A Weyrling and a Candidate

Telgar Weyr - Center of the Bowl(#4RJ)

Arriving in the Telgar bowl is a young, brassy bronzerider, one of those weyrling pairs who is but a few weeks short of formal graduation, and has been let loose on Pern to learn his way around by delivering messages. As the bronze lands, L'ton dismounts - lacking the grace that will come after turns of practice, and it seems that his message can wait, for he's lingering in the bowl rather than heading straight inside.

Padding along with her eyes to the skies, Abigail is humming a soft, lilting tune, one hand lifted to stroke along the back of a little green curled at her neck. Her other hand rests on a bookbag and her steps are slow and almost dance like, in time with the subtle beat of her little song.

While there might just be that one, stupid rule about weyrlings, it doesn't stop anyone from flirting right? And it seems that L'ton, with freedom on the immediate horizon, is willing to start setting himself up prospects, for he's padding after Abigail almost as soon as he notices her, jogging to end up at her elbow. "Hey there, sweets…" He offers in greeting, with a crooked smile.

Abigail pauses her steps and she turns her head, smile bright, and she pushes back her red curls with slender fingers, tucking a strand behind her ear. "Well hello there," she answers, looking the young man over. "Though my name is Abigail," she says with a delighted giggled and wink.

"Well, tis nice ta meet ya, Abigail. Ah thought Ah'd better call ya something, though, else how'd ya know Ah was talking ta ya?" He grins, running a hand through his hair. After a moment, he looks like he's remembered something important and his bobbing his head. "Oh, and Ista's duties ta Telgar, and her queens." Yet, even as he's offering the standard greeting, his eyes are looking over the young woman infront of him, still grinning.

Abigail grins widely and tosses her long hair back over her shoulder, "Of course," she answers, nodding as he recites his intentions, at least his official ones. She watches him give her the once over then tilts her head, "And what buinsess it is that brings you to Telgar?" she asks, clasping her hands before her a she rocks on her heels.

"Well, Ah'm suppose ta deliver this message ta… Ya know, Ah'm not even sure, anymore. But ta someone. But, Ah'm just suppose to learn my way around, so Ah think that means Ah can spend as much time here as Ah want, and they can't make me go back." A loophole? Perhaps. Ruffling his hair again, as if ensuring its still messy, he's smiling. "What about a pretty girl like yerself?"

Abigail nods, listening to him and she chortles softly, "I suppose not.." she says in answer to his loophole. "Why thank you for the compliment and.. I'm a candidate here.. though I do a bit of traveling anyway, seeing Pern and writing stories..singing songs.."

"A candidate hm?" He questions, grinning, and waving back at the brassy bronze who has taken himself off to watch the comings and goings of Telgar. "Ah was, not ta long ago.. Well, Ah mean, a bit cause Dhonzayth and Ah are about ta finally graduate, but." He smiles, "Yer beautiful, and ya sing?"

Abigail nods then she looks to the bronze with a sort of wistful, happy expression. "Oh he's beautiful.." she comments. "Congratulations," she says then a faint blush rises to her cheeks. "Oh my, thank you again.. aren't you a charmer.." she chirps then giggles a bit. "I do sing, yes."

"So, ya a harper? Or, ya just like to sing?" L'ton questions a bit, trying to be the smooth guy who moves to put his arm over her shoulders as she blushes, starting a slow wander around the bowl, Dhonzayth crooning thanks at Abi before he's back to watching.

"An apprentice yes.." she says then when the arm is noticed she waits a moment for politeness' sake then slinks from under it and grins, walking beside the Bronzer. "Though I'd sing either way.." she notes. "Bronzer huh…and do you craft or anything?" she asks, "Besides your charm-craft…" she teases.

"Aw, Ah was just trying ta escort a pretty lady like she deserves ta be escorted." L'ton offers as she slides from under it, though he's still grinning at her. "Woodcraft, in a way. T'was 'fore Ah got Searched… Probably'll go back ta it, if'n Ah have the time ta."

