Cake, Cookies, and a Cranky Green

Xanadu Weyr - Eiri's Roof
Eiriana's roof is a place few have ever been to see. This is mostly because the woman smartly built in a number of access routes for her canine and her feline(s). Thus her up stairs in off limits to most people. But for the few that do find their ways up to her roof, the sight is one of someone who spends most of her time there. A large wide hammock hangs from the center of a trelis. Vines blooming a mulitude of flowers have been coached above the hammock such that it's shaded even at noon. Raised bed gardens, two of them running down either side of the flat roof, bloom with flowers and herbs of every imaginable scent and color.

Twilight merely arrives at other weyrs but in Xanadu's paradise like setting, it sings its arrival. The calls of many animals enjoying the cool air mingle together in a melody as old as time and as gentle as the stream that has been recently moved to run through the garden in front of the small cothold that Eiriana and green Balmaith (as well as a host of felines, Bit the canine and twins Zira and Ziria) call home. On this night the occupants of the home are nowhere to be seen on ground level but from above another voice joins in the evening chorus. With the soft undertones of a woman, it sings a lullaby to two giggling tots.

From the ground, it seems that L'ton has been distracted by the sound of a gentle lullaby, and and after a moment of hesitation, he's ducking inside, and then sneaking up the stairs, slowly as to not detract from the lullaby or the giggling of the girls. At a pause, he smiles. "How're my two favorite almost 2 turn old girls?" He offers softly, giving an equally happy smile to Eiriana, and a waggle of his fingers.

Eiriana stretches out in her hammock, in lazy repose. One foot just barely brushes the ground to keep the hammock swinging at a lazy to and fro. The girls snuggle, one to either side of their mother, giggling and trying to hum along with the old tune but quickly desolving into giggles once more. And then.. "DADDY!" Twin echoes end Eiri's song completely. Both little girls scramble for the edge of the hammock, only to find themselves restrained. "If you want to get down, Daddy has to come and get you." Eiri offers Tonny one of her brightest grins as both strawberry blonde girls fix him with big puppy-dog eyes. "Down Daddy? Down?" Sniffle?

L'ton chuckles, loudly, cringing only slightly as poor Eiriana's song is lost to the abyss, and he's giving her an apologetic look before doing exactly what the greenrider says and coming to get the girls. Hoisting one to one hip, and reaching for a bit of a hand with her sister, he grins. "Mah lil girls, yer growing up so fast! Yer gonna be too big fer me to pick up, soon." And he blows a kiss in Eiriana's direction, watching her for a moment before his attention is pulled back to Zira and Ziria.

Eiriana releases both tots into their father's care and then swings her legs over the edge of the hammock. "You two are getting big. You should tell Daddy how you helpped me make cookies and sweet cakes today." There's the slightest hint that Eiri's kitchen may not have survived the attempt. Or Bit for that matter as the canine is oddly not present at the moment. Both girls chime in at the same time. "Cookies Daddy!" "Sweet cakes Daddy!" "I tell him!" "No I tell him!" And the roof erupts in the cries of twins fighting. And Eiri merely stands and moves out of the direct shouting range of her twins. Is that a slightly evil grin? Nah, couldn't be!

L'ton has his arms full, to say the least, and then there's a bit of squabbling and he's looking over at Eiri with a look of, 'What did you do?'. As they get louder he's bouncing both of them, even as he's trailing after Eiriana. "Did ya save daddy any cookies? Or cakes? Daddy loves cakes an cookies.." He offers, bouncing both of them, trying to keep them as apart as he can. "Do ya two wanna go with mommy, and we can have some cookies?" He attempts to barter with the toddlers despite the unlikely chance it'll work.

Eiriana blows Tonny a cheery kiss and the look she passes back is 'Nothing that I haven't been through. Enjoy.'. She leads the way to the stairs, pausing to eye the man and his load of children. A moment's assessment and she continues down the stairs without another look back. The twins in the meantime continue, only briefly pausing to try and answer their father again at the same time. "I bake cookies." "I bake cakes." Suddenly it starts again, louder this time. "Daddy! Eat cookie!" "Daddy! Eat cake!" "Cake yucky. Cookie Daddy!" "No! NO! NO! Cake Daddy! CAKE!" "COOKIE!" "CAKE!" And then one starts to cry at his attempt to barter with them. "Cake Daddy!" She manages to get out between sniffles. The other girl sticks her tongue out at the crying one. "Cookie Daddy. Pbbbt."

