Sophyrinth Rises, Again

Xanadu Weyr - Garden
An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place. On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.
Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.
The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also eluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic. The two paths leading away from the entrance have come full circle, wrapping around to meet each other on the other side, yet still continue on to the far left and right. One path leads off deeper into the surrounding woods, while the other wider; cheerily decorated with brightly colored slabs of painted stones.

It's early morning in Xanadu, a soft mist still clinging to the ground. It's an odd sight to see S'ya up so early, the greenrider resting against a tree, a notebook in hand as she writes frantically. "Sharding deadlines." She mutters to herself, taking a moment to scratch her nose before setting back to work. She's minus her son this morning, the baby no doubt in the care of the nannies, seems she's awfully busy with whatever she's working on. Surprisingly enough, despite her now glowing green she's not wearing her usual proddy outfit, instead she's just wearing sweats. Weird…

Laria walks into the garden area and looks around. She appears to be looking for a certain plant. Lari wanders about as she looks her path brings her near the sitting greenrider. "Hello"

Early in Xanadu means even earlier in Ista. Or, if you prefer, later, as its certainly not far after midnight on the tropical isle. Yet, L'ton is at Xanadu, with a bluerider in tow, and it seems that she's being given a brief tour of the best places to enjoy the day. "So, ya just gotta come here, or check out the beach, kay? Ah dun think mah meetings'll go all day, then Ah'll show ya some more stuff, okay?" He questions, carefully tugging the bluerider's hand, finally pausing as he finishes his rambling to turn back to Niah with a smile. Reaching to ruffle her hair, he pauses mid motion as spots S'ya beyond her, giving the greenrider a rather bizarre look.

Niah follows like a lost canine, holding onto L'tons hand and staying close to him. The bluerider is wearing the biggest smile on her face, nodding and looking around at this somewhat unfamiliar place. "Alright, just nervous about leaving the boys alone." Glancing at him worriedly but her smile is back in an instant and she sighs, "I might just lay on the beach, I have not had any time for just me in a few months." Tilting her head the shy young woman looks at the greenrider and then back at L'ton, "Do.. do we know her?" She asks getting quieter and moving to stand more behind him.

Aoriya often visits Xanadu to see her parents, and this morning is no exception. Then she spots L'ton, Laria and S'ya. Niah as well. "Hey Tonny!" Her nickname for L'ton. "What's up man?" She hurries over, keeping a watchful eye on S'ya. "What /is/ she so busy with?" She wonders.

S'ya is consumed by her work. She's biting her bottom lip as she writes, humming or tapping her foot in time. When Laria issues her greeting she puts out a hand, signaling that she's busy and can't talk. Her pace quickens however and once she's done she looks up brightly, smiling at the unfamiliar rider. "Morning!" She says cheerfully, exhaling and setting her things down before stretching loudly. "Wait, morning! Shards, I have been up all night and this is all I got?" She whines, looking down at the sheet before her before getting to her feet a bit unsteadily. She eyes the gathering crowd curiously before stripping off her jacket, a revealing top displayed. Seems she's not acting that off. "Oh my, and here I thought I could be alone with my thoughts." She says with a giggle, moving towards the knot of riders. "Of course you do, silly. We meet in the bar last time, remember?" She asks Niah before gesturing at her things in order to answer Aoriya. "Just writing a little something."

Laria grins. "Yep it's morning."

"What she said.." L'ton chuckles, pulling Niah from behind him, trying to anchor her to the ground next to him with an arm over her shoulders. Waggling fingers at Laria and then Aoriya, he offers what seems to be a slightly tired smile, even as he's reaching for the sheet that S'ya had. "Lemme see whatcha did get, sweets." Grinning, he shakes his head a bit more, winking. "Ah knew Dhonzayth had more of a reason ta want ta be early than just he likes the morning." And the he's ducking to murmur to Niah, "This is gonna be a whole lot more fun than ya were expecting."

Niah has her eyes focused on S'ya, everything she does and all her little actions being watched intently. "Oh, she's the oh.. no no no." Shaking her head quickly, as she's stuck next to L'ton she clings to him reaching one arm around his back to make sure he isn't going anywhere. Her hands have begun to tremble slightly, eyes on the ground, even when Aoriya introduces herself she doesn't acknowledge the brownrider. "Fun.. don't let any one take off with me." She utters before lapsing into silence, eyes glazed.

