An Even Crankier Canine

Xanadu Weyr - Eiri's Roof

Somehow, it seems, despite Balmaith's rising and the pair clamoring for the bedroom, they made it through the night without any intrusions. Of course, as the sun is beginning to rise, the door is still slightly cracked, casting a ribbon of light across the room, a ribbon that dances across L'ton's face. Making a face, the bronzerider shifts a bit, trying to get out of the light, without ever looking around him.

Shifting bronzeriders can be quite an annoyance for sleeping greenriders as L'ton's movements cause one blue eye to open just long enough to check. Checking for what, who knows but check she does and as the morning meets with her approval, she slips back into dreamland. But that slightly open door is just an invitation. If not for two strawberry blonde twins than certainly for certain other creatures of Eiri's home. One such creature, looking much the worse for wear, drags himself into the room. Bit the canine has not had a happy night. Or a happy evening before the night. Or pretty much a happy moment since Eiri had those twin terrors.. And the morning light ain't making things look much better. In fact, things are starting to look a bit dark gray (green) again. Oh dear, the sad little guy's choosen spot to add some color to happens to be right over L'ton's boot maybe Tonny will notice and move it or…

Tonny noticing would require Tonny to open his eyes, or to pay attention to anything else around him. Instead he's merely shifting a bit more before snuggling up to Eiriana, throwing an arm over her chest as he buries his head into her neck. "Eiri.." He murmurs softly - at least he knows that much. And so, it seems that Bit has a fair chance at making L'ton's own morning a bit miserable.

Well. That's going to stain. Mess successfully left, the canine pauses to raise his nose in the air. Could it be? Could Eiri have actually brought him a present? An unsuspecting present just begging to get it for all the trouble it's spawn has caused him. The little canine hurries towards the bed. Eiri murmurs something but it isn't until an arm is draped across her chest that she reacts. She rubs her cheek against L'ton's hair as he buries into her neck. "Tonny." Her voice is laced with sleep but overall happy as she curls up against him. Meanwhile on the ground below, stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Slowly but surely the great canine sneaks up on it's prey. With paws careful to avoid stepping on either L'ton or Eiri, Bit jumps on the bed and then waits to see if either one noticed his entrance.

"Remind me ta come see ya more often… after the girls are asleep." L'ton murmurs in her ear. Of course, that might not be the case when hegoes to get his boots. As the fierce predator approaches, L'ton is still completely oblivious, distracted by the greenrider who's so conveniently right there. But then there's something on the bed, the weight is shifting, and he's reluctantly lifting his head to stare at the source. "Hey.. Ah told ya Bal didn't eat him…"

"You need to come more often when they are awake too." It's not a mean scold but Eiri does scold him none-the-less. She is a mommy these days after all. Eiri isn't paying any more attention to anything that is not L'ton than L'ton is. But then there's the bronzerider turning and.. He's been noticed! It's not too late! Attack! Go for the throat! "BIT!" Just as the canine lunges at the man, Eiri reaches right around Tonny and scoops up a Bit into her arms. NOOOOO… Not as planned. Not at all as planned. The canine struggles. "BIT! You had me so worried you naughty puppy." And he goes from all teeth to soft and squishy. Golden eyes fixate on Tonny. I may be snuggly to her but just wait until she lets me down…

"Well, Ah suppose that ta." He agrees sleepily, before there's a Bit actually charging after him, and he's shimming a bit, trying to move away. But then he's saved by the woman that keeps putting him in danger, as the canine is grabbed. "He dun look ta bad, after eating all that stuff, either, ya know?"

Eiriana snuggles Bit against her chest, the furball all but glaring at Tonny the entire time from the entrapment of her arms. "I think he looks fine. He must have gotten it all out of his system. Were you a good Bit while you were gone or did you tear up all of my plants again?" The question is pointed at the animal and he has the good sense to whine at her. Look at me, the cute ill puppy. "Maybe they were good for him. I wonder what would happen if I let the girls make them again. Bit, would like more of the girl's cookies? I might even have a few left." See canine whimper. See canine attempt to escape. See canine whinnnnnnne.

"Aw, Ah think that's a yes.." L'ton chuckles, slowly waking up, though he's reluctant to snuggle back up to the greenrider, as the canine would be so dangerously close to his handsome self. "Ah'm sure he was just hiding somewhere, Ah mean, between Ball and the girls, Ah'm sure he felt like he was the most pitiful guy ever.. Its okay, buddy, Ah dun blame ya." L'ton murmurs, though he's still not about to pet the pup.

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