Green Eledath (Athena) Rises (2)

Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern(#9528RIJM)

Athena walks into the common caverns looking frustrated and tired. "I'm fine Eledath.. just tired that's all, have a lot of packing to do and all." She shrugs as she heads over to get some redfruit juice as she's been not permitted klah by the healer.s

Once again at Eastern, its L'ton, his bronze Dhonzayth having run off to stalk a particular green as his is normal actions for the time being. However, this time he's not alone, as there's an Istan bluerider at his side, his arm draped over her shoulder. "Ya just gotta talk ta her again, kay?" He tries to reassure her, as he spots Athena, moving to follow after her, making Niah join him.

Z'yer is looking just slightly worn as he wanders out of the weyrling barracks, shaking his head. There's a brief nod to the few folks that he's met in the couple of days that he's been here at Eastern, as he goes to grab something quick to eat.

Niah has rotten luck, getting drug along to flights or even events that may lead to a flight is not what she'd call a good time. Even with that, she seems content at his arm, "I-I just, tonny." Groaning and following, she leans her head on his shoulder and fingers a silver necklace around her neck, her hand concealing the three blue stones.

Eledath is radiant and rather grumpy… a little more par for the course when it comes to flight-related times, she's one to prefer to choose avoidance till she can't avoid any longer. She hisses as she goes to the feeding grounds. She isn't in a rush, in fact she's there at her own pace and seems to ignore any males near her.

Dhonzayth can deal with grumpy. And so he's still stalking Eledath with little regard for his traveling companion, following her into the feeding grounds and just settling himself back on his haunches as he waits. He's waited this long, what's a little bit longer?

Inith takes his own time at the feeding grounds, not blooding but instead watching the green as she hisses and paces through the grounds. He finds a spot to settle in at and waits, watching and staring at the green each time she makes a movement.

Athena gathers up something to eat and her juice and heads off by herself. She does briefly notice L'ton and his companion. Most they get is a polite nod and then almost dismissed as she seems to be in a "leave me alone" mood. Of course, being pregnant with triplets makes mood swings worse.

L'ton nods back at Athena with a grin, before Niah's ducking out from under his arm and running off, leaving the bronzerider to blink blankly after her. Shaking his head, he sighs, and then is nodding to Z'yer in passing, resting his hand on Athena's shoulder despite the look. "Hey ya.."

Z'yer nods back slowly, glancing at the unfamiliar face before he shrugs. "Z'yer. Brown Inith's rider. You might be?" He's also hurridly eating, what he can of a dinner, giving the entrance to the weyrling barracks looks now and then. "Can't leave them along, all that long."

Eledath starts to blood one of the herdbeasts rather suddenly switching from her original intentions of eating. The green detests flights. She can't stand them and whatever is going to happen is going to go fairly quick.

Dhonzayth seems to disagree with the green's blooding, crooning at her even as he makes no move to down a beast of his own, instead spreading his wings out, snapping his jaw a bit at the brown from across the grounds, before waiting for that crucial moment.

Inith continues to bide his time, still watchful and waiting, even to ignoring the snapping bronze from across the grounds. The only part of him that moves is the tip of his tail, twitching and moving as he watches Eledath as she bloods, continuing to stare at the green, hoping to catch that perfect moment when he can follow her as she takes off into the skies.

Athena doesn't pay much attention to the others, though she acknowledges L'ton for a moment. "Hello L'ton." She sighs when she is aware of Eledath's blooding.

"L'ton, bronze Dhonzayth's of Ista.." L'ton replies to Z'yer with a grin, running his hand through his hair. "Ah dun envy ya that job, sir.. Not one bit. Ah'd be ta afraid.." He sighs, shaking his head, even as he's trying to drape his arm over Athena's shoulder, trying, at least, to act cool.

Z'yer nods. "Oh, it's something I'm used to at the very least. And I don't mind the young ones. It's just that you have to watch them so, when they're still so young. So very unpredictable in what they'll do." He nods toward the greenrider, making no more to poach upon the bronzerider's territory.