L'ton gives Eiriana a look right back. Perhaps she will regret this, later? Pausing at the top of the stairs, he stares after her, and then juggles the girls. "Eiri, Ah dun think Ah can carry both of 'em down, sweets, without maybe hurting 'em." He attempts to get her attention, and then he's bouncing the girls again/ "Sweets, ah'll try both of them, Ah promise. Ah'm sure ya make the best cookies, and ya make the best cakes." Oh, sometimes the women in his life are just so difficult. Leaning backwards as he gets toddler-spittled, he just makes a face.

Eiriana stops at the bottom of the stairs and looks up, all smiles. "Oh, why didn't you say so sooner Tonny?" And Eiri is back up the stairs very quickly. Imediately both girls hush up and grin at their mother. "Come on Ziria. Let mama carry you. Daddy will try both your cakes and your cookies." And there's very nearly a threat in that sentence. Proddy Eiri is a scary Eiri! She reaches for her child. "Daddy will love your food, won't he Daddy?" Run Tonny! Run while you still have the chance!

L'ton should have been smart enough to run all those many turns ago in the bar. But yet, the Istan didn't and hasn't since. And now there are two little wonderful bundles of joy who are carrying on their mother's legacy. As Eiri takes Ziria, he resettles Zira, carefully heading back down the stairs. "Ah course Ah'll love their food, Eiri-dear." He offers, leaning slightly to watch each step, before moving to stand behind Eiriana, keeping Zira out of reach of her sister, nudging his shoulder against the greenrider for a long moment.

Eiriana hums her little lullaby as she bounces Ziria in her arms. As he nudges her, she grins and leans over to whisper quickly "Whatever you do, don't ask what the green bits are." And with no more information than that, she follows him down the stairs, Ziria on one hip. "My little girls are such good cooks. They made bunches of cookies and sweet cakes. Bit loved them." Eiri says with a grin and Zira adds from her father's arms, "But Becky no eat. Mean Becky." Indeed the feline is in plain sight at the bottom of the stairs, cleaning her paws and looking all knowing as feline's usually do.

"Right…" L'ton reluctantly replies, staring after her for a moment before shifting Zira to his other side to follow after her. "Becky just dunno what's yummy, then, Ah'm sure." He tries to placate the girl in his arms, heading into the kitchen, and to the cookies and the sweetcakes. "Do they match Bal, then?" He murmurs to Eiriana, slightly amused by it. It can't be any worse than Suraiya's cooking, certainly.

Eiriana all but skips into her kitchen, causing Ziria to giggle happily. "Right. Becky is just a mean old feline." Eiri agrees and then picks up a plate of something less cookie or cake like more mudpie meets weeds like with her free hand from the countertop. "Judge for youself." Eiri murmurs back, holding out the plate for his inspection. Instantly the twins are at it again. "Cookie Daddy!" "Cake Daddy!" But a look from Eiri stops them both. "Daddy will try one of each but then its off to bed for both of you." And that starts up a round of whimpering and again the hazel gazes of his twins look up at Tonny. "Daddy no bed? No bed!"

"Little girls need ta get their sleep, so that they can get a day closer ta being two. Cause only good lil girls who turn two get something from their daddy fer turnday." L'ton tries, even as he's trying to hide his less than upbeat reaction to the cookie and cake. Giving Eiriana a look of, 'If I die, I'm coming back to haunt you..', L'ton is reaching hesitantly for the cookie first. Though, despite taking a piece, and his hand going to his mouth, an observant adult would probably realize it disappeared down his coat sleeve, even as he pretends to chew.

Sniffles continue on the part of Zira and Ziria but for the first time since his arrival, Eiri offers Tonny a true smile. "You heard Daddy. He'll try them and then you two get put to bed." Eiri returns Tonny's look with one of 'I survived, be a man about it' whilst ignoring her daughters' continuing sniffles. And then the cookie bit disappears and Zira starts to cheer from her father's arm. "Cookie! Cookie! Daddy like cookie?" Ziria starts to tear up. "Daddy, eat cake?" Eiri bounces the little girl a little. "Daddy will eat your cake. And he'll like it too, sweetie."

