Flirting and Reassuring

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands Patio(#4652RJa)

Zorya nods, lifting her glass to take a drink before she replies. "Ah guess that makes sense.." she agrees. "She has hers and .. well no, a fight wouldn't be good." The girl idly brushes at an unseen spot of dirt on her skirt. "Are they really that noisy though?"

Sianne rubs the back of her neck then nods, "Moreso for me unfortunately. I have been able to hear all dragons around me since I was young. Gold flights are the worst to deal with, green ones not so bad. I've learned to block out the worst of it." Her little hidden trait is something she still ducks her head and blushes when she speaks of it. "Sakrienth helps temper the worst of it as well, she's my main block I guess you could say."

The bar. Oh, the bar. One of L'ton's favorite places, certainly, and one that he's once again frequenting. A drink in hand almost immediately, he's scanning the Sands for a familiar face and spotting Sianne, with no other than his niece. After a sip of his drink, he's approaching them and sliding in next to Sianne without a word. "How're may favorite niece and mah favorite desert Weyrwoman?" He questions at a pause in their conversation, giving Sianne's shoulder a squeeze as she ducks her head and blushes.

Zorya ohs. "Ah… hadn't heard of that before." she notes. And then there's a L'ton inviting himself to join them. "Better," she starts, offering the man a smile, "Now that Ah'm back at Ista." Eastern, well he saw her there. "And how's my favorite uncle?" she teases a bit in return.

Sianne smiles up and over at L'ton. "Ahh no wonder you didn't comment much on my comment about him." she mutters softly but with a smile. "I'm fine "L'ton, just avoiding a gold fight as one of the juniors at Igen is rising. You?"

"Shards, ya mean I'm losing a gold flight, and Ah ain't even there?" L'ton makes as if he's going to move, before winking and settling back down, going so far as if to drape his arm over Sianne's shoulders should she let him. Grinning across the table, he shakes his head at Zorya. "Ah'm glad yer back. Ah'd rather not have ta bounce over there all the time with Zip." And then Sianne's other words seem to sink in, and he's turning to look at her. "Wait, ya'll were talking about me?"

Zorya laughs, "Wouldn't you rather lose because you're not there rather than cause ya just lost?" she teases with a grin even as the emphasis on the words makes it more of a question than anything. "We might have mentioned you in passing… So, how do you know each other?" the question is hesitant, but she does ask.

Sianne does indeed let him put his arm around her, afterall R'ocs off chasing eyecandy so why can't she enjoy some herself. "Yes you are, the youngest of them all is rising for her first time." she notes with a smile. "Saks second gold hatchling, first with Quiath." The way that's said it seems as if she's saying that there will surely be more to come from that pairing. "I've been trying to tell her all about Igen." Her glass is taken up again, the last of the juice is sipped thoughtfully as she ponders just how to answer the last questions. "Yes I mentioned you in passing, something about how good looking you are." then over to Zorya, "Metallic riders tend to know each other if not from flights then from meetings and hatchinngs and all."

L'ton seems to consider this, weighing the options. "Dunno, losing isn't always bad, cause sometimes there's pretty girl ta be had, hanging around…" L'ton winks at Zorya, before chuckling, shaking his head. "Ain't like that, Zorya. Dhon ain't ever been lucky 'nuff ta catch pretty miss Sianne here. But, Ah can't tell ya ho wmany meetings Ah've been stuck in, that she's been there, making it bearable." Oh, L'ton, always with a smooth word. Leaving his arm over her shoulder, he grins at Zorya a bit more. "Ya gonna let her steal ya off, again?"

Zorya nods. "Ah should have known…" she says softly, a comment more to herself than the others. That only makes sense after all. Her uncle earns a look for his commentary. Right… Like she -wants- to know about his 'girls'. A short glance between the two and the girl replies with a slight shake of her, "Ah wasn't plannin on it…"

Sianne looks about ready to jab L'ton with an elbow like she was ready to nail R'oc with it earlier. "You were lucky the last time that you weren't the one that got nailed with a fist." she notes, her eyes still in her glass. "Don't let him fool you, I haven't ended up with him in my weyr even in the aftermath of a wild greenflight where I lost it and became the prize of one of the flights loosers." She nods with the girls answer, "I wasn't here on a candidate snatching expiditon silly man, besides she just got back from Eastern."

"Well, all in sweet time, love, all in sweet time." L'ton continues to tease Sianne, shifting a bit as if to avoid the elbow if it should come. "Ah mean, if'n ya think Ah'm good looking, its only a matter of time before ya give into my charms, right?" He chuckles, glancing at Zorya. "Well, ya say that but.. like ya said, Ah just got her back, Ah dunno if'n Ah'm willing ta give her up ta that desert of yers." Like L'ton has any real say in that, anyway.

