Water Water Everywhere

Another beautiful day in ista, but only if you love freakin' cold water pouring from the sky. Sadly, or oddly, Niah enjoys cold rain, and tons of it. Not the smartest thing to do, but she has wrapped herself in a towel and sitting on the very edge of the ledge just letting the rain hit her. She is just wearing the towel, and the sun has just gone down. One wouldn't be able to tell with all the wind and the dark gray color of the sky.

L'ton, however, does not love freakin' cold water pouring from the sky, and so he's avoided the outside as much as possible. However, its come time to check on the bluerider, and he's doing so, carefully avoiding her as Dhonzayth lands. Yet, he's standing under the shelter of the ledge to stare at her. "Shards, Niah, what ya doing?"

Niah giggles happily and stands, twirling slightly and moving towards him "I'm just enjoying th rain." She murmurs, pouting ever so slightly and smiling at him. "I mean, I can't drown in the rain." Sighing she walks inside, hair dripping, both babies are asleep and she is hanging the wet towel in the bathroom.

"Its cold.." He protests slightly, but as she's headed inside he's following like a puppy, even as she's going onto the bathroom and hanging up her towel. Making a move to pull her into a hug, he tries to greet her with a long kiss, and a grin. "Ya're just teasing meh, ain't ya, walking round all naked like that?"

Niah squeaks, pulling away for a moment as he pulls her close. As he moves to kiss her she reponds happily, even if she was trying to be pouty. "No, I was trying to enjoy the rain." She has just a little bite in the words, her hands and feet and body are ice cold but that doesn't stop her from pressing herself against him.

Thankfully, L'ton didn't do what he was going to do, and pull his shirt off to follow after her. That would have been not so cool. Keeping her pressed against him, he's slowly rubbing her back. "Ya were, but now yer not… Now yer just standing here…" Feeling her hands, he shakes his head. "Sweets, ya need a hot shower, or something."

Niah raises an eyebrow, suspicious of his motivs but happy to stay close. "Well, that sounds alright. You just wait here, make sure the babies don't wake up." Looking towards the curtain she listens for a moment, "They're pretty sound asleep, sometimes the rain wakes them up." Going into the bathroom, she starts her shower.

"Why am Ah waiting here?" He questions a moment after she's disappeared into the shower, having taken that time to reassure himself that the boys are still asleep. And to kick off his boots, his socks, and leave his jacket and shirt on the couch. And thus, its in his shorts that he's peering around the shower curtain at her again, with a toothy grin.

Niah has her eyes shut, washing her hair. She is starting to look bony again, but she at least has hips now. Oblivious to the world, L'ton just forgot one thing. Celiketh is sitting on his couch, and he rumbles to L'ton «Wait. Are you doing that to make you happy? or to make my love happy? It is not the same thing.» Niah is just enjoying her shower.

"Yers.." He replies aloud to Celiketh, even as he's moving to leave the rest of his clothes behind and step into the shoulder with Niah, watching her for a moment before moving to gently begin to rub her shoulders under the falling water. Assuming, of course, she doesn't scream and push him right back out.

Celiketh just stays quiet, not complaining more but moving to the bed so he can watch the babies sleep. He lays his head on the bed and stares at the two of them, it seems they have enough babysitters. Suprised by him coming in she tips her head back, her wet hair sticking to his chest. Opening her eyes she stares up at him, her eyes sparkle and she smiles, it's total devotion and happiness. "You just can't stay away can you?"

"Well, how can Ah stay away from such a pretty thing as yerself, now love?" He teases her, carefully pulling her hair back and curling it around into a bun of sorts which is pressed against his shoulder as he pulls her back to him for a hug. "Ah mean, ya were right here… And Ah was right there.." L'ton reasoning at its finest.

Niah grins, completely thrilled with having him. Letting him play with her hair, "I guess that makes sense." You can't argue with good results. Rolling her shoulders she perks up a bit, body language shifting completely and she says "Celi says that Zialon is awake, but not crying. He usually cries." Commenting and relaxing again, though you can almost see her distraction.

"Maybe he'll just fall back asleep…" L'ton murmurs, as he's carefully rubbing her shoulders as she rolls them, carefully rubbing down her spine. There's only a single kiss though, even as he continues to play with her hair. "He's probably just shifting around.." Clearly L'ton doesn't have this same distraction problem.

Niah is almost purring over all this, humming happily. "You are being way to nice." She whispers, her whole body relaxed against his, fingers moving back to stroke his neck. "Maybe, Celi will tell me if he needs me." Shifting she turns around. "Love.. something on your mind?" Asking, though it's pretty clear somethings on hers.

L'ton shakes his head head with a chuckle, continuing to gently rub her shoulders and sides, keeping her steady as she leans against him, letting the water run over them both. "Ah just wanna make sure yer happy, ya know?" He murmurs softly, before this time he's leaning to give her a kiss when she turns around, wrapping his arms around her.