Abigail grins too then pauses and puts hands to hips, "Then crook your arm and let me put my hand on it, if you want to do it right." She waits, a brow arched, eyes sparkling bemusedly. "Ohh.. woodcraft.. What do you build?"

"Ah suppose Ah can do that." He teases her, offering her his arm instead, turning to watch her as they walk, occasionally checking to make sure their path is clear. "Ah prefer mostly toys and stuff. Lil'things. Ain't got the patience really fer all the furniture and stuff."

Abigail grins and slips her hand through the crook of his arm then walks beside him, the little green slinking around to the far side of her neck, eyeing the bronzer warily. "Oh toys? How fun.. you should make them and take them to the little ones in the weyrs.." she says with a nod of her head. "Well..assuming you don't already.." she grins.

L'ton moves to put his hand over hers, as its looped through his arm, as if to keep it there. Wrinkling up his nose at the little green, his attention is back to Abigail with a grin. "Well, most of 'em ain't so good yet. Ah hope Ah'll get better later on. Ah wanna be able ta have something real special fer mah lil'girl, when Ah can get her back." Kids make guys cuter, right?

"I'm sure you'll get better and bet..ter…." she pauses, "Little girl? You have a child?" she asks, blinking, obviously surprised at this information. Her hand rests where it is, so does the little green, her eyes almost seeming to narrow at him.

"She's 'bout two. Mah.. Mah parents still have her, but once Dhonzayth and Ah can, we're gonna go get her back. Ah dun want them making her all backwards like the rest of 'em." He explains hurriedly, though as her eyes narrow, his own widen.

Abigail smiles softly and then tilts her head, "Making her backwards?" she asks, perplexed. "And what will you do with a little girl? Give her to a nanny to raise?" His wide eyes direct her own gaze to her firelizard and she grins some, stroking her head, "Settle down, little one."

"They dun like riders. Shards, they tried ta take me and mah cousin back, when they got ta the Weyr and them eggs were hatching. Ah'm surprise there's even ta more of 'em still 'llowed ta stand." And then he hurriedly shakes his head. "Shards, no. She's mah lil girl. Ah'ma gonna do right by her. She's gonna have whatever she wants, and Ah'ma make sure she grows up right."

Her expression softens somewhat at Mr. Charming and she nods her head, "I see.. well that's really good to hear.. I hope you do…right by her, I mean. It's not her fault, she didn't ask to be born.." Her shoulders lift and she looks out ahead of them now, "Hmmm.. What's your name?"

"Ah'm glad she did.. Ah just wish Ah coulda brought her with me from the start, ya know?" He replies after a moment. And then, as they stroll a bit more, his eyes widen. "Oh! Ah'm sorry, sweets.. Ah was so focused on ya… Ah'm L'ton. Of Ista, ta." If he didn't say that already.

"Sounds like you really want her with you.. which is good.. what ah.." and she pauses then shakes her head. "Nice to meet you L'ton of Ista," she says with a smile. "And does the handsome bronze have a name?"

Dhonzayth croons, having decided now to follow along behind them, a giant brassy-bronze puppy trailing in their wake. "Dhonzayth.." He chuckles, the bronze crooning again. "So, Miss Abigail.. do ya have anyone that's gonna come out and cream me, fer walking with ya?"

Abigail turns a little at the crooning and eyes the bronze then looks to L'ton and smiles, "Does he like being.. touched or.. hmm…petted as it were?" she asks. "My little green here loves it.." She smiles, "Well met, Dhonzayth," then she turns a sort of sheepish smile to the rider. "No one who'd hurt you for walking me.. I don't think he would anyway.." the "he" indicating she's at least sweet on someone.

"Well, ya just let me know, if'n 'he' is coming anyway, though, just in case, ya know?" He grins, before turning back to Dhonzayth, shaking his head. "He's really just like a big firelizard. He loves attention." And he's tugging on her arm slightly to go back to meet the bronze who has now stretched out his muzzle towards them.

She smiles and nods her head, "His name is Korwaine…woodcrafter oddly enough.." she says then she turns and follows the tugging. Her eyes light up and she rubs at the dragon's muzzle, "Hello there, Dhonzayth, you're sure a handsome one."

