Braving the Beach

Later in the evening, and for a change many people are on the beach. Celiketh is in the water, Zaenar near him and enjoying the water. The kids are probably with the nannies, they are away from the other people though. Niah is wearing a swim suit, the same lavender swim suit. Sitting with her head on her knees, watching Zae play very carefully. Wrapped around her neck is Dawn.

Joining the blue pair and her charge on the beach are L'ton and Dhonzayth, the pale bronze backwinging carefully to the black sand, before L'ton is sliding toff, tugging his straps off an sending him in to play with the girl and her blue guardian. Meandering over, he settles down next to Niah, leaning slightly towards her, knocking shoulders.

Niah is deep, deep, deep in thought. Deep enough she is totally lost, eyes glazed over talking to Celiketh. Celi bugles to Dhonzayth, and Zaenar watches Dhon nervously. Oddly, the girl clings to Celiketh and seems unsure about Dhonzayth still. Niah's thoughts are all derailed, great and she just about had astrophysics figured out. Not. "Oh, hello." Saying quietly, scooting a bit closer and sucking on her lips. Deep breath ".. you can go swim." Offering and laying her head on his shoulder.

Dhonzayth is quite careful as he's settling into the water, staying calm as to not splash Zaenar or disturb her too much, instead sinking into the water to just float. L'ton chuckles softly, leaning against her a bit more as he wraps an arm around her. "Nah, Ah'm good. Ah'll stay with ya, fer now. Ah mean, Dhon's the one that wanted ta swim."

Niah seems restless, burying her feet in the sand and then pushing away from L'ton. Pacing slightly, "Umm.. tonny, would.. if I go in.. /IF/ I go in, would you." Motioning to the water, words failing her and she slumps back to the ground. "Celi needs to be scrubbed, he hasn't been in a few days and.. and he itches." Behind them a brownrider from Igen passes by, whistling at Niah and nudging his buddy. Turning bright red she pulls on her shirt. "I will just sit here, and.. and we can just sit." Poor celi.

"Ya want me ta go in with ya? Is that what yer asking sweets?" He asks while she's pacing, turning to glare at the Igenites. "Hey, get yar own woman ya jerks!" He snarls at them, quickly getting to his feet and wrapping his arms round her to pull her against him. "Sharding idiots." He mutters, gently rubbing Niah's back.

Niah nods slowly, still the bright color of red. "Going in with me would be nice." Murmuring, "Just, don't do anything you do not wanna do. I just don't want to go back in the water." One of the Igenites turns around, obviously not smart and says "Hey buddy maybe you could share a little of that." Pointing to Niah and raising an eyebrow. Niah rests her chin on his chest.

L'ton gives Niah a slight squeeze before taking a few steps towards the Igenite. "Ya really wanna mess with the Weyrsecond, hm? Ya might wanna think again, take a look at mah nose, and then think what the other guy musta looked like afterwards, ya here?" Dhonzayth, for his part, is rumbling unhappily from the water, beginning to slosh towards the shore and the offending creatures.

The two igenites are just boys, looking for a cute little thing to conquer. Not really up for the challenge the one who started the advances turns, both of them casually jogging down the beach like they had said nothing. Niah shakes her head, "Don't get yourself in a fight tonny.. not tonight. Not over me." Holding him tightly. "W-we were gonna try and." Getting quiet, eyes dropping.

L'ton remains rather stiff, staring at them til they're a good way down the beach before turning back to Niah, shaking his head. "They shouldn't talk like that ta ya. They gotta know they can't get 'way with it." He offers, pulling her back into his arms. "Gonna try and what hon?"

Niah shrugs, looking up at him. "It's.. it's just a good reason not to be out like this." Pointing to her body, but obviously meaning the swim suit under her shirt. " were gonna go with me." Deep breath, "You were gonna go with me into the water." She says, she looks scared and looks out at the ocean. "You won't let me go will you?"

"Ah will, sweets, Ah will. But, ya can't wear that shirt, ya'll get it all wet. Ah won't let go of ya, Ah won't let ya go under.. And Dhon and Celiketh are right there, ta." He reassures her, as he's gently trying to push the shirt off her shoulders. "It'll be okay, Ah'll be right here."

