A Sick Athena

Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern(#9528RIJM)

Athena is seated at one of the tables at breakfast time. The woman looks tired and attempting to try to eat but she doesn't seem to be getting far as she's looking rather ill. Rumors are already starting to spread that the eldest daughter of the Lord of Fork Hold is pregnant with multiples. The rumors also have increased thanks to the presence of L'ton visiting her too. How coincidental. She has a tired smile on her face as she is slowly eating at least even though it's not easy when one has such miserable case of morning sickness.

There is nothing wrong with rumors. Though, from time to time, they can be a bit annoying. However, L'ton's not going to allow the rumors to disappate, for he's at Eastern once again - though, there are multiple people here he can visit right now. And so, after a few questions - anything but discrete ones - he's appearing in the caverns, moving to hover over Athena, resting his hands on her shoulders. "Poor thing.." He murmurs.

Athena turns around a bit as she hears the familiar voice as she replies. "Hello L'ton." She tries to continue her smile but she's looking not too great at the moment as she starts to get up from her seat. "I'm not feeling so well." Her hand comes to over her mouth as she tries to get somewhere fast to deal with things.

L'ton gently pets her hair as she looks up at him, giving her a half smile. But then suddenly she's saying that she's not feeling and her hands are being put over her mouth. Eyes widening, he's hurriedly backing up, trying to get out of the range of spew, even as he's looking for some sort of waste basket or something. Finally he's grabbing one from under a table, offering it to her at arm's length.

Athena takes the waste basket and shortly after her face is in it. Her face is pale though after she finishes and she doesn't look too happy. She sets the basket down and heads to sit down but between frequent bouts of tiredness and feeling sick, the poor woman seems oddly weaker than normal from it. It's surprising that she's even pushing herself out of bed to get things done feeling the way she does.

L'ton grimaces, looking at the basket with nothing sort of an ill expression himself. Thankfully, someone has come to take it away almost as soon as Athena is finished with it, and L'ton is going to get a glass of water for the poor woman. Offering it to her, he's moving to stand back behind her, gently rubbing her shoulders. "Ah'm sorry sweets… Ah wish ya weren't so sick."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says quietly taking the offered glass of water and sips it slowly not wanting to irritate her stomach by drinking too fast. "It's ok… just didn't know it'd be so bad this time around." She relaxes with him rubbing her shoulders. "I missed you."

L'ton continues to gently rub her shoulders, fingers moving to brush her hair out of her face as he tries to get her to relax. "Aw, sweets.." REturning to rubbing her shoulders, he wrinkles up his nose a bit. "Ah've heard its worse with more than one. Like, they all gang up on ya, together." Not that he knows from personal experience though. Patting her shoulder, he smiles. "Ah missed ya ta, Athena."

Athena looks up at L'ton as she blushes and sighs. It's not exactly dignified to end up throwing up even front of a man you love… especially for Athena. She feels him brush the hair from her face and sighs. "I'm sorry."

"Dun worry, sweets… It happens. Ah mean, it ain't like it was all over meh.." That might send him off for a basket of his own, then. Gently tugging on her hair, he tries to get her to look up and back at him, giving her bit a bit of a smile. "Ah wish ya felt better, though. Ah mean, its mah fault yer like this…"

Athena looks at him as he does tug her hair as she replies quietly. "It's not your fault… these babies aren't a mistake you know. They are ours… from our lovemaking." She replies softly. "No matter how yucky I may feel, I will love them just as much as I love Zalena."

L'ton smiles at her, nodding with a smile. "Well, Ah mean, if'n it were fer meh, they'd not be there, and ya'd not be like this. Ah didn't mean like they were a bad thing." He smiles, crouching enough to wrap his arms around her carefully, giving her a hug. "Ah know, sweets, Ah know."

Athena looks towards him as she hugs him back as she says softly. "Well that goes both ways dear, it takes part of you and part of me." She smiles. "I can't wait to meet them."