"Well, clearly Ah need ta be jealous of my fellow crafter. Ta get to find such a pretty girl, while Ah was wasting away in Weyrlinghood. Ah couldn't even look at ya'll.." L'ton sounds a bit pitiful while Dhonzayth steals the show, gently nuzzling Abigail, crooning happily.

Abigail laughs softly, "Well you already have a daughter..I'm fairly certain you've seen you share of pretty girls.." she says with a teasing side-long glance. She does smile at the bronze however, dazzled by him. "Goodness..How exciting.. how was it? On the sands? Did you know or.. just wait nervously?"

"Well, t'was sorta a fluke, Zip.. Ah mean.. once they found out, Ah ain't even seen the girl since. And a turn and half is long enough ta forget what their like." He continues to play the martyr, even as he gently rubs the bronze's side, Dhonzayth curling slightly around them. "Ah was really hoping.. Like, Ah was watching him… t'was the egg Ah liked the bed.. And then all of a sudden, he was coming towards me.."

"Oh….Zip?" she asks, confused. "That's too bad.. I'm sorry I don't mean to pry.." she says then giggles a little as she bronze curls. "I can only imagine.. I don't even know what TO imagine.." she says, still petting him.

"Zip's mah lil girl.. Ah didn't mean ta confuse ya." He shakes his head with a grin then, though, taking advantage of her distraction to try and rest his hand on her shoulder now, as he talks to her. "It ain't like anything else, Ah promise ya. Ah mean, yer there.. but.. suddenly ya feel lke there's much more, and ya sorta feel like yer looking at yerself.."

She's entranced by Dhonzayth for the moment and nods her head, "Oh…Zip.." she nods then smiles, looking into the dragon's eyes. The hand lands and she simply stands there, "The bronze knew all along.." she says sort of dreamily. "Goodness.." she murmurs.

"Ya ever ridden a dragon before?" He asks softly as he leans, certainly within her personal space now. Watching her face, he gives her a smile. "Cause, Dhon says he'd be happy ta give such a pretty girl a ride, if she wanted one." He offers innocently enough.

Abigail nods a little, "Oh I have.. just.." and she turns her head, glancing at the bronzer, "Said that did he.." she murmurs. "Well.. I'd not refuse a ride.." she says with a bit of excitement edging her voice. "Are you sure it's not too much trouble?"

"He did… He's real smart." L'ton chuckles, hurriedly shaking his head. "Mah dear, Ah wouldn't have offered, if'n it was any trouble. Ah told ya, Ah ain't in any rush, and well, even getting ta just spend a bit of time with a girl is better than none at all."

Abigail smiles and then nods her head, "Where shall we go?!" she says in a sort of giddy voice. Then the little green's tail curls and she furrows, "Will she be alright to fly?" she asks, petting down her side a bit.

"She'll just gotta hold on, but she'll be fine, Ah promise." L'ton steps around her to offer her both his hands, in order to help her mount up on to the bronze. "Well, where would ya like ta go? We just learned ta between, so Ah dunno to many real out of the way places, but.."

Abigail nods and puts her hands in his eagerly, scrambling up atop the bronze. "Oh she'll hang on.." she murmurs, pulling at the green a little in an effort to get her to loosen her death grip. "I don't care, really.. anywhere.. surprise me!" she says, settling in.

L'ton carefully climbs up on Dhonzayth, settling behind Abigail and carefully and thoroughly fixing and doublechecking the straps in turn. "Ah'm gonna put my arms around ya, just hold on, kay?" He instructs her, even as he's holding on to her and Dhonzayth is shifting, spreading his wings to take off.

You swing up onto Dhonzayth's neck.

Abigail ohhhs and nods, settling back against him, "Okay…" she says, a bit of nervousness creeping into the slight tremor of his answer. She bites at her lip and glances to one side then the other, eyeing the wings as they begin to lift.

L'ton tightens his hold a little bit more, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "Ready sweets? We're going up." And as he says so, Dhonzayth's wings carefully push downwards, lifting him off the ground. And after a few more wingbeats they're hovering above the Telgar bowl, slowly gaining altitude as Dhonzayth starts to circle.