L'ton will collect on this later! And then even as the girls are sniffling, he's reaching in turn for the cake, taking off some of that, it going the way of the first. And then wiping his lips on the back of the sleeve, and being very careful nothing will fall out to betray him, he's kissing first Zira and then Ziria. "Ah think Ah have the next two great bakers right here, wouldn't ya agree mama?" He asks Eiriana, voice betraying his amusement.

Eiriana looks throughly innocent as now both girls are cheering. "Cookie!" "Cake!" Before yet another fight can break out, she puts the plate away and nods her head towards the back of the cothold and, most likely, the twin's room. "They'll be great bakers some day. And you two will be able to cook for all the great Holders and Weyrleaders." She kisses Ziria's forehead. "But before you can cook for everyone, you have to get some rest first. Bedtime sweeties." And she's already heading for the back and a room so horribly mismatched, someone color blind couldn't have done worse. Purple and green everywhere! And blue. And orange. And.. pink. Lots and lots of pink.

L'ton shifts his arm a bit, keeping the bits up past his elbow for now, and then he's following after Eiriana. Pausing for a moment, he looks around him at all the others before there's a toddler pulling on his ear, and he's hurriedly moving to put her to bed with her sister. "Ya two girls sleep well, and grow big, and dream all 'bout what yer gonna get fer yer turndays…" He murmurs, thankfully not too phased by the colors. That's a woman's domain?

Eiriana settles Ziria into bed and once her sister is in too, she tucks both girls in for the night. Ziria pipes up first. "Presents. Night Daddy." "Big presents. Nightie-night Daddy." Adds Zira. With one yawning and then the other yawning, Eiri kisses both of her girls. "Sleep tight. Don't let the firelizards bite. And no more letting Becky have her kittens on your bed. If she tries, you push her off, you hear?" But neither one answers, for the land of presents and dragons has already claimed both girls. Eiri steps back, shaking her head. "They fight it so hard and then they are out like lights the second you get them in bed." She half whispers to Tonny.

L'ton smiles down at them both, catching them both with a quick peck on their foreheads. "Presents.." He agrees softly, slowly stepping back even as they doze off. Watching for a moment then, he's turning to gently put his arm over Eiriana's shoulder, with a smile, leaning towards her ear to whisper. "They are adorable, at least.." He offers, even as he's turning to steer her own, and let the sleeping babes, well, sleep.

Eiriana reaches to put an arm about Tonny's waist, chuckling softly in response. "They are adorable and scheming. Do you know they have Bit terrified? I don't think he'll ever be the same, poor little Bit." She whispers right back while she allows herself to be steered away from her sleeping children. "I think they get their dislike of Bit from you. Therefore, it's all your fault." And thus he deserved the twin attack she dished out on him earlier. Eiri-logic, got to love it!

L'ton shakes his head with amusement, carefully pausing to close the door behind them. Reluctantly pausing over the trash, he's shaking his sleeve out, glancing down it to see a nice dark blotch on his shirt, inside his jacket. Alas. "Well, if'n Ah were an animal, Ah'd be terrified of the pair of 'em tagether, specially if'n they were bigger than me." L'ton teases her, before turning to pull her into a hug. "How's my favorite Eiri, 'side from having ta of the cutest girls?"

Eiriana makes a face at the remains of the 'food' the girls baked. "If I were him I'd be on the roof and I'd never come near the kitchen again. He ate about four of those things. I'm not even sure what all is in them. Although I think grass was a big ingredient. I haven't seen him since. My poor little Bit." Is that a sniffle? But it's muffled when she is pulled into a hug. She turns her own puppy-dog eyes on Tonny, with the slightest lip quiver. "Make Ball stop being glowy, Tonny. She's annoying me. She's been all mean and snappish towards the girls and she was wondering how one of Becky's kittens would taste." Sniffle!

"For once Ah think Ah might have ta agree with him on that." L'ton chuckles, shaking his head. "Though, ya could have given me a bit more warning, ya got me all excited for cookies." Teasing her, he reaches up a hand to brush his thumb over her cheek, giving her a soft aww, kissing her on the forehead. "Ah can't, but Dhon could. But, he can't help her, if'n she dun get her butt up in the air." Giving her a gentle squeeze, he wrinkles up his nose. "She always gets all snappy, but Ah dun think she'd actually eat a kitten.." He hopes.

