Making Up with S'ya

Xanadu Weyr - Forest(#9202RJM)

Its been.. well a fair bit since L'ton has been at Xanadu. While he's been keeping a watchful eye on Laera and the little Zaala, its been from a discrete distance, and a few questions would reveal its been over 2 months since the last time he's been around openly, since not long after both Eiriana and S'ya had their babies, and that's likely the cause. But, for now, he's here, though he doesn't seem to have too much of a purpose, as he's meandering through the forest.

S'ya is out and about after having a nice long nap with little Misha. The baby is now in the care of the Nannies and the greenie is free to wander about as she pleases. Her baby belly is still rather large since it's only been a month or so since she popped but she's already wearing her workout clothes, a clear sign that she's already starting her rigorous post birthing routine to get slim. Sophyrinth is walking behind her, the tiny green examining things as they move off in what seems to be the direction of the Meadow.

L'ton is meandering, Dhonzayth settled himself down to talk to those that he hasn't seen in that time, letting his lifemate basically do what he wants. L'ton's turning as Dho trumpets to the small green So, and his eyes are widening, before he's starting to hurry off in another direction, with a growled 'HUSH!' to Dhonzayth.

Sophyrinth perks up at the trumpet, the tiny dragon glancing over to Dhon. When she realizes it's a male she slinks back a bit. Offering a quick little warble before darting off ahead of her lifemate. Ewwww, a boy talked to meee! Well, that's what she'd say anyways. S'ya quickly recognizes the bronze and looks over just in time to catch L'ton hushing up his lifemate. "Oh, hello." She says slowly, cocking her head a bit to the side to take in the bronzer. Was he trying to avoid little old her?

Trying, most likely, and failing. After all, greenriders have been nothing but trouble lately, at least in his mind. Tensing as there's a voice - he was spotted! And then he's slowly turning around, giving her a hesitant smile. "Hey.. Hey S'ya.." He says slowly, starting to retrace her steps back towards her, even as Dhonzayth is settling down, sulking a bit as Sophyrinth cringes away.

Failing hard too. S'ya pouts a bit as she watches the bronzer tense and hesitate, she wasn't diseased or anything! "How are you doing? I have not seen you around for a while now." She says slowly, eyeing him over before moving a bit closer. Sophyrinth is already long gone, the green most likely having found an empty bottle to keep herself entertained with until her lifemate returned for their afternoon jog.

"Ah… Ah've been busy. And.. Ah… figured ya'd be busy, with the new baby. Didn't want ta get in yer or K'ael's way, or anything, ya know?" L'ton murmurs, voice soft as he shifts from foot to foot, staring at his feet, then at his hands, though he does briefly lift his head to look at her, before the ground is interesting again.

"Busy with work?" S'ya asks curiously, moving a bit closer in order to hesitantly plant on kiss on the bronzers cheek. Was he still okay with that greeting? "You would not have gotten in anyones way, love." She says with a frown, shaking her head a bit. "But I can understand you being busy. Everyone seems to be like that lately." She lets out a sigh when she notices him acting all uncomfortable. "Well, I do not want to take up any of your time. I know you are a busy man."

"Work.." L'ton agrees, nodding slowly. "And… Staying out of Eiriana's way, too." He admits after a moment - apparently the woman didn't take kindly to bearing a second set of twins. As she leans to kiss his cheek, his eyes widen slightly, and there's a little bit of a smile on his face, as he slowly moves to wrap his arm around behind her, keeping her from moving away. "Ya.. Ya don't have ta go. Unless.. Unless ya'd rather be with someone else." And then L'ton is shaking his head, gulping as he tries to relax a little, and gives S'ya's a peck in the middle of her forehead.

"Ah." S'ya says with a slow nod when L'ton confirms that it's work that's been keeping him away. "A second set of twins? Well, I can imagine she is not to thrilled about that." She says with a chuckle. When the bronzer wraps an arm around her she blinks a bit, not having expected that at all. "Oh no, I have nothing pressing to attend to. I just did not want to get in your way, love." She offers him a brighter smile before snuggling a bit closer to the man. "And your company is perfect for me, Tonny."

L'ton is tense for a moment, before she's snuggling into him, and he's relaxing, giving her a little bit more of a smile, tightening his arm just a little bit to keep her close. "Ah… Ah'm sorry Ah ain't been here, S'ya.. Ah.. Ah just dunno what.. What Ah'm suppose ta be. And.. Ah dun wanna make ya feel bad, or guilty, or ta ruin what ya have with K'ael, or Ah guess anyone else. But.. Ah.. Ah /have/ missed you." He admits, though that is said far more softly, and his toes are suddenly interesting again.