Telgar Weyr - Center Sky
The wide open sky, that overshadows all of Telgar Weyr. Down below, the vistas of folks as they scurry around the bowl and go about their business. Overhead, a few clouds drift on the nearly perfect blue skies. Occasionally a few dragons enter the skies from between will others blink out.

Abigail inhales and her body stiffens some, "Oooh…" she answers, other words simply tumbling around for a moment as the bottom drops out of her belly and the dragon rises. She looks down and grins then looks back some, "Sorry.. take off is always a bit of a..well..it takes my breath."

"Its okay, it really takes some getting used ta." L'ton offers, leaning to murmur almost directly in her ear, to avoid the words being swept away by the wind. "We're gonna go up a bit higher, and then spiral some. Dhon wants ta stretch his wings." And the bronze seems to be doing just that, for he's rather lazily working upwards, circles expanding with each loop.

Sky - High Over the Telgar Region

"Thanks.." she answers then looks up up up…inhaling as the sweep of wings drives them that direction. "Spiral.." she sort of meeps then giggles nervously, "Okayyy.." she calls out, her answer flittering off into the rushing winds.

"It ain't so bad, really. Not like loops. Dhon, he's ta big for loops and stuff, the lil greens really do that stuff more." L'ton offers, giving her another squeeze, resting his chin momentarily on her shoulder, chuckling softly. "Ah'm right here, dun worry.. Ah ain't gonna let nothing happen ta ya, neither is Dhon."

Abigail nods and swallows…loops?! "Oh…too big, right..can't turn as sharply.." she says sort of breathily. One hand grips his hand and the other grips the straps and her thighs flex inward on instinct to hold her close agianst the dragon's back. "My word it's so beautiful!" she says as her gaze sweeps up again.

Sky - Above Telgar Hold(#1952RJe)
The broad expanse of Telgar Hold is in plain view here. In the distance, the mountain ranges curb around the outer areas of the hold protectively. The Telgar River cuts its path through the ground in a silver streak that winds and changes inconsistantly. A number of small cotholds are scattered over the valley, and the main hold itself is an impressive sight from any vantage.

Dhonzayth banks carefully, heading out towards Telgar hold, flying over the broad valley, settling into the gentle up and down motion of flight as he follows the Telgar River's general direction. As her hand grabs his own, he's carefully folding his fingers through it to give her as squeeze. "Ain't it? Its so different, from up here."

Abigail scans the skies and a smile settles over her face as Dhonzayth finds his rythm in the air currents. Her body moves with the natural motion of a rider atop a moving beast, a sort of slow, snaking action, hips-belly-chest, hips-belly-chest. Fiery curls bounce and then stream back behind her some, marking the ups and downs as they flutter, "It's like nothing else.." she answers.

L'ton unwraps one arm for long enough to carefully push her curls to one side, cautious of the little green who is still perched there, to better rest his chin on her shoulder. Rewrapping his arm, he sighs softly. "Sorta wish Ah could stay up here, like this. Ah mean.. not gotta worry about anything else."

Abigail gives a start when his arm moves and she holds the strap tighter then she exhales and relaxes some, "I know.. takes your breath and your worries.." she says with a wistful sort of sigh. "Free of worries..free of.. trappings.. just..free."

"Ya think this is beautiful.. Dhon and Ah, they took us ta the Station, up there.." And he's jerking his head up to the sky to indicate the orbiting space station. "Ah.. We can take ya, if'n ya want. Its.. Ah can't explain it.." He offers, youthful confidence evident as he grins.

Abigail glances upward too then looks back at him, "Are we supposed to?" she asks, unsure of there being a rule about this sort of thing. "I mean.. can candidates go there?"

"Yer with a rider.. Ah dun see why not. Ah mean, if'n the eggs started ta hatch, Ah could get ya back just as fast from there as from here." L'ton reasons, meeting her gaze with a grin. "Ah mean, if'n ya want ta.."

Abigail nods and nods again, giggling, petting her little green soothingly, the claws of it digging at her shirt a bit. "Oh I'd love to..never been there.. it might spark a song!" she reasons it too.

