Visiting Athena

Eastern Weyr - Hidden Alcove
Hidden from prying eyes, this alcove of greenery is pressed against the very stone of the weyr proper. Ivy of emerald with flowers of lavender and snowy white trickle downward in a cascading curtain that hides this tiny waterfall and its smaller pool. Around the pool are outcroppings of moss-covered rock, and the appearance of a few pillows on the carved stone ledges. Small enough to be considered very very private, and hidden away from prying eyes, this tiny alcove seems to be a favorite of many of this weyr's inhabitants.

Athena looks around the alcove to see who all else is around. She's seeking some quiet time away from others and questions and rumors.

L'ton is quiet as he comes meandering through the garden to the alcove, pausing at the small entrance to watch Athena as she looks around, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her, leaning to kiss her neck in greeting. "Hey Athena.." He murmurs.

Athena looks back towards L'ton as she feels his arms around her and the voice. "Hi love." She replies softly.

"How're ya doing, babe? Ya feeling a bit better than the last time Ah was here?" He questions, giving her a gentle squeeze, encouraging her to lean back against him, even as he's kissing her neck again. Friendly, ain't he?

Athena nods quietly as she smiles replying. "Yes much better, not as much ending up not being able to eat for sure."

"Well, that's good. Like Ah said… ya need ta eat, not not eat." Hand drops some to rest on her abdomen, rubbing it gently. "Have Ah mentioned Ah think yer sexy, the way yer starting ta get all round?"

Athena gives a bit of a laugh. "Oh really now?" She looks towards him. "I missed you handsome."

"Really now.." He agrees, moving to turn her around so that they're facing each other, hands rubbing at her sides before he pulls her close. "Did ya now, sweets?" He asks with a grin, cocking his head to one side.

Athena nods quietly as she says softly. "Of course, I did." She kisses his cheek lightly.

"What, only on the cheek?" He sniffs a bit, pouting, and keeping his hands on her hips. "Is there something on my face or something? Do Ah smell funny?" He asks, with amusement, eyes meeting hers.

Athena shakes her head as she moves to kiss his lips softly as she smiles mischieviously. "No you don't smell funny at all, you smell good."

"What's that look for, sweetheart?" He asks, with a grin, lifting a hand up to her cheek, even as he ducks to give her a longer kiss. "Ya look like ya have something in mind.."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies. "Of course, I do, i have you all to myself… how could I not?" She smirks. She kisses him back closing her eyes. "I want to have fun."

"Fun, hm?" L'ton questions, though given that his hands are resting on her shoulders, pushing one strap to the side so that he can lay a string of kisses along her collarbone, he doesn't seem to mind. After a minute he chuckles, pausing long enough to murmur in her ear, voice clearly amused. "Dhon says it ain't fair he ain't got no fun."

Athena gives a bit of a laugh. "Well that's his problem I suppose, go tell him to chase a green or something." She smirks as she feels him kiss her shoulders.

"He says he ain't leaving El, dun want her ta sneak off on him, and find herself someone else." L'ton is quite amused by this, but then he's done with pity for the bronze, and instead glee for his own situation. Finding her lips again, he gives her another kiss.

Athena gives a bit of a laugh as she hears what he says. "Well he should know by now she likely isn't going to give him warning and may not even let him win."

"Well, dun mean he ain't going ta wait, and give it his best shot when she do go up. Ah mean.. its the least he can do." L'ton grins, fingers pushing at her other strap in turn. "Ah mean, Ah hope she does let him though.. yer wonderful by yerself… Ah've been waiting fer ya combined with El again fer turns now." Least he's honest.

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies quietly. "Oh really now… why is that?"

"Ya know its different when our lifemates are there, ta. Ah mean, its just so much more.. ta, cause of all their emotions.." L'ton tries to explain, shaking his head a bit. "Its just amazing, Ah dunno.."

Athena nods as she listens. "Yes I know but it's just as wonderful without it, at least that's what I thought."

"Ah ain't saying ya ain't wonderful, love, all by yerself. Just that its different.. Ah mean, Ah dunno.. its more. Like we're more than just us, when it happens." He shakes his head, and shrugs a bit. "Like, everything's just.. magnified a hundred times."

Athena nods quietly as she replies. "I know dear but can't always have that either…"

L'ton quickly shakes his head, moving to tilt her chin up to give her a long kiss. "Ah dun want it all the time. But, Ah'm a bit jealous, and dun want anyone else ta have that with ya."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies softly. "I'm yours anyways hun, you know that." She kisses him on his cheek.

"There ya go again, sweets with the cheek.." He chuckles, before moving to scoop her up into his arms. "But, since Ah doubt yer green'll oblige us.. Ah'll just have ta make ya enjoy yerself all by my lonesome." Not that he'll have a problem doing that.

Athena kisses him as she hugs him. "Well we can always have fun without Eledath for now."

"Ah think Ah can do that.." He chuckles, carefully meandering to settle her down on the soft ground near the waterfall, stretching out beside her as he steals another kiss.

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