S'ya relaxes when the bronzer does, the greenie sighing a bit into his jacket. "It is alright love, I understand. And really, all you ever need to be for me is a friend. Also, you could not really ruin what me and K'ael have because we are just friends too. He has a girl back in Ista and said we were going to have to quit messing around because he was serious about her." She looks up at L'ton with a smile. "You /have/? Well, that is certainly music to my ears, love. I thought you had forgotten all about me, or worse, did not want to have anything to do with me anymore." She giggles a bit when he sets to eyeing his toes, her hand gently moving his face so that they're making eye contact a gain. "Shells, I rarely see you this shy."

"R-Really?" L'ton says, looking up suddenly, surprised at the revelation about K'ael, tightening his hold on her with a surprising amount of possessiveness. "Ah.. Ah though ya'll… Ah.." And he's shaking his head, before he's pulling her into an actual hug, dropping his face to hide it in her shoulder, squeezing her with a soft sigh. "Ah.. Ah was afraid, still. That no matter what ya said, ya didn't want me around no more. Ah.. Ah thought that ya wanted him more, than me. And.. Ah.. Ah mean it.. its gonna happen, but.."

S'ya can't help but giggle at L'ton's reaction, bobbing her head. "Yup. Seems he found some cute little blonde to keep him company over in Ista. He wants to do things proper with her so we are done messing around." Until the bronzer caved that is. She watches L'ton curiously as he goes through his thought process, allowing herself to be pulled into the hug. She smoothes his hair as she listens. "Aw love, you know that is not so. I mean what I say. I love you very much, I do not want anymore more or less." Everyone is even in her book. Except her kids of course.

Well, kids really don't count, they're a whole nother page. "Ah.." And Tonny just sighs softly, squeezing her again, before slowly straightening up, looking upwards at her hand, before back at her face. After a moment, his hesitation is gone, and he's leaving to give her a long kiss, fingers tightening at her waist. "Ah.. Ah.. Ah dun wanna miss ya no more, S'ya."

S'ya gives L'ton a squeeze back, nestling her head into his chest. So warm. She doesn't mind the kiss at all, glad to have it after all the hesitation and uncertainty on both their parts. "You do not have to miss me, love. I am always here for you. Just a jump between away." She says with a reassuring smile. "So smile, Tonny. I am not going anywhere."

"Promise, love?" He says hopefully, resting his chin on top of her head, before he's blinking and peering around him, realizing now that Sophyrinth is long gone. "Hey, sweets?" What.. What's up with So?" He questions, with a tilt of his head as he tries to meet the greenrider's gaze, though he's certainly making no move to let her out of his arms, now that he finally has her back there.

"Of course, Tonny!" S'ya says with a giggle, adding a kiss to further reassure the man. When he asks her about her silly lifemate she blinks a bit. "So? Nothing, why?" She looks over to where the green went off, trying to think if the dragon did anything out of sorts.

"Ah, nothing.. Dhonny's just pouting, cause she ain't wanna be by him." L'ton grins a bit, glancing over his shoulder at the bronze, becoming in a better mood by the moment, even as he's twirling her a bit, and giving her another kiss. "Ya shouldn't run off ta find her though.. Ah… Ah ain't sure Ah wanna let ya go yet."

S'ya actually snorts at the mention of Dhon pouting over So. "She /never/ wants to be around males, loves." She says, turning to eye the bronze with a grin. "Do not take it personally, you are a very handsome dragon." When L'ton gives her another kiss she gives him a squeeze. "Oh? Well, if you want we can go back to my place and take a little break from our busy schedules."

"Well, Ah think he was hoping she'd make an exception, since its been so long." L'ton grins, glancing back at Dhonzayth who snorts at them both - he'd roll his eyes if he could! - even before he's looking back at S'ya with a bit of a gleam in his eyes. "Ah'd love ta spend some time with ya, love, Ah mean.. Maybe get ta know ya again, if'n yer willing.." He murmurs into her ear, looking just a tad embarrassed before he's straightening back up.

"So makes no exceptions, love." S'ya informs the bronze pair with a smirk, glancing over when L'ton does so. She can't help but giggle at the dragon, he's rather like his rider after all. "Well we could certainly arrange to spend the afternoon together. Have lunch, play around a bit and then take a nap maybe?" When he mentions the 'getting to know' part she actually blushes a bit. Too bad her girly bits were all achy still. "Well, that will have to wait a bit until everything is, um, fully healed. But when it is then, yes. I think we have been strangers for far too long."

"Well, ya never know." L'ton says with a chuckle, winking. As S'ya blushes a bit, he's slowly tilting her chin up, giving her a smile. "Lunch sounds good… And, Ah think that as long as Ah can have ya in my arms, all ta myself, Ah think Ah can manage, until yer ready… But once ya are, all bets are off, love, all bets are off." He says without a hint of shame, winking at her, and giving her a squeeze, even as he's moving to escort her home.

S'ya grins broadly at L'ton when he gives her that smile, moving in to give him a kiss. "Well if that is the case then we should head out straight away. Lunch will not eat itself after all." She says with a giggle, eyeing the bronzer over quickly. She is happy to be lead, walking with the bronzer hand in hand as they head back to her weyr.

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