"Ta the station it is.." L'ton replies cheerfully, more than happy to extend this outing and his time away from the weyrlingmaster's watchful eye. Giving her a squeeze, he grins. "We're gonna go between. Ya won't be able ta feel me, but Ah'm right here, Ah won't let go.." And then the bronze is dropping his wings and blinking *between*.



Yokohama - Cargo Bay
Since the gravity units were restored and now are maintained in working order, the cargo deck of the Yokohama is constantly buzzing with activity. With research needing to be done, equipment to be moved, or a plethora of other tasks taking place people are always coming and going, either from the planet 'below' by dragon back, or meandering in and out from other places aboard the ship.
This area is well lit, the floors themselves have had space set aside specifically for 'betweening'. Three large marked off areas remain clutter-free of people, dragons and equipment. With these 'landing pads' clear, dragons avoid the danger of teleporting into an area of space already occupied and causing a tragedy. Several massive sun lamps have been set up over off to the left, in an effort to make the stay of dragon-kind more comfortable.

Abigail sucks in a breath then gasps it out as they emerge and she shivers, blinking. "I…oh…" she pats his hand, yup, he's there, she's alive, and yup, the lil green choker is still in place.

The bronze reappears within a large metallic bay, settling to the ground out of the way of those doing transport work. Gently rubbing her arms to warm her up, he's carefully undoing the straps, sliding part way down from Dhonzayth's side to help her to the floor. "We're here, sweets.. Lets go, so ya can see what Ah mean.."

Abigail nods her head and slides down, a bit astounded at being here in the first place. "Thanks.." she murmurs, head canting around as her gaze moves. "To where?"

"Ya'll see darlin'." He chuckles, handing her to the floor, and then joining her, heading towards the lift with a confident nod to those there. He's suppose to be here, really.

L'ton presses the button for Floor: 17. There is a momentary pause as the lights flash at the entryway.

The doors to the lift come closed and after a momentary pause, waiting for everyone to take hold of the hand rails, the capsule bobs and then rockets to its next destination.

L'ton presses the button for Floor: 13. There is a momentary pause as the lights flash at the entryway.

The doors to the lift come closed and after a momentary pause, waiting for everyone to take hold of the hand rails, the capsule bobs and then rockets to its next destination.

The lift comes to a halt at Floor: 13 and the doors open.

Abigail follows along and nods her head, looking around wide-eyed, then steps onto the lift and waits, grinning up at L'ton. "Full of surprises aren't you.."

"Ah have ta try hard, ya know." He chuckles, staring at the directory for a moment, puzzling it out before he's pressing a button. After a moment, the doors are opening and he's offering her his arm to escort her out onto the deck.

Yokohama - Recreation Deck
Tables line the walls of this place, each holding a variety of games for the leisure of the personnel and staff that resides within this station. Computers are set up upon the center in rows, offering a variety of games as well to those willing to tap away at the keys or handle the mice and joysticks attached for education and amusement not required for work. Books are also available here, too, both in the form of stories and reference materials for those wishing to take up a hobby or merely escape to somewhere else for a time while it's allowed between their long days and colder nights of duties here in the Yokohama. No matter where one would like to go, plenty of cushioned seating is here for rest and conversation.
Meanwhile, dominating the room is a large window that overlooks Pern, showing much of the planet as the station orbits overhead.

Abigail curls her arm through his and strolls along, out of the lift then she hmms, scanning the deck. In a sort of slow-motion of awareness her eyes fall to the window and she blinks, then glances up at L'ton, mouth dropping open, then back to the window, though she doesn't move toward it just yet.

"See?" L'ton says with gusto, grinning widely at her reaction. He's carefully tugging her across the empty recreation deck towards the window, standing as close to it as he can, trying to once again drape his arm over her shoulder. And he's content to stand there and stare, now.

She resists just a little though finally falls in step with him and arrives at the window, though she looks through it with this heart-wrenching feeling as if she could fall into space at any moment. "Mhmmm.." she murmurs, unaware of his arm for the moment, eyes unblinking, taking in the sight of something altogether unral.

