe the wringing would be better. Shifting her jaw in her annoyance at her own ill-ability to control her nerves, she nods at him when he presents the knot. "Well then, Weyrsecond… That must say you have some good traits about you, if your Weyr entrusts you with that knot… Even if your reputation tends to proceed you." She sighs a little, rubbing her hand across the back of her neck before folding it tightly with her other arm once again. "Well, I kinda knew that the chances of me waking up next to someone once Bennueth flew was pretty likely… But the thought of it, and actually experiencing it is two different things. And your right, it could've been worse… Could you imagine if Bennueth had had a lapse of judgement and had been caught by a brown whom had a female rider? I think that would've been worse…" She laughs unsteadily at the thought, now watching L'ton a bit, almost as if not sure what she should do….

"Ah'd like ta think that Ah ain't all bad. But, ta be honest, tis Dhonzayth who causes most of that reputation. He ain't by any means perfect up there, but Ah'd like ta say he wins about as many as he loses." A little bit of bragging never hurt anyone, and L'ton looks proud of his lifemate as he settles his boots and carefully sets to tying them up. "Or, could be someone real old… Like that bronzerider Z'ac, er something." And then he's giving her a bit of a smile. "Sometimes, they really do try ta do what they think is best, even if'n we dunno why, Ah promise." He tries to reassure the young rider, even as he's looking around him. "But, ya look like yer gonna shake yerself ta death, there, lil'one. Ah'll get out of here.. But, if'n ya'd like.. Ah'll have some food sent back fer ya?" Best not to annoy the goldrider before the eggs are even clutched.

Rea laughs outright at the mention of someone in Western older then L'ton himself, rolling her eyes just a little at the thought. "That's true enough, or someone even older! Better father aged then grandfather aged." Her eyes bulge a bit at that thought and Bennueth rumbles again outside, the feel of denial playing a little too loudly to her rider. Nodding at what he says, she clucks her tongue a little on agreement to his words. "Maybe…" At his comment about her shaking, her eyes dart up to him and she unfolds her arms, almost in another bit of shock. "No, no! I'm fine, just… Not sure what's considered appropriate after a situation like…" throwning her hand towards her bed, she makes a whirling motion to it, then blushes heavily again, "… This. I mean, it just seems so rude. 'Flight and good night', as it were. D-didn't want to… come off rude, o-or…" She growls, frustrating herself.

"See, tis a bit of good even if'n it seems bad." He chuckles, waggling his fingers at her. "Dun worry about being rude, lil'bit. Tis yer first flight. Ah mean, it will get a bit easier, at least with time. And, maybe yer gold'll pick someone ya know next time, so it may not be so awkward." At her worry about protocol, he quickly shakes his head. "Ah've been chased out with a stick, a shoe, and by a weyrmate.. This ain't nothing, and ya ain't rude, dun worry." He reassures her, even as he moves across the room, offering her his hand.

Rea nods her head resolutely, sighing just a little and rolling a shoulder, trying her best to relieve the tenseness she feels. She's trying atleast, right? taking in L'ton's words, she smiles just a little at him, "Eh, always good to make sure I'm not making a bad habit of offending anyone, especially in this case. Emotional thing 'n all that." She seems even a little more reassured when it's mentioned that Bennueth might choose someone she knows, "Aye, that would probably make it easier then waking up to a stranger… Wonder how long it'll take T'eo to realise that's Dhonzayth out on my ledge!" She laughs again, shaking her head, "Fate has a fickle way of playing games on you…" Seeing his proffered hand, Rea reaches out tentively and takes ahold of it, squeezing it reassuringly in her small grip. Suddenly a bit of mischiviousness covers her face, and the tick of a bigger smile plays at the edges of her lips, "Shall I make you comfortable to what your used to, then, and chase you out with a potentially dangerous object?"

"Ah think Ah prefer just being shoo'd." L'ton admits hurriedly, giving the back of her hand a quick kiss as its in his own, before smiling. "Though, Ah do think that Ah should get going, before it is T'eo realizing that that's mah Dhonzayth out there. Ah'd rather not have an major incident." He teases, before smiling. "Go, take a long hot bath, and.. Ah think ya should take a jump between, er two. Just ta.. be safe." He offers without further explanation. "But.. Ah'll be here.. And, ya know how ta get me, if'n ya need me, before them eggs come, right?"

Rea laughs tentively again at L'ton's hurried injuncture to her offer, shaking her head a little which makes her notice her hair and she groans a little ,blowing it out of her face. His quick kiss to her hand brings her attention immediately to it, and then from hand she looks up at L'ton, almost not expecting such a response. At his comment of T'eo, she nods her head quite firmly, taking his hand in a more firm grip and moving towards the ledge, where she knows Dhonzayth and Bennueth are enjoying the last rays of sun. "Yeeaahh, good idea. flayed bronzerider and goldrider might be a bad thing, considering." She giggles, before she turns back and realises what his worry might be, sobering her a little. "Ah… If your worried about, uhm… /that/. Don't worry, I had a long talk with a healer before Bennueth even thought of rising. There is alternative methods beyond betweening." She winks to reassure, a bit reassured, herself. Hastily nodding again, she cocks her headi n the direction of Bennueth, "If I need you, I'll have Bennueth talk to your Dhonzayth… Thank you." She finally adds to the end, rather sincere on the last of it.

L'ton reaches to ruffle her already ruffled hair as they stand on the ledge, Dhonzayth reluctantly detaching himself from his latest gold catch, and L'ton is nodding with a smile. "Tis.. always good to make sure, ya know?" He smiles before giving her a final nod. "Hopefully… Hopefully he'll have calmed down, by the time Ah'm back." A wink and then L'ton is heading to join his bronze, who rumbles a farewell of his own to Bennueth. "Thank you, lil'bit.." He offers, and then the pair are taking off for Ista.

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