Aoriya eyes S'ya, then her glowing lifemate and throws up her hands with a sigh. "What /did/ you write?" She asks curiously. "Hey L'ton let me see!" She cries in disapointment. The expression on her face is cute. "Lemme /see!/" Aoriya whines playfully.

S'ya waggles a finger slowly at L'ton when he asks to see what she's written, snatching up the paper quickly. "Afraid it is a secret, love." She says before winking at the L'ton and Aoriya, moving closer to Niah. "You look a bit tense, are you okay?" She asks with mild concern, her hazel eyes scanning the bluerider before she turns to flash Laria a smile. "And a lovely morning at that. So was just saying how she wanted to show the world a few new tricks. Kept saying she has been too cramped here on the ground."

Laria chuckles softly and nods, though appears somewhat lost "Who is cramped here on the ground? If you don't mind me asking that is…"

"Ah'm sure it is, Ah'm sure it is." But it seems that L'ton's not going to chase after the paper anymore, instead reaching to grab at S'ya, hoping to manage to somehow plant kiss in the vicinity of the greenrider's lips. "And, Ah'm sure she does think its too cramped, Ah mean, with everything else that's down here ta. Not like them clouds up there. Dhonzayth says he'll play." He winks, squeezing Niah's shoulders to try and comfort her.

Laria's brain is obviously elsewhere. She smacks her forehead. "Nevermind…"

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth has been taking a nap. The petite green is curled up into a tight ball, her body raising and falling in time with her breathing. Slowly she unlids her eyes, a large dragon yawn issued as she slowly gets to her feet and stretches out. After smacking her maw together a few more times she gives out another great big yawn before spreading out her frail wings, fanning herself with them. Seems she's trying to wake herself up properly.

"Nothing wrong, ma'am nothing at all." Niah's a horrid liar, her lips shake even as she says the words, clinging to her boyfriend thingy. L'tons squeeze is comforting and she just follows him, not letting go and eyes briefly taking in the faces around her. Otherwise, the bluerider is very quiet, seeming a bit lost in her lifemate.

Aoriya growls and leans in behind L'ton, trying to get within whispering range. Yet try as she might she can't sit on the ground like she is /and/ lean in to whisper embarassing insults in L'ton's ear. "FLIRT." She harumphs. "Save kissing for when your bronze actually /wins/. Either that or save it for M'iken." She scolds.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth has got an eye for these things, as it were, and thus practically since landing Dhonzayth has had eyes only for the sleeping ball of green that is Sophyrinth. Perhaps the purple that touches her wings is what gives away her movement first, for as she stretches, Dhonzayth's own wings spread, and he's trumpeting a greeting, call loud in the still morning air, attempting to cause the green to stir.

"Sophyrinth is cramped, love." S'ya says with a giggle to Laria, running a hand through her hair before easily evading L'ton's kiss. The morning air is making someone awfully playful, unlike her lifemate. "Is that so? Well, So says that though your Dhon is awfully pretty, no one will be able to match her standards today. After all, pretty in nice but there are better things than that." When Aoriya sets to scolding L'ton she moves closer to the Igenite, moving to give the girl a kiss but quickly pulling away. Tease! "You speak the truth, love but a little kissing never hurt anyone."