L'ton gives her shoulders a soft squeeze. "Ya can't fall through it, dun worry.. Ah know.. Ah know its crazy.. We're all the way up here.. its so lil, ta. Ah mean…" He shakes his head, with a soft sigh, pointing to the northern edge of the visible part of the planet. "Ya can just sorta see Ista there.. Can't see Telgar, though."

Abigail shivers some at the sheer awesomeness of it, and her head lightly nods, can't fall through.. She leans forward and looks down into the dark nothingness then back up to where he points, "Unbelievable.." she whispers.

L'ton gives her shoulders another bit of a squeeze, before nodding his head at a couch settled to allow for a perfect view out the window. "Sit with meh fer a bit? We can look all we like.." He smiles, moving to settle down on one end.

Abigail smiles softly and then moves to the couch and takes a seat, quietly surveying the view out the window. "I'm surprised there aren't more people here.. it is so blase to them?" she asks, turning a questioning look to the bronzer.

L'ton quickly shakes his head. "Ah… Ah ain't really sure how many people know about it. Or, if'n they know, if they really wanna see it. Ah mean, a lot of people get sick, looking, and they dun like ta think that we really ain't nothing." As she settles down, he offers her a hand, with a bit of a smile. "Ah'm.. Ah'm glad ya like it ta."

Abigail nods and settles back, though after a brief squeeze to his hand she pulls hers away to rest in her lap. She opens her satchel an pries the green from her neck, settling her in an inner pocket. "She really needs a bit of a nap.." she comments. "I don't know.. maybe it really means we are quite something.. to be able to see this sight.. to see Pern as it is.."

L'ton pouts a bit as she pulls her hand away, stretching instead and settling his arm over the back of the sofa, perhaps behind her some. "Ah think maybe we're just more willing ta.. ta realize we're just little things, ya know? Ah mean.." He shrugs. "Thank ya fer letting me bring ya here."

Abigail grins and then leans back, resting her head on the sofa, eyes falling back to the window. "Mhmm.. I know.." she answers then she looks up at him, "Thank me? No way..Thank YOU for bringing me.. I can't believe this is here.. it's just breathtaking.."

"Ah dunno.. Ah thought ya might not want to be in a weird place with some weird bronzerider, ya know?" He teases with a wink, reaching to tug on a curl as she leans her head back. "Or, am Ah not some weird bronzerider?"

Abigail chortles softly and nods some, "Oh well yes you should thank me then.." she says with a wink. She blushes at the tug to her hair then nudges him gently in the ribs with an elbow. "Im sure you are..picking up women you don't even know..taking them to far.." and her voice trails a little, brows furrowing for a moment, as if realizing just how not-smart this might've been.

"Aw, dun worry sweets. Ah ain't gonna hurt ya. Ah ain't even gonna try anything, as pretty as ya are, and as much as Ah'd love ta.." He shakes his head again, with a smile. "Nah, ya dun got nothing ta worry about. Ah just miss getting ta talk ta girls that ain't like, mah cousin."

Abigail blushes a little then nods her head and turns so she's facing L'ton, one leg curling up onto the couch. "Have a lot of cousins then? Or…just don't like the ones ya got?" she asks, grinning, eyes dancing with merriment.

"Lots o'cousins, just one with meh at Ista though. She's real mean, though. She's got this green, and she's constantly after meh about stuff." He mimics Abigail's motion, turning the opposite way to look at her, though he's glancing occasionally out the window.

Abigail nods her head and smiles, "Oh…someone to keep you in line huh? YOu need it prolly..I've heard about bronzers.." she says with a wink. "Besides, I'm sure you're not short on girls.."

"Like Ah said, Ah ain't got a girl.. Ain't none of 'em that apparently like boys, really, in the barracks." He wrinkles up his nose with a sigh. "Ah ain't even got a kiss, since 'fore Ah Impressed." Play-pouting, he's winking back at her. "Ah ain't had the chance ta be a real bronzer yet, love."