"Ah suppose that's true. /Ah/ certainly didn't mind getting there." He teases her, ducking to kiss her cheek, despite her earlier eruption. "Ah'm sure they'll be just as pretty as their ma and their sister. All three of 'em."

Athena smiles slightly as he kisses her on her cheek as she lays her head on his chest after and relaxes. "Hopefully my stomach will keep settled… so tired of being sick…. hopefully this will be over soon… or so the healers said it should be."

"Ah hope so ta. Ya need ta be putting on weight, not losing it cause ya can't keep anything down." Pulling a chair up as close as he can, he wraps his arms around her, resting his head on top of hers. "Maybe they have something they could give ya, at least til the worst is over."

Athena nods as she replies. "I hope so too." She smiles. "So hopefully I'll be ok to come over to Ista soon with Zalena. You sure that's ok?"

"As long as ya can understand that Ah do have things that Ah have ta do, so even if'n yer there, Ah can't always be.. And there's Mai and Niah, and Mai's having almost as rough of a pregnancy as ya is." He murmurs softly, all in a rush, giving her a bit of a smile. He meant it in a good way, reallky.

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies quietly. "Yeah I understand L'ton. I love you but I know the situation. As much as I wish it was different." She says softly. "Zalena still would love having her daddy closer and all even if it's not a permanent situation."

L'ton gives Athena a gentle hug, with a smile. "It dun mean Ah care about ya any less, though.." He adds on, still trying to make it seem as if its not that bad. "Now, ya gonna want a weyr near the ground, or way high up? Ah mean, Ah'll make sure ta find ya a real nice one, so that there's plenty of room for all four of 'em little guys running around."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says quietly. "I'm just nervous about being in a higher weyr… what happens if I get put on bedrest or something?"

"It is possible ta get ya down. But, Ah think one of the lower ones would be easier, and they tend to be a little bit bigger." He offers ponderously. "Sides, if'n they have ta, they'll just set ya up in the infirmary."

Athena looks at him as he speaks. "Well I sure as heck don't want to spend the rest of my pregnancy in there… not having any time alone… no privacy."

"Lower weyr it is.." L'ton quickly offers, giving her a bit of a nervous smile. "Ah mean, dun get me wrong, Ah wasn't trying ta make it so we'd have no time. Just want what's best fer ya. Ah do like getting mah time with ya."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says quietly. "It's just that taking care of Zalena and being stuck in there wouldn't be good for her or me. I know you want what's best for me and our babies. I do know that. Just I would rather not have to be in the infirmary unless I have to."

"Ah understand, Ah understand. Maybe we'll see about a big bath, ta, so when yer all round and sexy ya can relax in there, ta, and take off some of the weight." Ah-ha! L'ton's true interest in pregnant ladies is out! "It'll work out, and with the nanny, it'll all be good." Chuckling a bit, he shakes his head. "So, the real question is.. what colors ya want for 'em, this time around?"

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says quietly. "Colors? Um dear, they are likely to be the same as us." She sticks her tongue out. "As long as these babies are healthy and all, that's what matters most to me."

"Goofy. Ah mean fer their stuff. Babies gotta have their own stuff. Ah'm sure Niah and S'ya would have some ideas, they're real into all that matching color stuff." L'ton explains, kissing her forehead and sticking his tongue back out at her.

Athena looks towards L'ton as she smiles towards him. "I really don't know… we still don't know if they could be all girls or all boys or a mix…. maybe in time we'll be able to find out." She says quietly as she kisses his cheek.

"Well, ah mean, they ain't gonna know if'n they're in pink or whatever, when they're real little." At least that's L'ton's feeling on the matter - put them all in pink! "Just, lemme know so Ah can make sure ta get stuff, ya know?"

Athena gives a bit of a yawn. "I will dear. I will, now if i could just put my bed here, I'd be near food easier." She smirks. "Just no privacy to have someone with me to enjoy in bed."

