Niah's Near Death Experience

A nice secluded cove not to far from the Ista beach is where one can find Niah. It's early morning, earlier then most wake up. Celiketh is in the water enjoying himself. The nice black sand is cool, and no one will ever think to look for her here. Not reachable by foot, and not a place many wander, unless you are a serious loner. A waterfall trickles down one side, making a gentle sound. This is where Niah sits, under the water fall, hair all in her face and in pure bliss.

While no one would likely think to look for her here, when one is looking for her and also has a dragon, its just a matter of time before they will appear. And Dhonzayth is lading in the water, causing L'ton to mutter a bit as he splashes to the ground - thankfully though he didn't bother with the full leathers for the short hop down the coastline. Pausing to watch the water fall, he just smiles pleasantly.

Niah's oblivious to the world itself at the moment, eyes shut and cool water running over her head. Dhonzayth's landing gets a small rumble from Celiketh, who sinks lower into the water loath to move. Opening her eyes finally, after a few minutes of total peace she looks over at L'ton and swims forward. Stroking her dragons purple muzzle she says, "I.. I expected you to be asleep." Dunking under the water she swims like a fish, going around Celiketh and back, you can just see the shiny material of her lavender bikini.

"Ah just got back from a meeting at Igen, and ya weren't there, so Ah was a bit worried.." L'ton supplies, as he settles for tossing his lightweight shirt and Dhonzayth's straps towards the strip of beach, before wading out to meet Niah as she emerges from the waterfall. Opening his mouth to say something, he just shakes his head as she ducks under the water.

Niah grins a bit, coming up on the other side of Celiketh and swimming towards Dhonzayth. Looking at the bronze she says to L'ton, "Would he let me touch him?" It's a random question, niah's a random gal. Celiketh snorts a bit, blowing water into the air and moving towards Niah. He nuzzles her lightly and Niah turns around, in her sing song voice that flows and is especially reserved for Celiketh she says "Oh, by my dearest love, I should be able to share what you give me with others. NO?" Celiketh nudges her and she goes towards L'ton, "You, you look in on me?" Big smile on her face, totally thrilled.

Dhonzayth ducks his head to gently whuffle the bluerider, brassy muzzle staying within reach, even as L'ton chuckles. "A'course ya can.." Carefully moving towards Niah, he moves to give her a long hug and a kiss, where he's still able to sort of stand. "O'course Ah do, sweets. Gotta make sure nothing happened ta ya, ya know? No weird bronzeriders sneaking in, in the middle of the night."

Niah happily embraces L'ton, kissing him back and leaving a small nip at his neck. Her cheeks are red as she looks around, no one around. Getting on her toes, using his body and the buoyancy of the water she nuzzles his shoulder and plants a kiss on his neck. Pushing away from him she moves over, moving to stroke Dhonzayths eye ridges and muzzle. Rubbing them and giving him the kind of special attention that is usually reserved for L'ton. Talking a bit to L'ton as she spoils his dragon, "You know Celiketh would never let anyone touch me, I mean.. he barely lets you touch me." Celi snorts, still not fond of the relationship.

"Ah know he wouldn't.. And Ah know that if'n anyone even tried, he'd have half the weyr up, hearing about it." L'ton replies softly, hands on her hips pulling her against him for the kiss. And then she's sitting there adoring his dragon instead, and he's pouting a bit, nodding his head to the snorting blue, before floating behind Niah, gently wrapping his arms around her from behind. "Ya're just using me ta get at my dragon, aren't ya?"

Celiketh dives under the water, taking the position Niah had so recently vacated under the waterfall. Enjoying the water in about the same manner she did. Once he comes up behind her she turns a bit "I just worry he may not like me, and I know how hard it is with Celiketh not liking you. I.. well I did not want Dhon to dislike me, though really you can't really make Celiketh feel any better." Celi moves to splash the two love birds, his equivalent of getting the hose out on um.

"Dhon, he dun dislike many people. Thinks goldriders and greenriders are the best, cause then he's got a bit ta like ta, but really he likes any pretty girl." That he can make croon over him, at least. And thus, while the blue is claiming the waterfall, Dhonzayth is simply crooning, looking quite the pampered little puppy as he leans his head lightly into her attention.

Niah seems happy as can be to croon over Dhonny boy, leaning down she plants a kiss on his muzzle a bit of a smile on her face before she looks up at L'ton, "So.. my turn day is coming up." Mentioning it, like he could forget such a special occasion. "I.. well I never really got gifts and you don't have to give me anything at all." Translated from female to male that should read, I sort of expect a gift from you. Or you may not get what I have to give. Pushing her hair to the side she turns around, "Anything you have planned for today?" Asking quietly, nuzzling his neck.