Eledath bloods a few more of the herdbeasts before she lets out a shriek and takes to the skies. It's not fancy, it's fast and full of energy at least.

Inith was just waiting for this moment, and he's off and into the skies after the brightly glowing Eledath as fast as he can launch himself from the ground. A wide spread of his wings as he pushes his body up, and after seeking the lift that will carry him toward the gren as she speeds away.

Dhonzayth lets the green drain her beasts without a sound of protest, granting her the chance to boost her liquid energy. And still he waits, until she's shrieking and shooting skywards, and Dhonzayth's wings are sweeping swiftly to shoot him upwards as well. And thus he's in pursuit, hoping his size will counter for her speed.

It's surprising that while her dragon detests flights, that Athena still is affected very much by the flight. Athena seems to have tuned out L'ton's presence as well as the other riders as she closes her eyes. She has forgotten the fear of what would happen to the babies and all as a result of a flight and is too focused on trying to control a green that doesn't want to be controlled let alone be chased. Eledath takes to the skies as if she enjoys yet despises the sky. After all, which male will catch this one who knows but Eledath doesn't want caught as she ducts and swerves and all.

Detest them as her dragon may, its a fact that has to be dealt with. And L'ton gives Z'yer a thankful grin even as he's ignored by the greenrider he's hording for himself. "Ah'll just take 'em when yer done with 'em." He comments to the brownrider, before shaking his head and sighing at Athena. "Shards.." He murmurs softly, even as Dhonzayth seems to be saving his energy, letting the green swerve and duck, dip and dive all she wants, merely shifting this way and that way in Eastern's sky to stay above and behind her. She'll have to give in eventually, and when she does, he'll be there.

Z'yer merely shakes his head as it finally occurs to him just what Inith's been occupying his time with and there are a few muttered curse words before he just finds a way to lean against. Then, Inith for his part is flying through the skies, doing his best to keep up with the darting green so far ahead and his wings continue to beat strongly, propeling him onward and even upward after her.

Eledath gives a loud rumble as she dives and twists… nope you're not the right one… well neither are you… she picks the ones selectively to be eliminated of being worthy to catch her. The green does this merry chase for a while till she shows signs of tiring. Meanwhile Athena is silently hoping that whoever is chosen doesn't hurt her in the lust of the results from the mating flight.

Dhonzayth may be the right one! And he's dropping after her as she dives, snorting almost snarkily at those who are dismissed by the little green, cutting off one such blue who was eliminated. And then as she's beginning to tire, he's sneaking closer, sliding from behind her left wing to behind her right, and then back, closer and closer. L'ton, for his part, is hovering equally close to Athena, though its not as if Z'yer seems to be posing any threat.

Inith hopes to take his chance as well, seeking to get in close to Eledath and ensnare her out from under the bronze that is also so close. He attempts to reach out for her, wary of those others also in pursuit that they don't spoil his aims, but also that he not be thwarted as well. Z'yer, on the other hand is looking somewhat pursued himself and shaking his head, although at least he's refrained from babbling.

Eledath gives a final rush out from the group of males only to tire herself out as she gets too close to two males nearby… unfortunately she gets too close to a brown and a bronze eager to try and catch her. She swerves too close and finds herself near the bronze… screeching at the brown as if telling him she's not his.

Dhonzayth zigs as Eledath effectively zags, and then he's snagging her wingjoints with his talons and twining his neck with hers with no regards for the other males who were left wanting. And then he's moving to take her skywards.

Inith swerves to avoid the pair, sulking as much as a dragon can do whilst still flying and he's steadily spiraling downwards toward land. Z'yer, though is finally brightening and he offers a wave as he ducks back into the weyrling barracks. "Err, you two. Have a good time."

L'ton moves to scoop the rounded Athena up in his arms then, looking left and right before striding off with her to somewhere a bit… more secluded.

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