Zorya sends a glare towards L'ton. "Ya have someone everywhere ya go, don't ya." She's starting to get what her cousin meant about his women. "But," she starts to say something else, however doesn't finish the thought as the two comment on search.

Sianne sighs and listens, "I hear tell he even has a child with the lady holder of Fort Hold." she adds in. "Don't worry, I don't snatch unwilling people from weyrs, I leave that to males like you dear." she offers with a batting of lashes and a pat to one of his arms if she can.

"Like Ah said, Zor, Sianne and Ah, we're just friends. Ya dun have ta worry about that." He reassures the teen, before arching an eyebrow. "But what, Zorya? Ya were all happy 'bout being able ta come home.. Ah dun want ya ta have ta go away already again." And then Sianne's patting his arm, and he's shaking his head. "Ya make it seem like their unwilling."

Zorya laughs lightly, "Who said Ah was worried?" she inquires. The girl shakes her head at the what, however. "Nothin', sir." she replies, picking up her water glass to take a long drink if for no other reason than distraction.

Sianne just doesn't know what to do or say right now, she's just gonna sit there for a moment and ponder all this fully. "Just friends, yes that's all we are."

L'ton chuckles, giving her shoulder a bit of a squeeze and trying to lean and plant a kiss on the weyrwoman's cheek without any real expectations of succeeding. The question is, how much did he have before he got down here? And then his attention is solely on Zorya, and he's reaching across the table to try and rest a hand on her arm. "Ya sure? Ya seemed all flustered then.. Did something bad happen there?"

Zorya bites her lip for a moment and finally shakes her head in response. Oh, look at the water rings on the table, aren't they pretty? She does, however, look up to the pair as she answers. "Nothin ta worry about." she tries to assure. "Ya know, it was just… a big change."

Sianne just blinks, not sure what to make of all the attention from the bronzer. "Standing for a clutch and even leaving a familiar place like home is hard." she notes softly even if she didn't have to do that. "How many children do you have now L'ton, I thnk I lost count at five."

L'ton is an affectionate person! Sure, at times too affectionate, but that's a challenge to deal with some other day. "Zorya, sweets… Tell me the truth? Ah mean, Ah ain't yer da, Ah ain't gonna fuss at ya." He shakes his head, actually coloring a bit at Sianne's questions. "Dunno… More than that.." He offers, clearly unwilling to count.

Zorya was hoping to avoid it at the moment, but then he's asking. Of course that might not mean much to anyone else, but asking means answering. That doesn't, however, mean she's not going to try to skim over her reply, "It was jus different." a nod to Sianne at the mention of leaving home, "Shadowin and goin places like Deluge Station and then the hatchin itself an all…"

Sianne sits back to listen, alowing her head to rest against L'tons arm perhaps as she does so. She saw the hatching and knows how watching candidates get knocked around can be.

"Ya went up ta the station?" He asks with interest, tilting his head. "How'd ya take it?" He questions, with a smile, even as he reaches to absently pet Sianne's hair as she leans against his arm. "Ya been up there, Sianne?"

Zorya nods. "We did…" she replies, though that seems the be a topic she'd rather have left at Eastern, blue eyes drifting to look back at the tabletop before her. "It was… was…" But she can't find the right word. "Ya know, maybe Ah should jus leave you two ta catch up?" she tries, moving with the comment to start towards her feet.

Sianne waves a hand, "Actually I should return to Igen, Saks says the young gold has been caught and it's safe to return." For a moment Si looks tired and a little older then she really is, perhaps for a moment the stresses of leading the weyr are showing. "Come visit when ever you wish…both of you." As she stands she touches L'tons cheek fondly before offering a smile to Zorya then she slips from the bar back to the bowl.

L'ton reaches up a hand to gently squeeze Sianne's arm as she slips by him, before shaking his head, and looking back at Zorya. "Hey.. Ya dun have ta be embarrassed. First time Ah went up there, as a Weyrling, Ah thought Ah was gonna throw up everywhere. The Yokohama's better though. Ya get the view, without having ta worry about all floating around, and tipping around."

Zorya's experience with technology was extremely limited up until that point, as L'ton very well knows, and well… The girl lifts a bit of a smile to the weyrwoman as she leaves, "It was nice meetin ya." she offers before she's gone. "Ah was so scared Uncle L'ton. And then the hatchin', and…" The girl looks to those wonderful little water rings once again, pausing for a long moment. "Well… Ah dunno that this is all right for me." There. She said it.