Dhonzayth> Savoireth warbles a warm greeting to the wakening green. He looks her over appreciatively from nose to tail.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh is fully awake and watching every move of the goregous shiny creature. The blue is keeping his distance from her while she stretches, tilting his head from side to side. He still attempts to show off his masculine side, arching her neck and pushing out his chest. As she opens her wings his start to open, but he is not ready to launch just yet instead he hummms lightly to the pretty green.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth has been crouched in the grass wiggling his tail like a feline contemplating a pounce. He half unfolds his wings, ready to spring on his pray the instant Sophyrinth takes off. He peers through the grass, eyes gleaming a deep plumb as he leers at the green.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth blinks a few times at all the trumpeting and attention she's getting. Suddenly something snaps in that dragon brain of hers and she ruffles her wings back at the males before strutting towards the pack, head held high. She walks down the line, tail trailing behind her and flicking quickly. She delicately places her violet speckled paws down one at a time, making sure to stretch out her hind legs nice and good, wouldn't want to strain anything. Once she's made her way through the wannabe suitors she starts heading further away, stopping suddenly and wagging her back end playfully, her eyes whirling quickly in delight.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth croons as Sophyrinth suddenly seems to take note of his handsome brassy self - and well, of course of those other males too. Rocking gently back onto his hindquarters, he croons, urging her on as she delicately shows them her paces, stretching out his next to watch her with each step. Of course, if he could whistle, he probably would, and as she continues to wander, leaving him behind, he's quick to try and catch up, tail trailing behind him. Where are you going!? As there is a wiggled green rear, he settles, gaze only on her as he crouches low to the ground. Ready when you are, miss.

Dhonzayth> Savoireth rumblechuckles at Sophyrinth's antics. His wings unfurl revealing waterfall sails. Savoireth is posed and waiting, watching Sophyrinth's every move, ready to spring when she does.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh keeps his distance, snuffling a bit but on edge for any sudden personality changes that may occur. As she struts his eyes never leave her wings, watching every little twitch and turn very carefully for changes of any kind. Humming delight as she passes he crouches low to the ground, prepared to follow at a moments notice. While other seem to be trying to push her forward, Celi remains a gentleman and waits for her to make the next move.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth croons, stalking Sopyrinth. His whirling eyes increasing in speed never leaving the green. His tail twitches eagerly as he watches her. Creeping through the foliage, the brown is content to watch for now.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth keeps on waggling, head facing the group of males, wings twitching in anticipation. She's gonna launch! At least that's what it looks like. Instead the tiny green is running, turning on a dime and then heading straight for the males. She seems intent on barreling into them, and what a disaster that would be, but luckily she jumps up before that. Her delicate wings beat down fiercely, hoping to cover those dragons on the ground with dust and dew. Catch me if you can, boys! She trumpets with delight, her petite glowing green body lifting higher and higher into the misty morning sky by the second.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth is alarmed, to the say the very least. For despite the relatively small size of the green suddenly turning on her heel and charging after him, there is still a green turning on her heel and charging after him. Trumpeting, he's rocking back on his haunches, losing the crouch that had him ready to take off after the green at a mere moment's notice. Only after Sophyrinth is aloft does Dhonzayth manage to recover, finally taking the first few crucial downstrokes that lift him away from the damp ground and into the damp sky. And so the brassy-boy is finally aloft, and giving a good chase and he tries to close the distance between himself and that darn green.

Dhonzayth> Savoireth ducks his head as the gren takes off close to his head. He trumpets to her and launches his storm blue body into the sky. A strong downsweep of wings and he is arrowing after the lovely glowing green.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth leaps nimbly into the air after Sophyrinth, streaking in her wait. Dust and dew did indeed sprinkle his nose, the flame brown crooning charmingly to the green. His bellow of excitement at her stunt echos through the sky and he powers his way through the morning air, caroling an eager melody.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh has good reason to keep his distance, but as she starts to charge he backs up a step just before the pretty green gem is in the air. He quickly follows launching upwards after her, bugling loudly to her and following quickly. He keeps his eyes locked on her tail though all the dust makes it hard. With quick strokes he twirls uneccesarily, just as happy to be in the air as he is to be chasing.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth is too busy enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing against her hide to pay much attention to the pack of males she's leading on. She delights in twisting and turning, barrel rolling down towards the group and managing to narrowly escape their claws. She's too fast, too agile, too /perfect/. Yes, that's her, perfect! And though many a male may wish to join her dance, they're barking up the wrong tree. The petite green continues to dive bomb the group, singling out the larger and thus slower dragons and harassing them playfully. The smaller and quicker ones aren't spared, she's ready to out fly them, after all how dare they try and upstage her! Evil little thing.

Dhonzayth> Savoireth swerves as she does, though when she dives he stas put as she will most likely rise again into the upper skies. Arms and legs are tucked tight giving his body a streamlined appearance.

