A Massage for M'iken

Dhonzayth> Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)

It's late afternoon in the Istan fall, so the weather is nice and cool and the wind comming off the ocean is rather comfortable. A certain brownrider who

It's late afternoon in the Istan fall, so the weather is nice and cool and the wind comming off the ocean is rather comfortable. A certain brownrider who's been spending most of her time up in her weyr where she can be near some place to throw up has made it down to the black sands of the beach for the first time during her pregnancy. Though she's not in the water at all. Her guardian of a brown won't allow it, in case she maybe loses her balance and falls over. So M'iken is relaxing, leaning against Meluth's side and watching the waves roll up onto shore, changing the way the sand looks.

Late afternoon means quitting time, and it seems that L'ton has finished his duties for the day. Having returned to the weyr to find it suspiciously without a M'iken, he and Dhonzayth set about finding them. After a few circles, they're spotted on the beach and Dhonzayth is settling to the sand nearby as L'ton is sliding to the ground. Patting the bronze's side for a moment, he's meandering over to M'iken, bending enough to touch her cheek with a smile. "Ah can sit with ya, right love?"

M'iken smiles up at L'ton when he arrives. "Oh course you can." Meluth warbbles to Dhon and L'ton since he's the wall people are leaning against today. "Meluth's helping me out and being my support today since I really wanted to come down to the beach." She explains a little. "I really love all this water and how it just keeps going." She looks out at the horizon dreamily, even if she's perfectly content to stay in Ista, the sight is really something for her.

"Ah'm surprised ya aren't floating a bit, enjoying it and letting it keep the weight off yer back.." He offers softly, patting Meluth's shoulder with a grin before he's sliding down next to her. Throwing an arm over her shoulders, the other hand moving to rest on her abdomen, he smiles, leaning to give her a kiss. "Ya feeling a bit better love?"

M'iken chuckles a little. "I would be, but Meluth here won't let me near the water. Says he doens't want me to loose my balance and fall over before I get to the point where I can float." She leans into him a bit and smiles into the kiss. "Yeah, I'm feeling better today. Except I'm bigger than ever and my feet keep getting swollen up." She says with a laugh. "Though I can only tell because my sandles are tight. I haven't been able to /see/ my feet in what feels like forever." She places a hand over the one that's on her stomach, lightly.

"Aw.. well, if'n he changes his mind, Ah'd be happy ta go in with ya, and just make sure ya dun go falling over or floating off or nothing." L'ton offers, pulling her a bit closer, and ducking to plant a gentle kiss on top of her head. "Ya're still sexy as ever, my Mai.." Turning his hand over to gently squeeze hers, he smiles. "Ya're more than two thirds of the way there…"

M'iken glances up at Meluth, how's watching them and he just gives her that 'I don't think so' look. "I don't think that'll happen untill after the baby's born." She says. "But thanks for offer, that was sweet." She smiles at the kiss to the top of her head and chuckles. "Sure, sure. Personally, I think I look pretty good." She at least has the decency to blush at her compliment for herself. "But it's still not very comfortable. Just a few more months though, and he'll be around." She hummms lightly to herself then looks over at L'ton. "What do you want to name him?" She's not even entertaining the thought that it might be a girl anymore, what with Ton calling the baby a him all the time.

"Well, Ah wanted ta make sure. Ah mean, some women swear by it, so Ah wanted ta do right by ya, ta love." L'ton shifts a bit, even as he's turning her, to pull her legs into his lap, fingers gently working to massage her lower legs and ankles, before carefully tugging her sandals off and including her feet in his attentions. "Ya do look wonderful.." He agrees again, before seeming to ponder the name. "Ah think he'd be a good Zalik, or maybe… Zaken?" L'ton considers the options.

M'iken grins at him and chuckles a little more. When he moves her legs to his lap though and starts massageing them she sighs lightly. "Shards that's nice." She says softly. She ponders on the name choices he presents herself and nods. "I like both of those actually." She continues to nod a little, still rolling them over in her head. "I like Zalik better though." She eventually decided.

L'ton chuckles softly as she sighs, rubbing her legs gently before going back to carefully massaging her poor swollen feet, pausing now and then as his fingers trace each of her toenails. And then he's shaking his head a bit, as if to pull his attention back to her, nodding. "Ah think Ah do too. Did ya come up with any ideas, or were ya just hoping Ah would?" He teases her.

Really, that massage is doing wonders for Mai's legs and her already good mood. Just to have the muscles and excess whatever's just hanging out down there moved is so wonderful, it's not even funny, and it shows on her face. "I was really hopeing you'd come up with something." She says with a sly smile on her face. "I'm not all that good with thinking of names that atart with the letter Z. Let me tell you, severly limited my nameing ability." She says pretending to pout at him.