"How about Ah go see if'n Ah can get them ta give me a basket of food, fer when yer feeling a bit better, and we go have a bit of time? Ah still need ta figure out what all is going, so that Ah can get ya that weyr." It helps to know the Weyrsecond, certainly. Though, the look on the face says that's not all he's thinking about.

Athena nods as she says softly with a smile. "That would be good hun. Better to get things done now than wait."

L'ton offers his hands to her then, to help her up. "Ah'll go get some food then, and Ah'll see ya at yer place? And we'll see what we can get done. Better not ta rush ta much, cause well, Ah'd like ta get ya there as soon as possible, and not keep dragging it out.

Athena nods as she takes the offer as she starts to walk out of the caverns slowly to head to her weyr.

Athena and Eledath's Weyrbarn

Athena walks into her weyrbarn moving over to sit on the sofa and relaxing a little while she waits for L'ton to join her.

L'ton has a rather large basket when he does join Athena, apparently having sweettalked the kitchen staff for there's everything from bread to pastries, fruit to meatrolls stuff inside it. And so, he's knockign briefly before ducking inside, leaving the basket in the kitchen area before moving to settle down on the sofa with Athena, draping his arm over her. "There's enough fer the four of ya ta eat fer a week."

Athena smiles as she sees him and cuddles into him as he sits with her and says quietly. "Thank you." She replies. "You've been nothing but wonderful not only when I was pregnant with Zalena but even before this pregnancy to me."

"Well, yer a wonderful girl, ya deserve ta be spoiled as much as Ah can." L'ton replies without even a split second of hesitation, shifting to turn her a bit, so she's settled more evenly against him. "Sides, dun want no Lord Holder after meh, ya know?" He winks, teasing her.

Athena is happy being cuddled up against L'ton. She reaches to take his hand to set it on her stomach if he lets her. "Are you scared or excited that we are expecting again L'ton?"

L'ton carefully settles his hand on her stomach, rubbing it a bit. "Both, Ah think. Sorta scared about ya, since there's three.. And Ah mean, yer lil and." He shakes his head, and then smiles. "But, Ah'm sure they're gonna be the prettiest little babies. And, Ah'm glad they're mine, and not some jerk's."

Athena closes her eyes as she replies softly. "I hope things will be ok L'ton. I am nervous… and Zalena is going to need someone that she loves and cares for to take care of her… should something happen." She shivers a little even at that thought.

"Ah ain't gonna let anything happen ta ya, or ta them babies, or ta Zalena, dun ya worry. Ah'll be there fer all of ya, and them Healers are good ta, they ain't gonna let anything happen." Leaning to give her a soft kiss, he gives her a smile. "Ah promise, Ah'm here."

Athena nods as she replies quietly. "Thank you L'ton." She smiles towards him. She seems to be feeling better than before at least as she wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the cheek.

"O'course mah dear." And he's giving her a kiss in return, fingers splayed out over her stomach yet, and he's bending awkwardly to plant a kiss on her abdomen. "Though, clearly in the future we should be careful, cause Ah just must be awesome." Confident? Nah.

Athena gives a bit of a smirk. "Oh really now? I would have to say it was likely more luck." She winks at him as he kisses her stomach.

"Well, Ah got ya just once and ya got Zalena, and Ah couldn't of had ya ta much before these three.. Ya just take away all mah fun. Ah mean, half the fun is getting there." He teases, shifting around so that he can stretch out on the sofa, resting his head against her stomach.

Athena shakes her head as she runs her fingers through his hair. "Such ego." She smirks teasingly towards him. "It makes me happy when you are here with me."

"Well, Ah'd like ta think that ain't /such/ a bad thing… That's why ya love me, hm? Or ya just love meh cause Ah'm awesome in bed." He continues to tease her, tilting his head into her fingers, sighing contently even as he's grinning. "Ah enjoy being here, sweets."