"If I had warned you, they'd have cried all night. They know the difference between Daddy is excited and Daddy is pretending but really dreading it and trying to figure a way out of it." Cause Eiri's little girls are bright little things if nothing else. She snuggles into Tonny, muttering about her dragon the entire time. "I told her to just get it over with already but noooo she can't do it right now. She's busy with some blue telling her all about her shiney hide. Make her be nice." Sniffle sniffle! "She was thinking about it! And now I can't find Bit but he could just be hiding or she might have decided to see what he tastes like…" And the sniffles start to change to full blown sniffs. Uh oh!

"Ah would have thought that even she'd know by now he's just talking pretty, and he prolly ain't no good when he gets off the ground." He offers softly, carefully brushing her hair out of her face, holding her against him, gently stroking her back. "Ah'm sure he's just hiding, dear heart.. Bal loves ya, even if'n she's being a pain, she ain't gonna just eat yer other friend." As much as Tonny might which such a thing happening. As the sniffles turn into sniffs, he's trying to tilt her chin up to give her a soft kiss, meeting her gaze. "T'will be over soon, sweets, Ah know it."

"She's being stubborn. She's always stubborn." Turns and turns after the dragon hatched and you'd think Eiri would know by now Ball's temper. She reaches up to wrap her arms around Tonny's neck. With any luck a mood swing won't hit now and she won't choose to strangle him right now. "I hope so Tonny. She knows she worries me when she's like this. But she still does it. Every time." Sniffs turn to hiccups and then back to sniffles as Eiri is soothed. "I want it over now. Where's Dhon? Make him make her fly. He could boot her off a weyrledge or something."

"Ah think its just who she is, ya know?" He offers softly, even as he wraps his arms around her back, keeping her close. He would rather not be strangled, please, kay thanks. "Maybe she knows that it worries ya, and that's why she does it.." And then he's hmming softly, tilting his head, continuing to gently rub her back. "Well, where's Bal? Ah can see if Dhonzayth can chase her up. He seems willing ta.. he says he missed her being nice." Clearly Eiri's not the only one to notice.

"Well, she shouldn't be after so many turns. Going up is normal for a female dragon. She should just do it already." Eiri speaks less to the man in front of her and more to some distant voice. But it's Tonny she pulls tighter to her. "That would be Ball. She's mean. She's always been mean. She likes being mean." Before that train of thought can get any further, it's railroaded by his gentle backrub and question. "She's on her way back now. If he hurries he can meet her in my garden. Just tell him to try and stay off the firereds. I just got them blooming." As always, worried about her plants.

"Well, maybe she just likes being a lil girl?" He teases her gently, even though she's seemingly distant. Resting his chin on her head, he steals a kiss, nodding. "Ah'll let him know.. Ah mean, the least we can do fer ya is try, ya know?" And Dhonzayth seems to take his rider's words to heart, including watching out for the firereds, for he's crouched low, brassy-wings spread wide, waiting for the green to come home.

"She just likes upsetting me." That brings Eiri out of her daze. As does the stolen kiss. Her usually cheerful smile turns to a scowl. Mood swing anyone? But luckily for Tonny he isn't taking the majority of this one. This mood swing is directed right at her annoyingly sassy dragon. "Oh shut up, Ball." Eiri's grip on Tonny tightens but not enough to strangle him, she's being careful. Turns have at least finally taught her not to abuse the Tonny as much! "Here she comes. Have him ready." And sure enough, out doors the green makes her way, somewhat carefully, through the garden that is Eiri's front yard, apparently yet to notice the big bronze crouching in wait for her.

"Ah sorry sweets… Ah dun like it when yer all upset." And then she's scowling and he's wincing a little bit. However, he does take careful not that he's not actually being strangled, instead, keeping his hold on her. "Hold on, sweets…" Dhonzayth remains crouched, looking as inconspicuous as a large, pale bronze can in the fading light, waiting until she's practically right upon him, and then he's spreading his wings out, hoping to scare her skywards. « Fly, Balmaith! » He practically orders, pushing mentally and physically to get her skywards.