Reluctantly, she takes the shirt off and steps towards the water. None of her previous delight in the water, and clinging to him just like she does at flights. "Celi, celi says he does not want to do that again." Commenting with a grimace. It's slowly, getting to about her knees she says, "Zaenar, please.. stay close to the dragons." Worried about the girl.

"Zae's fine sweets.. Just like ya are gonna be, dun worry.." And L'ton keeps his arm around her waist tightly, guiding her out towards the water, pausing when they are thigh deep. "This ain't so bad now, is it?" And Dhonzayth whuffles softly in agreement, even as a large faceted eye is keeping a lookout on Zae.

Niah nods, "No, not that bad.. we're not all that deep. Not over my head." Mumbling, "Maybe it's to soon.. I do not need to go back in yet." Trembling and looks over to Dhon. Celiketh would come help niah out, but he is watching Zaenar. A little croon is sent out though, his eyes whirling blue and orange. "Could, is it an option to never go further than this?" Wincing as a wave hits her.

"Ya're gonna have ta get use ta it.. otherwise how're ya gonna manage ta bath Celi? He needs ya.." He tries to counter her words, tugging her out slightly further, even as he's still holding onto her tightly. "Just a lil further.. just fer me? Up ta yer waist" He tries to convince her, leading her out a bit more. "Dhon's right here, ta…"

Niah sucks on her lip, and takes another step. Another one, and she gets just past waist deep. "I'm not sure, I could figure it out." Looking at dhon she smiles through her anxiety, "Hi dhonny." She says, taking another step and trying to get out far enough to touch him. It's slow progress, and she is clinging to L'ton. The waves are breaking and soon one goes over her head, she comes up looking terrified and clinging to him again. Whimpering she swims a bit, "Can't touch the bottom, it's ok.. I'm ok. Is ok." trying to talk herself through it and moving to cling to L'ton again. It's progress.

Keeping Niah close as the waves bounce over her, he keeps her steady, pulling her close as the first wave ends up over her head, and he's giving her a kiss. "Ah'm still here." Dhonzayth is there too, and while L'ton slowly lets go, so that she can swim with a bit more ease, Dhonzayth's tail is sneaking under her to keep her afloat, just in case.

Niah spots Dhons tail, with all the support she gets out to Celiketh, clinging to him and starting to scrub at him. She does not let go of her dragon, swimming from one impromptu hand hold area, to another. As a wave pulls a bit she screams and Celiketh anchors her, Zaenar swims over to L'ton. "Why is Miss Niah so scared, she likes the water." Questioning the bronzerider, curious as always. Niah is trying to do everything very quickly.

"Remember how Ah said she got tired? SHe's afraid of getting tired again. She wasn't so good, Zae.." He offers absently, even as he's keeping a steady eye on Niah, and her blue. As Niah screams, Dhonzayth is moving to put himself next to Celiketh, ensuring there's nowhere for Niah to go.

Zaenar gives a nod, "Uncle ton, what happened to her foot?" The foot is still bandaged, the scrapes are almost healed but it's still bruised. Niah spots Dhonzayth and relaxes a little, getting the itchy spots and then grabbing onto Dhonzayth and scrubbing him a little. Celiketh has gone deeper to get a good rinse. Zaenar seems lost for words, "I know Miss Niah sir, an'.. an' she's a real good swimmer. I jus' don't see her getting tired."

"Her foot got stuck, Zae.. That's why she got so tired." He offers softly, still keeping an eye on Niah, starting to move after her, but then Dhonzayth is there and she's clinging to the bronze, and he's relaxing a bit. "Ya gotta be careful, where ya put yer feet, ya promise me Zae?"

Zaenar tilts her head, and nods "I will uncle ton." Swimming back towards celiketh, Niah though gets a bit up and strokes Dhonzayths side, "Thanks Dhon, for.. being here." Stroking him but looking nervous, finally she has had enough. Swimming towards L'ton she clings to him until she can touch the bottom. "I.. I am done." Stating and wrapping herself in her towel.

L'ton nods at Zaenar with a smile. "Thanks sweets.." He offers to his niece, and then he's holding hands out for Niah, pulling her into his arms as she reaches him and escorting her towards the beach, pulling her close, gently rubbing her back. "Ya did good love, ya did good."

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