Abigail squints at him, half disbelieving, then she nods and grins. "Oh I see.." she murmurs, then she blushes again and looks to the window. "I gotta kiss.." she murmurs, eyes blinking slowly, though his last comment draws a brief glance from her before she nods and looks back to the view.

L'ton quickly holds up both hands, with a smile. "Ah'm telling the truth. Ah wish Ah wasn't, cause its sorta pathetic." Shaking his head, he stares out the window as well with a smile. "Well, like Ah said, Ah guess mah fellow 'pprentice is luckier than me."

Abigail grins, "It's not pathetic.." she says gently. "You're kind to say that.. he's lucky and all.. I dunno, I feel like I"m the lucky one.." she says in a sort of dreamy sigh. "He thinks I'm funny..and smart.." then she blushes and shakes her head, "Listen to me go on, ahem."

"Ya /are/ funny and smart though. And pretty ta boot. Even Ah could tell ya that, and Ah ain't know ya that long." He smiles, shaking his head. "Aw, dun blush sweets. Its okay. Ah should be the one all embarrassed, making ya have ta go on like this."

"No no it's okay.. just.. new.." and her shoulders lift some. She looks to the window and says a few words softly, "Oh stars that grace that darkest night, whose sparkling forms on high, both sooth and make me long for more, than meets this mortal eye."

"Aw, well ya shouldn't be embarrassed, cause ya deserve ta be told yer beautiful every day." L'ton offers softly, reaching to rest his hand lightly on her shoulder, listening to her words. "That was real pretty, Abigail.." He offers, actually using her name.

Abigail stares out the window for a moment then her head turns just a little and her lashes sweep upward with her glance to L'ton. "They must send Bronzers to charm school…" she says teasingly, her grin crooked, giving her a sort of sheepish expression. "Thanks.." she murmurs, "Though it hardly does them justice."

L'ton gives her a bit of a smile. "Nah, but Ah've spent the last turn and a half trying ta figure out how ta get a girl ta pay attention ta me, when Ah can finally pay attention to them." He chuckles, giving her a crooked grin in return. "Ah bet that yer gonna come up with something awesome about 'em, though."

Abigail smiles, "Just be yourself.. and be honest.." her shoulders lift, and she notices his hand, warm, resting atop one of them. "I dunno..don't ask me, I'm not expert.." then she grins and looks up at him, "Well if I can't write something about this view, I'm no Harper."

"Ah am being myself, that's the best part, but.. if'n ya dun have pretty words, ya won't even get a second look." And then he's pouting a bit, giving her shoulder a squeeze as she notices his hand. "Well, ya are definitely a harper than, ya know?"

Her head nods then she tilts her head, "Well..I guess it also depends what exactly you want..saying pretty words for the sole purpose of getting a look..or more… sorta makes the words a little empty.. should only say 'em when you mean 'em.." Abbi pauses and smiles, "THanks again.." and she blushes.

"Well, Ah do mean 'em. Ah mean.. there's no point in lying, just ta get something, cause then it dun mean ya really got it." He shakes his head with a bit of a smile. "Ah mean, ya /are/ pretty. And ya are smart… Ain't no lies with them words." Shaking his head again, "Ah mean, Ah ain't saying that just cause."

Abigail smiles up at him and then reaches over and squeezes his free hand, "And I appreciate every word, some girl is in big trouble when she runs up against you.." she teases. "I mean.. pretty words and all.. you got that down pat.." and she giggles softly.

"Ah suppose Ah just need ta keep practicing, though.. Ah mean, clearly pretty words ain't enough." And then he's picking the hand off her shoulder to touch his nose. "Its this, ain't it? Ah just ain't handsome with such a crooked nose, huh?" He jokes, leaning a bit towards her.

Her brows furrow and she shakes her head, "What do you..well goodness no you look just fine.." she says with a perse of lips. "I mean.. things like that give a man character..now on a girl.. not so much," she laughs. "L'ton.. you're plenty handsome and quite the smooth talker.. I just have someone already…I mean.. I care for someone.." and her shoulders lift.