Niah smiles, "You are to sweet to me, tonny.." Laying her head on his shoulder and sitting on him limply, seeming to allow him to take all the effort out of standing. "You make me so very happy." Deep breath, "How-how's the one who's having triplets?" Asking, she's trying not to snoop. "She just.. well, I mean, I just sometimes.. find your lovers a little strange."

"She's okay, the last time Ah saw her. That darn green of hers needs ta rise, but she just won't do it." Poor Tonny. He gently rubs her back, supporting her as the water warms them both, and he's chuckling. "Ya got no need ta be jealous love. More babies dun mean more love, otherwise after Ina, Ah'd have none ta go around."

"Well, I mean you can have babies with whoever wants them. I would love if I could just keep Zalyu, but he has a mother who I guess likes him. Just, I just like to know who is sleeping with you. Especially when I meet someone." Kissing along his collarbone and neck. "Right now, all I want it this." Running her hands down his arms and back. "Me.. you. It'd be nice to freeze, right now. With you, my tonny."

"Fer some reason, Ah dun think Senkyou'd take ta well ta ya keeping her boy." He teases her, ducking to give her another kiss. "Ah'm sorry, sweets.. Ah.. Ah didn't mean ta keep it a secret, but Ah didn't really think about it. Ah mean, ya tend ta distract me, when yer around." He giggles, before tightening his hold on her. "So, should Ah turn off the water, then?" He asks with a grin.

Niah nods, "I would hope so." Breathing on his neck she gives a few small coughs and says, "It's ok, I guess.. well I don't tell you about the greenrider who I ended up with. I guess you don't have to tell me about your girls." She let that slip, making no eye contact "Just.. celi was chasing, and won and I get so lost at flights and you weren't there at high reaches when she went up.. he drug me off." Oopsie. "You can turn it off love.

Niah nods, "I would hope so." Breathing on his neck she gives a few small coughs and says, "It's ok, I guess.. well I don't tell you about the greenrider who I ended up with. I guess you don't have to tell me about your girls." She let that slip, making no eye contact "Just.. celi was chasing, and won and I get so lost at flights and you weren't there at high reaches when she went up.. he drug me off." Oopsie. "You can turn it off love.

L'ton quickly shakes his head, with a smile. "Sweets… flights happen. And, Ah ain't always gonna be able ta be there, when yer Celi decides ta chase. And, even if'n Ah was, Ah dun think they'd always take both of us." Did he just bring that back up? "All Ah care about is that none of them boys hurt ya, when they're all caught up in their dragons, ya know?" And then he's leaning back to turn off the shower, even as he's stealing a kiss.

Niah frowns, "You, you don't care if.. if some one else.." He knows what she means, she gives him big eyes, "No, he didn't hurt me. I hate flights, I hate it and it's horrible and they touch me and I touch them but I really wouldn't if I didn't want to at that moment. Then I wake up, and some of them wanted me to.. to the morning after. And I try and sneak out, and." Murph, she looks unhappy, crossing her arms. Kissing him with none of her enthusiasm, she is just letting him kiss her.

L'ton steps back to stare at her, quickly shaking his head. "It ain't like that love. Ah wish Ah could make it no one else ever could touch ya, but Ah can't, Ah mean.. twouldn't be fair ta Celiketh. All Ah can do is take ya when ya get back and show ya how much Ah want ya and Ah need ya even without a dragon urging me on." And then he's giving her a gentle shake, trying to get her attention.

Niah nods, it seems just the thought of flights puts her in knots. She seems to visibly shrink and tremble talking about it all, not a subject he should bring up much "I want you to, well.. i love you so much and see you everyday in our sons and can't believe I've gotten this lucky." Happy sigh, "I know you have so many other kids, but I think our babies are special and I like to think of you, me, mai, Zion, Zialon, Zaenar, and ellyza as a family.. And when Mai's baby comes he just, is another member of the family." Taking a moment shocked, at how forward she is, "Unless, unless you don't wanna be family with me, or mai doesn't, I mean she is way to nice to me and you to." Starting her worrying cycle.

L'ton quickly shakes his head, scooping her up in his arms to cart her to the bed where he settles her down and sits, staring down at her. "Ya mean a lot ta me, Niah. Ya're right, ya and the boy are different… And Ah like ta think of us as a family, and Mai ain't never said any different either. Ya need to stop worry, cause Ah love ya ta." And he's leaning to kiss her.

Niah smiles, "We are." Then she kisses him back, embracing him and saying "I try, I never thought I would let myself get this close to a person who I could so easily lose." Brightening visibly and pulling him towards her "You are way to amazing, and I don't think I could let you go now. It would hurt to much."

"Well, as long as Ah have anything ta say about it, sweets, Ah ain't going no where. Ya and Mai are stuck with me, assuming ya can put up with me." And his raging sex drive? As she's pulled towards him, L'ton chuckles, giving her a long kiss, stretching out along her and holding her close.

Niah gives him another kiss, and then distracts him. And in extension her. "Love you my tonny." She whispers, before devoting herself to pleasing his raging sex drive.

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