L'ton reaches across the table to take her hands carefully as she is once again looking to the water rings on the table. "And why dun ya think its right fer ya sweets? Cause ya didn't find a dragon at Eastern? Lots of people dun find theirs the first time.." He offers softly, shaking her wrist again, trying to get her to look back at him. "Where do ya think ya belong?"

Zorya shakes her head, long blonde hair veiling her expression in part. "No…" she pauses again, "Ah just… Well…" And how does she say it to him of all people. "Maybe.. maybe my father was right." she says softly as she bites her lip, finally lifting her gaze to his, but only for a moment.

L'ton reaches across the table to gently tilt her chin up, making her meet his eyes. "Zorya. Love. Yer da, he ain't right. Ya have so much more than that ta do, so much more than that to get to and enjoy. Ya have a lot ahead of ya. Ah mean, the Harpers, and maybe standing here.." He shakes his head with a smile.

Zorya doesn't fight it, though she still bites her lip and still tries to avoid his gaze with her own. "Are ya sure?" she asks a short pause before she goes on, "Ah mean… at least there Ah knew what Ah was suppose ta do…" Where she stood in the grand scheme of things, even if it wasn't what she wanted she knew.

"Ya can't just let someone else tell ya what ya're gonna do with yer life. Ah mean, ya gotta make yer own choices, cause yer the one that needs ta be happy. Not some old man who's gotta lil thing in his bed." And this is L'ton speaking, no less! And then he's shaking her wrists again, trying to get her to look at him. "Hey… trust me?"

Zorya wets her lips and nods, closing her eyes for a moment. "Yes, sir." she replies, turning her gaze to him and pulling a bit of a smile to her lips as she does. "Ah.. Ah suppose ya have a point."

"Shards, Zorya, Ah bet a turn ago, ya didn't even think ya'd be here, did ya? Ya probably were just waiting fer the next boring season ta come. And, now ya can say ya did a lot more than most did.. ya stood on the Sands!" He grins, giving her hands a squeeze, leaning back in his seat. "Ah mean, it means ya have something more."

Zorya squeezes back lightly before he lets go. "Thanks Uncle L'ton. After all that Ah guess Ah jus.. well wasn't thinkin. Ah mean.." The girl shakes her head, "Ya really think so?"

"Ah really really think so. They dun just Search people fer no reason." He shakes his head, with a smile, tapping his fingers on the table. "Sides, Ah think ya have what it takes a be a good rider. /Ah/ do, not just random rider. Ya can't let yerself get down."

Zorya draws a smile to her lips. "Ah don't suppose you'd mind havin a harper for a niece until then." she replies. She stays silent for a moment as she waits for his answer. "Oh!" she suddenly exclaims, pulling a piece of paper from her pocket and offering it over to the bronzerider. "Ah thought you might like it…"

"Shards, 'course ah dun mind having a harper as a niece. Ah mean, even fer good, if'n that's what ya'd rather have. Ya should do what ya want, and its special ta be a harper." L'ton looks at her rather shocked, before he's shaking his head, carefully taking the sheet from her, reading over it slowly, before turning his smile up. "Ya write it?"

Zorya nods slowly, "Jus before Ah went ta Eastern. Ah just didn't get ta see ya really between now an then." she replies. A short pause before she asks, "So.. what'dya think? Ah know it ain't so great, but Ah thought ya might enjoy it.." As she already mentioned.

"Ah course Ah like it!" He offers with honest enthusiasm, keeping it in his hand and rereading parts of it as he does so. "Ya dun expect this back, do ya? Ah can keep this?" He asks with a grin, waving the paper around some.

Zorya giggles just a little. "If ya want to." she agrees, "Ah don't really need it." She's been there, heard that story more times than she cares to have. "Keep it if ya like," she adds with a little wave of her hand.

"Thanks sweets." He chuckles, shaking his head and carefully folding the paper to tuck it into the inner pocket of his jacket, patting it for safe measure. Reaching for his now rather watered down drink, he's sipping at that, before grinning. "Ah gotta go check on Mai, but.. Ah'll see ya a lil later, right?"

"Ah'll be around." Zorya assures with a nod. "Ah had a couple other things Ah wanted ta show ya. So… maybe if ya have some time some day." she suggests. He's given a smile again, "Ah'll see ya later."

"Come find me some morning, Ah'm usually here in the morning… not so much the afternoon." He grins, reaching to ruffle his niece's hair before heading back off, wobbling a bit. Definitely too much to drink.

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