A Greenrider's Wish

Athena and Eledath's Weyrbarn
Creeping moonflower vines have been cleared from this weyrbarn, which is large and well furnished. Every wall and even the ceiling has been cleared of the vines, overripe fruit has been cleaned up clearing the floor of the mess. The remainder of the weyrbarn is furnished with a pastel colored sofa; it's surface covered in pillows with a small table situated in front. The over all effect of the furnishing and colors is to give the weyrbran a feminine touch. Yet scattered throughout the cavern is little touches indicating Athena's preferences; two paintings of dragons and firelizards hang on the wall. A framed board with various knots displayed on it is hung off to one side, over an easy chair that is to the right of the sofa. On the wall, by the sofa is a small portrait hung of portraying Fork Hold, where her parents are Lady and Lord Holder.
A table surrounded by four chairs sits nearly in the middle of the room, signs of it's multiple purpose evident by the scrolls and plates on it's top. A small colorful rug is on the floor to help take the chill out of the stone. Some other nautical items are placed here and there in the room counter balancing the mostly feminine atmosphere of the cavern.
Another area that stands out in this weyrbarn, is the area in which Eledath resides as well as taken care of, nearby there is a closet that contains all the supplies Athena needs to care for her lifemate. A rather large dragon couch is hollowed out of stone and kept neatly to Eledath's delight and can fit her and one other larger female or male dragon. Off of the main living area is a few curtained off areas, one for storage purposes, one as a bedroom area and another as a bathing area. The latter two areas are cut off from the main area with curtains made out of a very thick material perfect for giving privacy for the two separate rooms.

Later in the evening, the sun well past setting, and L'ton has finally finished his duties at Ista and has some time to steal away to Eastern to visit the greenrider. And so he's tapping on the door, peeking in slowly. "Athena?"

Athena has been having a bit of a nap as she hears the knock and her name. "Come in L'ton hun." She says softly recognizing his voice.

L'ton comes in, quickly closing the door behind him, and moving to gently settle down on the edge of the sofa next to her, one hand resting on her abdomen while he ducks to kiss her. "Hey sweets.."

Athena kisses him back as she feels his hand on her stomach as she says quietly. "Missed me already love?"

"Well, Ah gotta keep checking up on ya, every few days when Ah can, now dun Ah? Ah mean, ya are having may children, and at once ta." He teases her, shifting a bit to push up her top enough to kiss her stomach. "Ah mean, unless ya want me ta go away.." He continues to tease.

Athena shakes her head as she says softly. "I wish I could just keep you here at times. I miss when you're not around… never imagined I would before… now I do."

L'ton gently strokes her hair out of her face. "Just gotta make the best of the time there is, though, sweets. Ah mean, it'll prolly always be that way, ya know?" He offers in what he thinks a reassuring manner, resting his face on her stomach.

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says softly. "Can't a girl have some hope anymore?" She smiles. "I would hope one day I wouldn't have to hide my feelings for you feeling so shameful if I do."

"Ya dun have ta hide yer feelings, though, sweets. Just know that others have 'em ta… And that Ah have 'em fer multiple people.." L'ton tells her softly, resting his chin on her chest to watch her face.

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies. "I met a rider the other day and I kept my mouth shut… can't remember her name but all she did was talk about you. It was hard to feel fully comfortable listening."

L'ton shifts a bit, moving to give her a hug. "Ah bet it was Niah.. she talks a lot. Ya should have heard her, when she first met Mai.. Mai was like… That's Tonny." And he shakes his head a bit. "Ya dun have ta pretend like its nothing."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says quietly. "L'ton, I just don't feel comfortable being able to say anything because I don't know who all you have or haven't been with and last thing I want to do is offend anyone but I love you and I just wish I could have you all to myself at times."

"Athena, ain't no one who is gonna be offended if'n ya say something. Ah promise. But, Ah can't be all yers, cause Ah love Mai and Niah ta.. Ah mean.." He shakes his head, chewing his lip.

Athena nods as she listens to L'ton. "I know dear, just kinda felt awkward around her talking like that." She replies. "I know I can't have you all to myself, just felt like if I said something I would have gotten my head bitten off so I didn't tell her at all about you and I though she seemed to question me."

L'ton actually chuckles a bit, quickly shaking his head. "Niah? She ain't gonna fuss at ya. Shards, she'd probably be thrilled. She loves babies. She took Senkyou's baby from me before Ah knew what was going on." L'ton reassures the greenrider, reaching for her fingers.

Athena kisses his cheek as she replies. "Well I didn't want to take my chances… she was so nosey." She seems a little unsettled at that a bit.

"Well, ya dun have ta worry about it, Ah promise. When she found out that ya were pregnant, Ah thought she was gonna come running down here yerself ta tell ya how happy she was herself." Shifting a bit he ducks to give her another kiss. "Ah found ya a Weyr, though."

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