Athena looks towards him as she replies. "I love you for you. You may be good in bed but I'd hope I was just as good." She laughs softly.

"Well, o'course sweetheart. How could ya not be?" L'ton chuckles, turning his head to nuzzle his face against her abdomen, reaching fingers up to brush lightly against her cheek with a smile.

Athena gives a light shrug as she says softly. "Well I don't know, I'm not a man and it's hard to see what I'm doing from your point of view." She giggles.

"Sweetheart, if'n ya weren't as awesome as ya are, Ah dunno if'n Ah could be as enthusiastic as Ah am." He teases, giving her another nuzzle into her stomach, fingers curling around her wrist.

Athena me sticks her tongue out at him. "Don't let that ego get too over-inflated, it might backfire silly." She says to him.

L'ton sticks his tongue out quickly in return, though then he's looking up at her with large eyes, pouting a bit. "What, am Ah not enthusiastic enough fer ya? Ah can show ya how enthusiastic Ah can be.."

Athena looks towards L'ton with a soft laugh as she moves to sit up to kiss his nose. "Sure, I don't mind being shown." She winks. "Show away Weyrsecond."

L'ton's pout turns rather quickly into a wide grin as he's scrambling to sit back up, fingers moving to curl in her hair as he catches her for a long kiss. "Ah'm glad ya still want me.." He murmurs, breaking away for a moment, resting his forehead against hers.

Athena says softly as she looks in his eyes. "I love you, of course I want you. If I had my way, I'd love to have you all to myself but well, I just want to know that I am special to you for more than just lovemaking silly."

"O'course yer special, sweets. Ah dun ask just every greenrider ta move ta Ista, now." He replies in a tone that is somewhat amused, though he's being perfectly serious.

Athena nods quietly as she hears Eledath gripping about something or other, the green is definitely showing signs of proddiness and that seems to have a bit of an effect on poor Athena too. She looks towards L'ton and smiles. She hasn't been so happy as she has been since he's been spending more time with her.

L'ton grins at her, watching her smile with an equally happy expression on his face. After a moment, he tilts his head. "Whatcha nodding about, lil bit?" Twisting a strand of hair around his finger, he watches her with amusement. "Eledath?"

Athena nods quietly as she looks over towards L'ton. "Yeah… you didn't notice her out in the clearing when you got here?"

"Ah saw her as Ah went by but.." And then it seems that he's getting a bit of information passed on from Dhonzayth, and he's tilting his head. "Shards, ya didn't tell me she was getting ta that point, lil'bit.."

Athena replies quietly. "I thought Dhonzayth would have figured it out from her." She looks towards him as she says a bit nervously. "Part of me is scared of what will happen when she rises… what if Dhonzayth doesn't catch her…"

"He was talking a bit, but he dun usually tell meh, unless he thinks that Ah'm gonna make him leave, and leave tha gal." L'ton explains softly, giving her a bit of a smile, before kissing the tip of her nose. "Ah'll take off with ya either way." He offers as a solution. "But, ya should have faith in Dhon."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she says quietly. "What are you going to do? Tell all the male riders to stay away from me?" She sticks her tongue out at him. "Or just steal me away somewhere at the first signs she'll rise?"

"Mmm, Dhonzayth'll tell me when she's gonna go up. Ah'll just come and lock ya up with meh, so they can't have ya, even if they want ya." And he pulls her into his arms. "Of course, if ya'd rather have one of them.." He teases, even as Dhonzayth has decided that Eledath needs his protection.

Athena nods as she looks towards him and smiles. "Well it's not me that goes out picking the males… somehow she will do her own thing at times."

"Well, Dhonzayth says that he's gonna catch her, and it'll all be alright. Said he's missed her, ta." L'ton chuckles, grinning at her and leaning in to steal a kiss. "Ah hope he's right… Ah like ya with a flight."

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