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth would happily be harassed by a glowing Sophyrinth any day, that's for certain. More than willing to let the tiny green tire herself out with the various twists and turns, rolls and spins, he's dodging out of the way of her attacks with only slightly more agility than he showed below on the ground. Yet, he's not dropping down just because there's a pretty little thing like So right there. And so, as she continues to harass the males, he's seemingly decided to put an end to it, for as she dodges, he's stretching out limbs and neck, attempting to snag her. Perfection deserves… Perfection?

Dhonzayth> Omasuth growls in annoyance, but his eyes whirl with excitement as the green harasses the males. He manages a charming croon, but then he is one of those that miss the delicate dancing green. Instead of trying right out to grab her, he follows her closely. He uses his brown endurance and strength to keep up with her, waiting for the female to tire.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh follows recklessly, not really watching the green as closely as most. Though she is hard to miss as she comes back towards them he moves quickly out of the way, mustn't have her get nasty and hurt his perfect purple hide. Crooning to her he watches her every move and attempts to imitate everything she does and then add something. As she drops down so does he, he chases fast but not using much in the way of brains, instead trying to out fly her, opening his wings and showing off, as much for the lady as for his own pleasure.

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth easily dodges Dhonzayth's attempts at snagging her, the green flicking her tail at the bronze as way of taunting him. Too bad, so sad! She lets herself drop heavily, wings tucked close to her tiny frame. She's heading right towards Omasuth now, breaking at the last minute before suddenly twirling around him, bugling with delight. Yes, she was growing tired after each attempt to frustrate the males but it was worth it, after all she was able to show them how superior she was. She was the glowing goddess of the hour, many would rise after her but none in the same way, at least we can hope. She's more wary of the blues, keeping her distance as she twists and turns around Savoireth first and then sets to outflying Celiketh. She's ahead of the pack now and flying fast but it's clear that she can't keep it up. Without warning her strength fails her, the exhaustion in her limbs suddenly becoming painfully obvious. With a bugle of alarm she's free falling and not of her own will, let's hope the boys aren't too annoyed to catch!

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth should have known than to take an early attempt at snagging the green, even as his rider should know better than to try an early attempt at snagging a greenrider. Yet, despite the miss - for the time being - he's finding his stride once again, taking the time that Sophyrinth wastes trying to rustle the proverbial feathers of the other males to resettle into an even pattern. And thus, as she's fleeing the males after her kamekazi-like attacks, he's once in pursuit. She shall not escape! And as she's suddenly falling, Dhonzayth is stretching out once more, hoping to snag her this time as she seems to lack the energy she had earlier to dodge.

Dhonzayth> Savoireth folds his wings and dives for Sophyrinth, wings snap open slowing him as he reaches out for the glimmering green crooning as he does so, hoping that he is the one who wins her.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh has had his fun, and flys faster and harder as she attempts to out fly him. Of course she does but he's still close to her tail, he presses forward using all his strength and whatever cunning he may posses to catch up to her. But then she is starting to slow and he is in a good position to catch and hold this shiny dancing gem, he's purple and she's a little purple the color scheme is perfect. Tucking his wings close to his body he gives on last stroke, surging forward and rolling onto his back he opens his wings and attempts to pull her towards him.

Dhonzayth> Omasuth bellows in a draconic 'whoooo hoooo!' as he spins as fast as he can after Sophyrinth. Then she falls and he bugles in excitement, chasing after Sophyrinth like a kamikaze fighter. A roar of delight as he carefully half closes and turns his wings. He reaches out, closing in, closing in, closing in……

Dhonzayth> Sophyrinth continues to plunge towards the ground, a pitiful little warble replacing her once confident bellowing. Things aren't looking good for the green. As one by the one the males attempt to pluck her out of the sky she tries to actually grasp out for them. Failure. That is until a certain bronze comes along. His first attempt at trying to secure her may have failed but this time it's the green that snags a hold of the bronzer, digging her claws into Dhonzayth. Save me!

Dhonzayth> Dhonzayth will have some nice marks to show for it, but he'll also have the tiny green, at least for the time being. Trumpeting a bit as he slows So's descent, he carefully stabilizes them, and settles for keeping them aloft.