"Meaniehead." That's probably not directed at Tonny, but with Eiri proddy you never know. For one small moment, normal sweet Eiri returns for a visit but it turns out it's only to add "Whatever you do, don't let him or us wake the girls." Because children of Eiri and Tonny have that sense of timing that would spell all kinds of doom for Mama and Daddy. Or at least a talk Eiri would be sure Tonny would be the one to have to give them. And they're a bit young for that yet. Balmaith steps back, wings raised and teeth bared at the male. But the threat is for naught as she actually does as ordered. She leaps skywards, a challenge half snarled in his direction. « You can't catch me, clumsy bronze. »

L'ton arches an eyebrow at her, but then he's nodding. "Ah won't.." He promises, even as his fingers tense slightly into her back. "Ah dun want that anymore than ya." He murmurs - that's a conversation he just had with his eldest, and that was bad enough! As Balmaith doesn't immediately head skywards, Dhonzayth is charging her a bit with his wings outspread, anything but bothered by the bared teeth. And then as she's leaping skywards, he's doing so shortly after, trying to stay close. « So you say, little one. » Dhonzayth replies, a muted trumpet responding as he trails closely from their garden launch.

"Finally!" Eiri almost squeals when Balmaith launches herself up. But luckily for all involved she cuts it off in time to come out in a softer voice. See? No kidlets awake yet! "Ball. Don't even think about it. Just up. No. No. No. No." Eiri uses her twins' favorite word on the green and whatever it is they are fighting about spurns Balmaith onwards and upwards. For once, and its a rare thing in her flights, she remains paying attention to the bronze behind her and doesn't call others to join the flight. Perhaps Eiri is winning for once? Either way the green climbs high in the early evening sky, her intentions to dance among the stars declared in her own sultry trumpet. And then she's tormenting her chaser. « Slow. Slow and weak. Look at you. Ha! » The green singsongs back to the bronze.

L'ton quickly moves to put his hand over her mouth, but then she's quieting herself, and he's going back to just holding her, gently stroking her hair, rocking a bit as he's staying with Dhonzayth as well. "Its okay Eiri-dear.. He's got her… Just keep her going.." He murmurs, and Dhonzayth is trying to do the same in the air. Keeping his wingstrokes slightly short, he keeps sending her upwards rather than trying to immediately overtake her. « Slow and steady. Slow and steady. You will fall, and I will be here. » Dhonzayth seems confident, even as he doesn't let her flee too far out of hand.

Eiriana mumbles under her breath. "No. No. DON'T! Good. No. No." Whatever Ball is thinking about doing, Eiri continues to cut the dragon off at every turn. "Won't last long. He'd better be under her." It's about all the words Eiri has left in her and then she's focused completely on her dragon and keeping the stubborn green both in the air and from pulling who knows how many countless tricks on the bronze behind her. Her hands ball into fists at the back of Tonny's neck. Balmaith keeps heading higher. If that's what the bronze wants then that is what he will get. That and nothing more. The deep glow of her hide turns even stronger the higher she climbs. « I will never fall, silly little bronze. I will dance up here forever and you will weaken. Then I will be free to dance and dance. » A sudden burst of speed and the green darts less high and more ahead, attempting to leave her lone chaser behind.

"Just stay wth her…" He murmurs, fingers curling in the back of her shirt, keeping her from wandering off as if she even wanted too. "He's staying close.. he ain't gonna let her take off…" L'ton squeezes his eyes shut, rocking slightly as Dhonzayth makes a sudden dart after the green, even as she taunts him. « Even you will fall. You will crave a partner. » Dhonzayth tries to remind her, even as he shifts his flight after her as she darts off, and he's opening his wingspan out to its fullest, each stroke taking him closer and closer, inching up slightly underneath her.

"She doesn't want to stay with me." Eiri mutters the problem like Tonny should have known already. She clenches her hands to his back as the green tries a loop. But with no blood and a long day already behind her, the green falters even as she tries to taught Dhonzayth. « You will never.. catch.. me.. » Already she's struggling to right herself, to find the horizon and not slip into the bronze's grasp below her. Disorientated and weakened, she spirals down. "Your own fault. Don't try to blame me. He'll catch you. No we won't try this again tomorrow… Hush up…" Eiri whispers, breathless and no longer as firmly planted against L'ton. Her own legs are starting to fail her.

