Niah's Nightmare

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

It's evening, a light rain comes down and the sky is a shadey gray color. Sadly, L'ton has his niece living with a total oddball. Both of them are laying out on towels, in bathing suits, mouths open to catch rain drops. It's a little humid, the rain does feel good on the skin. Celiketh is being smart, he is inside. They are talking, Niah seems happy and so does Zaenar.

Dhonzayth lands rather awkwardly to avoid the pair of young women on the ledge, snorting at them in confusion as L'ton slides to the ground. STanding under the overhand from the weyr itself, he stares at them, shaking his head. "Ya two goofs." He offers in greeting, blowing a kiss to Niah, and waggling his fingers at his niece.

Niah looks up at Dhon and moves a bit, standing and wrapping the towel around herself. Probably killing the view. Zaenar gets up quickly, "Uncle L'ton, we where just having fun. Miss niah had a bad dream last night, and Ah thought tha' maybe doin' somethin' fun'd help her not have bad dreams." Niah grimaces at Zaenars description, and says "We have dinner inside, if you want to join us Tonny." Moving forward, but biting her lip.

L'ton sulks at Niah for just a second, before Zaenar has his attention, and he's smiling at her. "Aw, that's real nice of ya, Zae, Ah'm sure Niah really enjoys the company. Bad dreams ain't never any fun." And then he's moving to offer an arm to each of them. "Only if'n ya dun mind. Ah dun wanna intrude, or ta cut yer portions short, or anything."

Niah smiles gently moving to stand by him, trying not to scare Zae it seems as she isn't playing with his clothes. At the same time she moves to take his hand in hers, "We have plenty, and I.. well I need to ask you something." Moving inside, Zaenar seems to naturally get the table set. The little family now has a pattern of living. Niah pulls him to the curtained area of the weyr, where Zion and Zialon are fast asleep.

L'ton squeezes Niah's hand gently as she takes it, nodding. "Then, Ah will…" He smiles at Zaenar, watching her go set the table before he's tugged into the curtained area. Pulling her against him and into his arms, he leans to kiss her softly, before asking with a smile. "What's up, sweetheart?"

Niah looks up to him, "Umm, well I had this nightmare. You where there." She gives him that, wringing her hands in her shirt and then saying "See, well.. I was in bed.. doing things to this greenrider." She has never been this bright red, and she stumbles over her words. "And.. I met this woman named athena, but she wasn't in the dream she just acted oddly.. well I mean I was rambling on and on. You have a reputation for being such a gentleman, and well I always tell anyone who brings you up that you're my love… is that wrong?"

L'ton arches an eyebrow at Niah's description of her dream, opening his mouth. But then, it seems that after a moment he's changed his mind, instead just tightening his hold on her. "Well dun worry about it. Ah mean, if'n it was just a dream, it dun matter, right?" At the mention of Athena, he tenses just a bit, before shaking his head. "Ah dun think so, not really."

Niah watches his face very careful, she doesn't talk but her face falls quickly. "Do you know her?" She asks, big puppy dog eyes are more blue then green. Settling herself on the bed a bit more and nuzzling him. Definetly in a good mood, maybe she needs encounters of the lesbian kind more often. "It doesn't.. It was just, so real." Mumbling and hugging him to her.

"Dhonzayth he caught her Eledath once… She had a daughter. Her names Zalena." He offers, with a grin, though for the moment
that's all he's volunteering, as Niah leans and nuzzles, and he's settling down with her, wrapping his arms around her and giving her a kiss. "Sometimes dreams can be really real.." He offers, tilting her chin up for a longer kiss, before looking into her eyes. "Ah mean, if'n Ah was there, it couldn't be all bad, right?"

Niah looks frightened, "No, it was very.. Oh, you have no idea." You know, he might have an idea. At the mention of him being the father of her daughter Niah seems curious, "She had mentioned that the father of her children had come to visit her, and that.. oh." It just hit her, "You.. you where the one making her eat, like you made me eat.. she's having your baby?" Niah seems excited at this, shocked but she is perfectly comfortable with it. "Why.. I went on and on about how marvelous you are and.. and she just." She looks like a confused child.

L'ton gently pets Niah's back, keeping her safe. "Well, its all over now, and yer here and its just me, okay?" As Niah seems curious, and then rambles a bit, he coughs a little, nodding. "She is. Ah.. She's having babies, really." He slowly admits, giving her a smile. "Ah dun think she wants everyone ta know, Ah mean, people talk, and she's a Lord Holder's daughter.."

Niah gets an even bigger, smile "That's nice? Oh she have two.. Zion and Zialon get twins brothers or sisters?" Asking and cuddling against him before she stands. Moving to take his hand and lead him into the dining room. Zaenar has set the table, and ellyza is sitting up in her high chair and already has food on her plate plus a bottle which she is holding slurping it down. Before getting much closer Ni turns to Ton and whispers, which makes her extra hard to hear with her quiet voice, "She said that, that you cared for her.. I-I can understand if I..if'n you want her instead of me. She, well she's prettier." her face falls, eyes on the ground.

"Ah think she said three.." He replies rather nonchalantly, snuggling her and carefully getting up to follow her to the dining area. Pausing as she does, he stares at her, looking shocked. "Ya think Ah.." And then he shakes his head again with a sigh, leaning to rest his forehead against hers to murmur. "Sweetheart. Ah /enjoy/ her. And, Ah care fer her like Ah do anyone having mah child… Not really the same as ya'll."

Niah blinks, "Three? Oh." Speechless, which really isn't a hard state to get her in. Pressing her forehead against his, moving to touch noses. "Still second?" Asking, and glancing behind them to make sure Zaenar is still busy. "She, she said someting about how you can not love everyone the same..I just hoped, I mean I do not want to think that she is not loved, is it ok to want to be loved more?"

"Yeah, she gonna be big as a boat, and not able ta do anything even before ya weren't 'llowed." He grins ruffling her hair a bit. "Still second. Ya dun have ta worry about that, sweets." And then with a kiss, he's moving to escort her to her seat. "Ya are… And, its a sorta different type of love, ya know?"

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