"Ah know it is.." L'ton chuckles softly, watching Dhonzayth melt under the woman's attention, before moving to pull her back to his arms. "Ya're being impatient.. Ah bet ya want me ta tell ya what yer getting ta, don't ya?" He teases her, tapping her nose, and trying to get her to turn back to him. "Hey now, dun turn away…" A pause, and he shakes his head. "Later with Mai, but nothing this morning."

Niah seems hopeful at the mention of a gift, brightening and pulling out her cutest expression. "You are getting me something? Really?" Not one for tricks, normally but today she might actually be able to pull one off. "You would never get me anything, I mean.. you have so many lovers." A little pout, you can tell she is bad at this for she bites on her lips through this and the corners of her mouth turn up. The tap makes her wiggle and she reaches under water, finger running from his knee up, moving slowly and creeping up to his thigh and then hip. Suddenly she pulls away, breaking all contact and instead stroking Dhonzayth.

"A'course Ah am, Niah-pet. Ya mean more ta me than any other woman than Mai." Now, there is of course Zip up there too, but that's a different sort of love. "If'n Ah can manage ta get someone else something, just fer not killing me after having kids, Ah think Ah can get my favorite bluerider a turnday present." As she pouts, he leans to give her a kiss. As she teases him, and then turns back to Dhonzayth, he's left staring at her.

Niah spends a good minute loving on Dhonzayth before swimming back to L'ton, turning she says "You just stand around, bet you can not catch me!" Swimming away and pushing her hair out of her face, darn stuff is always in the way. Moving towards Celiketh and back, she giggles. "I mean, if you want me come get me?" Taking a look around quickly, gotta make sure no one else ever see's her in a good mood.

"Well, yer all the way over there, paying more attention ta my dragon than ya are ta me.." He murmurs, before arching his eyebrow at the challenge, scooting off to swim after her, reaching to try and grab her arm as she gets closer to the blue. "Hey, sweets.. dun leave me!"

Niah turns around, diving down playfully.. Diving deeper than would normally be reccomended (maybe about 11 feet down) in the shallow area considering it is the ocean. Once down there she doesn't come up, time elapsing and she is not coming up. Underneath the surface she has gotten herself all caught up on a rock, upon trying to launch herself towards the surface she pushed her foot between two rocks and it's now stuck.

L'ton misses his grab, wrinkling up his face as she goes diving downwards. Treading carefully, he's glancing downwards, watching for her to close in on his legs, expecting her to pull him under. Yet, which she doesn't reappear, he gets concerned, looking to Celiketh before tipping to swim downwards, eyes blinking against the saltwater, trying to find the bluerider.

Celiketh is quickly alert, the blue was almost asleep but the fact that his rider is drowing has gotten his attention. Diving down he is trying to figure out a way to get out. Pushing her this way and that, the bluerider grabs onto the blue but has lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen and goes limp. Celi is desperately trying to grab onto her but the bathing suit isn't substantial.

L'ton catches sight of the dark blue Celiketh, and he's quickly focusing in on the rider at his nose, diving all the way to pry the rocks apart. As one gives, he hurriedly grabs onto Niah, pushing towards the surface, Dhonzayth realizing the emergency and ducking under the water to help his ascent.

Celiketh helps the best he can, once the reach the surface he's making the most awful noise. Not really a keen as much as he is flopping around in the water, pushing his nose against Niah trying to nudge here awake. Niah is up, still limp and her lips are a light shade of blue. Coughing a bit she gets some of the water up, not enough for her to get a deep breath.

L'ton quickly pulls Niah ashore, pulling her over his legs so that she's laying face down, hitting her firmly on the back, trying to encourage her to breath. "Come on sweets.. dun do this ta me.." He mutters, looking at Celiketh to make sure he's still there, even as Dhonzayth attempts to sooth the blue.

Niah coughs up a ton of water as soon as she is hit, choking a bit and then continuing to cough. Celiketh is calmed just a little by Dhonzayth, but he still is very upset. Pushing at his rider and making a good deal of noise, she's to busy trying to catch her breath. Breathing in quick pants she looks over at L'ton, eyes very wide.

"Give her space, Celi… She needs some space.." L'ton pushes at Celiketh rather frustrated, still hitting Niah on the back, though as she's coughing up more water, his thwaps ease up. As she pants, he carefully pulls her into his arms, trying to rest her so that she's leaning against him, rubbing her back. "Its 'kay sweets.. Ah'm here… Celi's here.. yer gonna be okay."

Niah continues coughing, then the coughing becomes sobbing and the shock is hitting her. Sobbing her whole body shaking, like shivers but it's a bit more violent. Celiketh croons, attempting to sooth, pushing at her even if it frusturates L'ton. Trying to speak she just pukes up a bunch of water. Celiketh says quickly to L'ton, his mind a dreadful black color «Mine says sorry. She keeps saying sorry.»