"Bah, ya just have ta take a name ya like… and then switch it so it starts with Z." L'ton declares with a grin on his face, rubbing her shins again and gently squeezing her knees. "Ah mean.. Or else ya can just stick the Z in front anyway, but sometimes it gets a bit much. Ah mean, Zsriston is… A mouthful, ya have ta admit." Giving her knees another squeeze, he's patting her thigh. "Turn, and Ah'll get yer back some, ta."

M'iken hadn't thought of that. "Humm, I guess that could work." She says slowly, not quite sure she wants to admitt to it. She laughs a little at his other option. "I suposse so, but I really like the name Zsriston. It sounds romantic." Though she's sure he won't think so when he has to learn to spell it. She turn when she's told, smiling. "Thanks." She says, attempting to get comfortable without leaning back against something. "What do you think of Zen?" She says after a moment, obviously thrying out that take a name you like and putting a Z at the beginning instead thing.

"Tell that ta the poor boy who's stuck with it. Everytime Sris brings him by, Ah swear he's trying out a new nickname." And, thankfully Tonny doesn't have to worry about spelling names, not usually at least. Settling behind her, settling his legs on either side he's putting a bit of pressure on her shoulders, encouraging her to lean back towards him as his fingers carefully find the knots in her back, beginning to rub them out one by one. "Zen, hm?" After a moment, he grins. "Ah like it. Real simple."

M'iken laughs again. "Yeah, yeah. Well, I like it, and I'm sure there will be some girl someday who thinks it's the most amazing name she's ever heard." She can just imagine the romance now! But then, that might just be the romance novel reader in her. She fells bacd leaning back while he's trying to massage her back, since she doesn't want to put too much weight back onto him, but eventually she gives in and lets her head hang a bit, while he works. "But I like Zalik too…" She says, still thinking of names. "Zalik and Zen… hummm. I don't know." She gives up for now, not really wanting to work her brain while she's being relaxed.

"Well, maybe he'll look like a Zen, or maybe he'll just look like a Zalik. We dun gotta decide now.. we gots plenty of time." He chuckles, leaning forward to kiss her neck even as his fingers continue their careful work. "Lemme know if'n Ah'm pressing ta hard." He reminds her, as he begins working his way down her spine.

M'iken nods lightly. "Yeah, I guess. You can actually press harder, if you don't mind." She says softly. Then she's quiet for a moment before laughing. "Meluth suggests we name the baby Zel." She peeks up at her lifemate. "It's not bad, but I didn't expect that from you." She says with a wink for her big brown.

"Harder, hm?" He nods, taking note of her words, and the next knot that's located is met with firmer fingers, the knot itself rolling as its slowly defused. "Zel, hm?" L'ton chuckles, glancing up at the brown next to him, nodding. "That certainly ain't bad. Ah mean, ya could have lil person baby ta watch over then, Meluth."

When L'ton starts pressing harder, a small sigh escapes her lips. "Ah, that's perfect." She says, feeling like she's floating on a cloud now. Meluth nods at the name idea and at the prospect of having his lifemate's child to watch over and protect, his eyes swirl to their happiest rasberry cordgial. Mai chuckles lightly. "He says, nothing would make him happier." She reaches out a hand to rub his side. "He really is my big ole' guardian daddy of a dragon." She says's playfully, but she thinks it tenderly, just for him.

"Maybe we should go with Zel, then. Ah mean, Zhon just dun sound so good." L'ton says rather playfully, though there is a bit of seriousness in his tone as he continues to work on Mai's back. Of course, Dhonzayth slightly disagrees with this statement, rumbling from his own stretch of sand. "Mai-sweets.. Ah can't let yer back get this bad again. No more… 'make sure Ah try and get 'em out before we sleep from now on, kay?"

M'iken smiles and pats Meluth's side. "We'll think about it Mel. It really is a good name." She says before sitting up a little so she can turn and smile to L'ton. "I think you hurt dhon's feelings." She says softly, leaning over to kiss him lightly. "I'll ask you to rub them out, if you don't seem too tired though. Wouldn't do me any good to have the love of my life run himself ragged." She says with a little grin.

"Fer ya, my dear M'iken, Ah'd do anything." He murmurs softly, shifting to give her a careful hug. "And, Dhon has enough babies of his own, he dun need a Zhon anyway." He jokes, before giving the brownrider's neck a kiss. "Whatcha say we go back up ta the weyr, and Ah can't see if'n Ah can find something nice ta help rub these things out of yer back, and we have a nice evening?" He questions, with a smile.

M'iken smiles lovingly at her bronzer and nods. "I suposse he does have many more than Mel does." She says finding the idea actually rather amusing. The kiss to her neck send a nice happy feeling through her. "And that sounds wonderful. Think you can help me out of the sand first? She asks, batting her lashes at him, like she's ever been good at that kind of thing.

"Of course, mah dear…" L'ton chuckles, but only after he's gently planting a series of kisses on her neck does he move, carefully helping her to her feet. Carefully righting her, he pulls her into a long hug, and an equally long kiss. "Ya, definitely ta the weyr." He repeats, before he's helping her mount up so they can go to their home.

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