Poor M'iken

Ista Weyr - Dhonzayth and Meluth's Ledge(#7862RAJL)
Large enough for a bronze to sun upon, this elongated ledge also happens to be fairly wide, providing plenty of room to accomodate a friend, provided that that friend is no larger than a small brown and doesn't mind being a little squished for room. Overlooking the southern part of Ista's bowl, there's always some sort of activity to be seen from here, whether it's people rushing about during their daily duties, or observing the arrivals of incoming visitors to the Weyr.

There are good days and then there are bad days. Today is a bad day for M'iken. She's been sick all day, it's closing in on evening and she basically hasn't stopped throwing up since she woke up. So she's currently curled up on her trusty sofa, bucket within grabbing distance and an orange kitty laying on her balooning tummy, attempting to sooth the the troubles by purring them away. "Ah, Carrot, you're a life saver sometimes." She coos at the feline, stroking his fur. Meluth is content to keep watch over his rider, to make sure nothing too bad happens to her while no one is looking.

And, unfortunately, even on those bad days, L'ton has things he needs to do, though he's certainly good about ensuring that any after Istan-hours meetings are taken care of by someone else. And so, as the afternoon shifts are drawing to a close, he's returning home, Dhonzayth stretching out his nose to whuffle at Meluth even as he goes to settle on his own couch, leaving L'ton to hang up his straps and carefully settle upon the sofa's arm, gently rubbing the brownrider's back. "Ya poor thing.." He murmurs, biting his lip. "Ah'm sorry Ah've done this ta ya, sometimes."

M'iken understands the whole having to work thing. She's just lucky Pi is so understanding and doesn't make her work when she's feeling crappy like this. Meluth croons lightly to the bronze, though his attention is focused mainly on Mai, even if L'ton is back for the night. Mai humms softly and the rubbing of her back. "Ah, its ok. Had to figure something like this would happen after all the trouble we had just to get to this point." She smiles up to L'ton and Carrot stretches before hopping off and moving to a different part of the weyr.

L'ton reaches to try and touch Carrot's tail as he goes wandering off, before shifting a bit to settle behind her more securely on the armrest. After making sure he's steady he's gently rubbing her neck and shoulders, leaning forward to kiss her cheek. "Ah know, but.. Ah was sort of hoping that since we had all them problems before, ya wouldn't have any problems now. Just dun seem fair…" He wrinkles up his nose, even as he goes back to gently rubbing her back. "Ah missed ya, today.. Ah thought Ah was gonna get off early, but then them stupid holders from Red Sands just showed up, and wouldn't leave. And Ah swear that blood weyrleader is off after that candidate he likes again."

Carrot meows when he's tail is touched and prances off in a somewhat playful manner. Mai shrugs lightly under Ton's hands. "Doesn't really matter either way. We're already more than half way through this, so I think it'll be just fine." She smiles at the kiss to her cheek and would turn to kiss him, if her mouth didn't still taste like puke even after washing it out so many times. "I missed you too. What candidate are you talking about?" She's a little out of the loop again after not going to work for so long.

"Some girl he stood with at Xanadu, Ah guess. She was at Western, and Ah kept catching him there, dodging out of stuff ta see her, and now she's at Eastern, and he just can't come up with 'nuff excuses ta go and see her. Taking mah meetings and everything." He shrugs a bit, giving another kiss to her cheek, brushing her hair out of her face, hands resting lightly on her shoulders. "Ah know, Ah know. Ah can't wait til he's here.. Ah bet he'll be the most handsome thing.." And it seems that L'ton has decided it will, in fact, be a boy.

M'iken nods like 'ah yes, I think I /have/ heard of her.' "I see. Well, since he's taking your meetings from you, I'm not goign to complain about it since it means I get to see more of you." She smiles at him lightly then wretches and has to go scrambling for her bucket to throw up. Again. "Haaa." She almost hisses and wpies her mouth off with the little towel she has on the table as well. "I can't wait till he lets my stomach calm down again. And as long as he looks just like you, he'll be the most handsome man in all of pern after you die." She gives him a little wink before settling back into the couch.

L'ton winces as M'iken reaches for the bucket, actually cringing away slightly even as he tries to make it seem like he did nothing of the sort. Gently petting her shoulder, he carefully gets up, moving to fetch her a glass of water and a glass of juice, should she care to risk either. "Me ta.. Ah've missed getting ta actually kiss ya…" He murmurs as he returns, joining her correctly on the couch this time, resting his hand on her expanding abdomen. "Yer biased, love." He winks.

M'iken takes the glass of water first and swoshes some of it around in her mouth first before spitting it into the bucket as well. "Ugh, this is just so gross." She complains a little, looking tired for a second before downing the water. She's really rather thirsty. "You're welcome to kiss me, though you might be turned off from kissing me again for the rest of our lives." She says grinning a little. "And I don't think I'm biased, with as many women who've set out to keep your kids long wnough to give birth to them… I think I speak only the truth."

"It happens, sweets. Ah mean, it just happens. Ain't like Ah'm gonna avoid ya cause yer sick, cause Ah made ya sick." He murmurs, leaning to kiss her, despite her warning, once the glass of water is finished. A soft chuckle, and he's shaking his head. "That's all Dhon. They just can't bring themselves ta not have a cute lil'girl." He grins, building on her own words, reaching for her hand.

M'iken smiles, the kiss doing more to bolster her spirits than anything else. "Thanks." She says softly before laceing her fingers through his. "there now, even going by what you say. Our baby will be just too irrisistable. I just hope he's not too irrisitable to even his /many/ half sibblings." Because goodness, there are a lot of them close to this age al over the world.

"Just gotta make sure he dun mess with no other Z's.. Ah bet he'd be okay, then. Ah mean, might miss a pretty girl or two who dun happen ta be related, but.." Folding his fingers through hers, he squeezes them gently, shifting around and leaning to rest his head on her abdomen, as if hoping to get some reaction from its occupant. "Though, with ya has his mother, he's bound ta be wonderful anyway."

M'iken nods and grins. "Yeah. That'd probably just be for the best." She runs her free fingers through L'ton's hair once his head is on her stomach. "Now I think your the one who's biased." She says, chuckling a little then pressing her free hand against her mouth to try and convince herself not to throw up. L'ton's in luck if he's looking for baby movement, all the throwing up has totally upset the little one and he's been kicking around for a while. Mai's just gotten used to the feeling and unfortunately associates it with throwing up now.. If Ton is lucky he'll get a good stong punch to the face.

"Least they dun have ta ask about who they're related ta, right?" He jokes softly, lifting his chin slightly into her hand, though he gives her a smile. As she covers her mouth, he's shifting away to give her space to sit up, but not before he's getting a kick, or a punch, to the face, and he's staring at her with wide eyes. "Shards, he's angry.." He murmurs, fingers resting back on her belly.

M'iken smiles, but manages not to laugh. "Yes that's true." She says taking a deep breath. The comment of the baby being angry just earns her weyrmate a nod. "Yeah, he really doesn't like all the throwing up either. Makes all my tummy muscules get too tight for him to be comfortable I guess." She runs her own hand over her belly as well, catching a few bumps along the way.

"Ya should rest… We should rest.." L'ton decides, attempting to shift her to stretch out on the couch with him, even if the bucket is still in easy reach. "Ah wouldn't either, if'n Ah were him. Even though its his fault." Fingers brush her stomach again, and he shakes his head. "Stop it, buddy, and then ya can both sleep.." He murmurs, even as he's yawning. Poor Mai, now she's a Tonny pillow too.

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