L'ton does his best not to flinch as Niah's throwing up water, instead gently rubbing her back more, resting his head against hers. "Its okay Niah, Its okay. Yer okay.. yer gonna be okay. It was an accident." He offers softly, rocking her gently and no longer moving to push Celiketh away, shhing her softly as he pets her hair. "Its okay, love.."

Niah is shaken up, to say the least, her whole body still trembling lips are still blue in color though she is looking less pale. "S-sorry." She mumbles through chattering teeth. Crying some more it takes her a few minutes to regain composure, and even then it's shakey at best. Turning her head slightly she looks at Celiketh, who's purple head is less than a foot from her. His eyes whirl fast,the reds and the purples of extreme stress. Celi croons and she has begun to breathe in a more even pattern, puking up more water and coughing again. Looking at him again, she whispers "No healers." ALmost drown, and that's what you worry about.

L'ton reaches, pulling the shirt he'd left earlier over to put it loosely over her shoulders, rubbing her back as she throws up again, looking away, and then back at her. "Sweets.. ya gotta go ta the Healers… Ya almost died.. Ya almost died.." He repeats again, as it seems he's realizing just how close it was, rubbing her back. "Try ta breath, hun. Big breaths… dun cry.."

Niah is very clearly going into shock, gasping for breath a bit more and then coughing some more. The shaking has gotten worse and her lips are paling again. She attempts to take deep breaths, but can not seem to do it and is instead just trembling. Celiketh nudges her, and she doesn't move getting limp in his lap and closing her eyes. "Tired tonny." She whispers, not in touch with reality. "I.. I almost?" leaving the words off. Yes she probably need to see a healer.

"Shards.." He mutters as she continues shaking and then drifts off, and he's quickly moving to get to his feet, pulling the taller woman into his arms and making his way to Dhonzayth. With an apologetic look at Celiketh for stealing his rider, he's redoing Dhonzayth's straps, Niah left leaning against the bronze. "Say with meh, sweets.." He mutters, before he's pulling her up onto the bronze's neck with him. "Ya can hit me fer the healers later.." He mutters, before the pair are taking off, crooning at Celiketh to follow, headed back to the weyr as fast as they can without betweening with the wet riders.

Celiketh follows behind, darting in front of the bronze and trying to find a good pace and his eyes focused on his rider. He has made enough noise that between him and Dhon they will probably have a few healers once they get on the ground. Niah on the other hand is waking back up again, looking back at L'ton teeth chattering. Celiketh rumbles, speaking directly to L'ton so as to save time. «Mine wishes to know where we are going, should I tell her?» Asking and crooning to Ni.

« Mine says she will only panic more. She needs to stay calm. » Dhonzayth replies, keeping his flight steady as they backwing into the bowl, landing almost immediately in front of the infirmary. "Just hold on type, sweets… We're almost back.. Stay with me.." L'ton's attention, meanwhile is on the bluerider in his arms, carefully sliding to the ground as soon as they land, keeping a hold on him as he waits for the figures rushing from the infirmary to meet them.

No fewer than four healers run to meet them, all of them asking questions quickly, "What happened?" "How long was she under water?" "How long did it take to get her breathing?" And many others are all out, they are ushering him into the infirmary with the very out of touch young woman. Celiketh follows as far as he can, and then stands outside anxiously. Inside the healer press L'ton to lay her down on the cot. Niah is, thankfully, unconscious and still having trouble with breathing. The healers are poking and prodding her, and L'ton is being pushed out of the room.

"Maybe… Maybe a minute, maybe a bit more. Ah.. Ah'm not sure." L'ton stutters a bit as he gets her on the cot, hurriedly backing up and shaking his head. "Ah pulled her out, and she coughed, and puked a bunch, but she was sorta breathing… Her.. Her lips were blue." He adds, lingering on the threshhold, not wanting to leave her.

The healers cover her in blankets, trying to warm her up. She's being poked and they work to get all of the water out of her lungs. Another young apprentice touches L'tons arm, "Sir, you can leave her now.. we have it." The woman insists. "She won't be talking for a while, we sedated her. If you would just come over here, and fill out a report on the incident." Pointing to a large stack of papers.

L'ton lingers, continuing to watch. "But.. Ah dun wanna leave her. Ah mean.." He bites his lip, resisting even as she insists.. "But, she'd know if'n Ah was there.." He tries to rationalize, even as he's steered away, staring at the pile of papers. "Wait, wha-" He now begins to protest a bit moe.