"Its okay, we're there…" L'ton reassures her, tensing a bit as Dhonzayth shifts, sliding into the green's loop to stay her fall, talons grasping wingjoints even as he twines his neck with hers, crooning, trying to calm her. « You flew well. You will fly well again. Now /we/ will fly well. » He corrects her even as he's pulling her out of the spiral. "We got her sweets.." L'ton murmurs softly, bracing as she starts to wobble, quickly pulling her into his arms, giving her a kiss, trying to pull her back to him, and away from Balmaith.

"She's not going to be happy in the morning…" But then Balmaith rarely is after a flight and hopefully it being a familiar face will be enough to keep the green from snapping. For this moment, though, while the green is being wrapped up for her fall to earth, finally she calms down. She doesn't struggle even as she's pulled from her spiral. « I could have made it. » Weak words echoed to the human below even as dragon lust finally overwhelms her annoyance and anger. "Stupid green." Eiri lets L'ton have some of her weight but manages to stay up on her on feet. She has at least some sense of mind to mutter, "My bedroom. Other doorway." before she's clinging to his neck pressing sharp kisses to his neck.

"Ah'll deal, it ain't nothing Ah mind." And its not as if Dhonzayth doesn't have his fair share of wounds from all them darn females. Dhonzayth keeps them steady, sending them on a gentle glide over Xanadu. « You may have. You can try again later. » Dhonzayth offers reluctantly, before she gives in completely. L'ton glances up, noting the doorway that Eiriana means, even as he's leaning to give her a long kiss, steering her backwards through the doorway and to the bedroom beyond, keeping enough of a lookout to avoid running into anything and causing a disturbance.

At least for the moment, the greenriding duo is peaceful enough. Balmaith is subdoed and Eiriana is less interested in killing Tonny than attempting to make a Tonny/Eiri spawn number 3. This is probably bad news for the world but definately good news to all Tonnys and Dhons wishing to come out of this able to produce more Tonny spawn! As of this moment, Eiri returns his kiss and more than willing is guided backwards into her room. Good thing he's guiding her, there's no way the greenrider is paying any attention at all to the numerous little hazards living with children produces on a floor. She's too wrapped up in trying to get his clothes off of him without actually letting go or stopping moving to notice avoidance of her furniture or the children's toys.

L'ton is successful in getting her to the relative safety of her bedroom, even as he's pulling her shirt over her head. Pausing to ensure the path is clear, he's helping undo enough buttons to pull his own shirt over his head without pausing the gentle push. Another kiss, and his fingers are curling in her hair. Not dying is good. Being able to produce more spawn later on is also good. But, the best is definitely having a willing Eiriana there at his fingertips.

Eiriana squirms as the shirt is peeled from her body, her annoyance growing that he's keeping her from getting him undressed. Stupid male. Or bright male. Yay! The shirt is off! Good. You get a cookie. But not a Zira/Ziria cookie. She mumbles into his kiss as she's being backed up. "Door. Door. Shut the door." She finally gets it out but at the price of having to pause the kiss. She leans up against him, digging her own fingers into his back once more. Maybe the door can wait. A very willing and impatient Eiriana wants a Tonny now or she might get.. annoyed.

L'ton reaches far enough to give the door a push, not closing it all the way, but hopefully closing it enough. Because, after that push, there's no more denying Eiriana as her fingers are digging into his back and he's settling for pushing her into the bed. Impatience is something that needs to be sated, and willingness something to be taken advantage of. And so, abandoning her only long enough to pull off the rest of their clothes in turn, he's joining her with another kiss, fingers at her neck, holding her close.

Eiriana barely takes note of the not quite closed door, this could be a problem come morning. She's too busy trying to drag L'ton towards the bed. It helps that that is exactly where he's pushing her to go. Once on the bed, his leaving produces a growl born not of Eiriana or Balmaith separately but of the two combined and glaring at L'ton for the indignity. But then he's back and it's all happiness, sunshine and his holding her close. She clings to him tightly, as if she's the one falling. The fingers at his back gentle to a slow easy rub to sooth any marks she may have made.

And thus Dhonzayth has his girl, and L'ton has his as well, both members of the bronze pair clinging to those of the green pair, rather caught up with each other, emotions still linked. And even as the marks are soothed out of his back, he's burying his face into her neck, kissing anywhere and everywhere, hands sliding underneath her to keep her close, and keep her from the dizzying fall of her lifemate. The door can be dealt with.. later.

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