"Ah know, Ah know.. That other woodcrafter." He sighs softly, before looking at her with a pout. "Can Ah at least put mah arm around ya, and just sit here, and pretend? Ah mean, we can just watch out the window.." And then he's biting his lip, youthful confidence evaporating.

Abigail gives him a sort of tender look, "We don't have to pretend to be friends, L'ton.. that'd be right and true.." She smiles and leans back against the sofa, tugging one of his arms around her shoulders, "You're gonna be a heartbreaker.." she says with a grin, "I can just tell."

L'ton smiles a bit, settling his arm over her shoulder, leaning to absently tap his head against her, looking out the window. "Ah dun wanna break hearts.. Ah wanna have hearts.." He murmurs, shaking his head. "Thanks fer putting up with me. Ya gotta come visit me at Ista, when ya Impress."

Abigail smiles, "Yes but they'll want hearts in return and you've but one to share.." she says thoughtfully. "Putting up with you? Hmmm..I think you're sweet.. and I'd love to come visit.. you can meet Korwain.." then she looks to the window. "Wonder if we should be getting back..he might be off duty by now.." she says softly.

"Ya, Ah should probably get ya back… Ah mean, before they think ya ran off and dun wanna stand anymore." He teases, giving her shoulders a squeeze before slowly getting to his feet, offering her his hands to help her get to her feet. "Come on, sweets. Back we go. And, if'n ya wanna come back here, Ah'd love ta take ya whenever."

A soft little laugh sounds off and she shakes her head, "Goodness I hope they don't think that!" then she slides her hand into his and stands, "Thanks..and I just might.." she says with a little wink. "Just means you'll have to come back and visit to see hmm?"

"O'course Ah'll come back. Maybe Ah'll manage ta get ya ta change yer mind." He winks, moving to escort her back to the lift. "And, if'n nothing else, Ah can sit with a pretty girl, and be happy 'bout it."

Abigail grins and nods her head, following, "Good then, I'll work on a piece about these stars for next time."

L'ton waits for the lift to open, grinning at her words. "Ah think Ah now have something else ta look forward ta." And then the doors are opening and he's motioning her with a smile. "Ladies first, mah dear."

Yokohama - Cargo Bay

Abigail nods her head then steps to the lift and once it arrives back in the cargo bay she steps off and smiles to the bronze, "Hello again," she says softly, moving to his side. "Thank you for bringing me, Dhonzayth, the view is simply spectacular."

Dhonzayth drops his nose to whuffle them as they reappear, L'ton moving to his side. "Like Ah said, miss, t'was mah pleasure." He smiles and moves to help her mount up. "Any time, ta."

Abigail grins and nods, climbing up atop the big bronze again with a big breath. "Okay..here we go!"

And there they go indeed, with Dhonzayth carefully blinking between once they are settled, arriving in the lower bowl of Telgar Weyr in a manner that would have the weyrlingmasters after L'ton's head, if they only knew.

Telgar Weyr - Center of the Bowl(#4RJ)
A nearly circular bowl, surrounded on all sides with the sheer soaring cliff walls of the now dormant volcano that once formed Telgar. Hard packed earth, leveled to nearly flat by the passage of feet, both human and dragon with the odd intrusion of rock that is sheared off to keep the area safe to traverse. Two openings can be seen from this area, one the gigantic oval teardrop shape that leads on into the hatching grounds and nearly opposite the much smaller doorway that leads into the communal living areas for the weyr.

Abigail exhales at the trio sets down and she peeks inside her bag to make sure the little green is okay. And she is. She turns to L'ton and then wraps her arms around him in a hug, "Thank you, I had a wonderful time.." she says before turning back to start unstrapping to slide down.

L'ton is quick to return the hug, even daring a quick peck on her cheek with a wink. "Dun get get about us, Dhonzayth says so." He chuckles, carefully making sure the candidate gets to the ground. "Ah really enjoyed it.. Ah can't wait ta get ta do it again."

Abigail smiles then curls her chin down and blushes at the kiss to her cheek but she touches his gently with her hand and cups it for a moment, "Charmer.." she teases, then slides down, "I won't forget!" she calls out, waving from the ground.

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