They close the curtain, the apprentice saying "We need an incident report, she was barely breathing and we need to know what happened. You could take them back to your weyr." It seems they are not budging on this paperwork thing.

"Fine.." He mutters, shaking his head a bit. And thus, reluctantly, the bronzerider gathers up the paperwork, with another look at the curtain. "Ya'll call meh, as soon as she wakes up?" Not that he won't be checking in every hour knowing they won't. And so, he's headed off to fill everything in. Stupid papers.


The call never came, she slept through the day and the night. No doubt it was the fact that she was heavily sedated, but mid morning of the next day she is awake. Not sitting up, but blinking and looking around. Celiketh has filled her in and seems to be teetering on the idea of contacting Dhonzayth.

Celiketh projects «Would yours be willing to visit mine? She is just awake.. she wishes to see her children.»

Sadly the two boys have been less than easy to handle, she had just left enough bottle for the day and thus far they both refuse formula. Instead being trouble some for Zaenar and the nannies.

Dhonzayth seems to be passing along information, mind brassy with hits of copper. « Mine says he is coming. He will try to bring the boys. It is… difficult. »

And, sure enough, after almost a quarter of an hour, there's a certain procession appearing in the infirmary. It seems after the fussing and whining, a temporary wet nurse was found, and the children were fed. Of course, now they are in the possession of the aunts/cousins/distant relatives Zelsey and Z'via, the pair of young female riders each coddling them as they follow behind L'ton. The bronzerider doesn't even as for permission, instead tugging back the curtain, the trio hurriedly at her side.

Niah hasn't yet regained composure, still having some drugs in her system. Her color has improved, but as the strange people come in she pulls her knees to her chest, eyes still droopy. At least she recognizes L'ton and after a moment she realizes these two have her babies. Tiredly she says, "My boys." Reaching up, towards one of the women trying to get a hold of her baby "Who.. what are you doing with my babies?" Asking quietly, baffled and then closing her eyes again and yawning.

"It's okay, Niah-pet. They're family. THey're just carrying 'em, cause Ah couldn't bring 'em both. They were taken good care of, dun worry." L'ton reassures her, settling lightly on the edge of the bed, reaching for Zialon to offer the boy to his mother, carefully taking her arms into the correct position to hold him, before he's taking Zion, and the two sisters are disappearing the way they came.

Zialon nuzzles into his mother, who is still somewhat glassy eyed. Big smile on her face, "Hello sweety." She says gently to the boy, looking at the boy in L'tons arms and saying "Did-did I really almost die, or.. or was Celiketh exagerating?" Her speech is slowed, almost slurred. "I.. I am sorry." tear rolling down her cheek. Cuddling the baby to her chest she kisses him. "Am I going to be ok?" Asking him like he knows.

"Ya did, sweets.. Ah pulled ya up and ya were all.. blue.. ya weren't breathing." He offers softly, one hand still clutching Zion while the other finds her arm to clutch that tightly. "Ya had me really scared, Niah… Zae knew something was up, ta, but Ah didn't tell her what." He explains softly, letting to of her arm to gently wipe the tear off her face. "Ah think ya'll be okay. They just gave ya some stuff ta make ya sleep." He hopes.

Niah takes the baby, kissing him and saying "I am sorry." She doves off a bit, opening her eyes again and then saying. "I.. I did not mean to die, I did not want to. I.. I just went under. I just wanted to suprise you." shakey quiet voice that could be of someone much younger. "I don't want to be any trouble, maybe if I had died I wouldn't have been any trouble for you anymore." Turning away and crying. "I have made everyone unhappy, and I do not know exactly how i got here and." Lost for words, cuddling her son.

"Ah know, sweets, ya were just playing… Ah ain't angry… Ah'm just worried.." He reassures her, gently petting her shoulder and stroking her cheek even as he shifts Zion in his arms. "Ya ain't no trouble, ya ain't no trouble.." He reassures her, leaning to turn her chin back and giving her a kiss. "We just dun wanna lose ya."

Niah turns around kissing Zion in his arms and waking up a little more, though just for a few minutes, "Ok." Little yawn, "Love you Tonny, really tired. I want out of here, but, but they said it would be another day.. something about secondary drowning. They keep giving me stuff to make me sleep." Giving both boys another kiss she moves to hand Zialon back to him. "Will you come back?" Asking even as she is almost asleep again

"Ah know, sweets.. Ya gotta get yer rest, ta." He reminds her. Gently patting her shoulder, he leans to give her another kiss. "Of course Ah will. Ya sleep, and Ah'll be back later, Ah'll even bring Mai with me, if'n she's feeling okay, dun worry." He smiles, reaching to balance Zialon as well.

Niah one last yawn and she's back to sleeping.

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