Zal's Bedtime

Athena and Eledath's Weyrbarn
Creeping moonflower vines have been cleared from this weyrbarn, which is large and well furnished. Every wall and even the ceiling has been cleared of the vines, overripe fruit has been cleaned up clearing the floor of the mess. The remainder of the weyrbarn is furnished with a pastel colored sofa; it's surface covered in pillows with a small table situated in front. The over all effect of the furnishing and colors is to give the weyrbran a feminine touch. Yet scattered throughout the cavern is little touches indicating Athena's preferences; two paintings of dragons and firelizards hang on the wall. A framed board with various knots displayed on it is hung off to one side, over an easy chair that is to the right of the sofa. On the wall, by the sofa is a small portrait hung of portraying Fork Hold, where her parents are Lady and Lord Holder.

A table surrounded by four chairs sits nearly in the middle of the room, signs of it's multiple purpose evident by the scrolls and plates on it's top. A small colorful rug is on the floor to help take the chill out of the stone. Some other nautical items are placed here and there in the room counter balancing the mostly feminine atmosphere of the cavern.

Another area that stands out in this weyrbarn, is the area in which Eledath resides as well as taken care of, nearby there is a closet that contains all the supplies Athena needs to care for her lifemate. A rather large dragon couch is hollowed out of stone and kept neatly to Eledath's delight and can fit her and one other larger female or male dragon. Off of the main living area is a few curtained off areas, one for storage purposes, one as a bedroom area and another as a bathing area. The latter two areas are cut off from the main area with curtains made out of a very thick material perfect for giving privacy for the two separate rooms.

While its later at Eastern, it is considerably earlier at Ista, and it seems that a certain bronzerider has finished with his duties for the day, and has appeared at Eastern in order to check up on a certain pregnant, proddy-ing greenrider. And so its with a gentle knock that he appears at her door, even as Dhonzayth is seeking out the green cheerfully.

Athena was laying on the sofa quietly reading a book to Zalena before her naptime when she hears the knock and a smile crosses her face. "Come in." She calls out.

Pushing the door open, L'ton pauses for a second, smiling as he sees the pair. "How's mah favorite lil' Zal?" He questions with amusement, before moving to settle lightly on the air of the sofa, ruffling first one, then the other's hair. "How're ya feeling, Athena?"

Athena smiles as she sees L'ton and replies. "I'm well. Just was reading Zal her bedtime story." She pats a spot on the couch. "You're in time to join us."

"Am Ah?" He questions joyfully, settling down on the couch next to her, leaning to give his daughter a peck on the forehead, and then a gentle squeeze to Athena's knee. "Whatcha reading?" He questions, a certain amount of his enthusiasm entirely sincere.

Athena nods as Zal moves over to climb up on her father's lap and hugs him. "Hi daddy!" Athena smiles. "Yep was just reading her a story of a mischievious firelizard."

"A mischievous firelizard, hm?" L'ton offers thoughfully, even as he pulls Zal into his lap, wrapping his arms around her, giving her a squeeze. "Ya glad ta see me?" He asks with a smile. "Ya happy that ya and mommy are gonna come ta Ista? Ya can play with Zerissa, do ya remember her?"

The little girl looks to her father brightly as she says. "Yep daddy, I missed you." She nods to the next two questions happily.

"Ah think she'll be glad ta see ya too. Zvel dun wanna play with her all the time, says he dun like her dolls." He offers with a grin, squeezing the girl, even as he's reaching to rest fingers on Athena's stomach again, a certain possessiveness present in the touch.

Athena feels him put his hand on her stomach and smiles as she watches L'ton and their daughter talk. She remains quiet with a smile on her face.

L'ton shifts slightly, trying to scoot closer to Athena, fingers twitching gently where they lay, even as he gives Zal a kiss. "Ah bet yer getting sleep though, aren't ya lil'bit? Daddy shouldn't keep ya up so."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she smiles. "If you want, you can go get her settled into her room for the night."

L'ton nods slowly, giving Zal a squeeze as he carefully gets to his feet, carting the toddler with him. "Ah'll be right back sweets.." After a more than a couple of minutes, it seems that Zal has been settled as is dozing, satisfied that her daddy was there when she feel asleep, and he's reemerging into the main room, gently closing the door behind him, giving her a smile.

Athena smiles towards L'ton as she replies, "She just loves having her daddy here with her and her mommy."

"Well, she'll get ta see me a lot more when yer settled.." He smiles as he settles down with her, resting his head back on her stomach, fingers resting softly on it as well.

Athena closes her eyes as she says softly. "I know dear. I know. And she is so looking forward to it." She yawns softly still having issues with tiredness.

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