Dhonzayth> Savoireth croons as he heads for the ground and Laria.

Dhonzayth> Celiketh misses and watches as Dhonzayth catches, though instead of going back to his rider he goes towards the beach. Well niah will be happy.

Now, its every man's great dilemma. What to do? There's a S'ya, right there… and he's slowly reaching out towards her, even, however, as Niah is still clinging to him preventing him from really going anywhere. Greenrider, bluerider, greenrider…

Niah continues to cling, he's hers and she isn't sure what to do accept that she can't let go. Not saying anything, she just holds on and says "Do.. do you wanna go tonny?" Asking in the sweetest of possible voices.

S'ya had been clinging to her tree during the last of the flight, the fear coursing through her lifemate having been a bit too much for her. As the flight ends she lets out a sigh of relief, finally removing herself from the trunk. Why would she want to cling to something like that when there was bronzer on the menu. The dilemma isn't much noted, she's got one thing on her mind as she attaches herself to L'ton, already starting to pull him away. "Three is fine but now, Tonny!" She asks with a wild look in her hazel eyes, reaching out to grab Niah too. That'll work.

Aoriya breaks out of Omasuth's mating plunge just in time to hear S'ya use her nickname for L'ton. She hurries off to go for a swim to wind down from the flight, but her laughter is heard in her wake.

Niah will go along at this point, looking uncertain but she has him and she seems certain that he won't let anything happen to her. "Ok.. where are we." Still very lost and following along, she'll just go along and see what happens. Still very lost in the flight, she's starting to fumble with the buttons on L'tons shirt and they go.

Well, then, that solves that. L'ton seems to have no decision to have to worry about. And he's happily being drug along by S'ya. "Ah'm coming, dun ya worry…" And Niah is on the other side, and he's tugging her too.

S'ya steers the two riders off to a more secluded section of the garden. Seems she can't wait any longer. Poor Istans, maybe they'll think twice about visiting Xanadu when greens are glowing.


Xanadu Weyr - S'ya's Weyr(#6263RJ)

Scattered clothes, wine bottles and just about everything else cover the floor of S'ya's usually tidy weyr. The greenrider is currently sprawled on her bed, nestling into her covers as she gives off a content sigh. Certainly was an interesting flight and even more interesting outcome. Sophyrinth is currently basking in the sun with the winner, leaving her human counterpart to deal with not one but two riders. The more the merrier, right?

In L'ton's book, the more /girls/, certainly the merrier. As there's a S'ya nestled into the covers on one side of him, sighing contently, L'ton is shifting to pull her a bit closer, stirring enough to give her a bit of a kiss. And then, as his consciousness is slowly returning, the presence of another registers and he's pulling that one closer too. Dhonzayth, meanwhile, is happy with one, and is currently more than willing to stay warm with So.

Unexpected out come indeed, for one so lesbaphobic this is very different for Niah. All the mess is being ignored, her eyes tightly shut and she's still holding onto her L'ton. She did somethings she would never admit to, and as he pulls her closer she nuzzles into his chest keeping her eyes closed and staying quiet. As the moments tick on she opens an eye, spotting the other woman and blushing so bright that it may infact be permanent, hiding her face in his neck she sighs.

S'ya giggles as the bronzer pulls her in for a smooch. Seems this greenrider isn't going anywhere this afternoon. "Sleep well, love?" She asks lazily as she moves to rest her own head on his chest, that is until she realizes they're being joined by another. "Oh?" She asks, having completely forgotten Niah in all the rush of post flight ecstasy. "Ooh." She says finally as comprehension dawns before pouting at L'ton. That was /her/ chest! Sniff.

"How could Ah not, with two beautiful women like ya here?" He murmurs as he stretches out slightly, fingers trailing over each of their backs as he glances down at them. Fingers press gently into Niah's shoulder, reassuring her slightly. "Ah mean, less yer gonna kick meh out, Ah could prolly lie here for a while longer."

Niah eyes get big as the reality of the current situation hit her. "Tonny.. did we, wake me up? I am having a really bad weird dream could you wake me up?" Asking quietly in his ear and scooting a bit, she might share a little of him with her. Tracing her fingers along his collarbone, up his neck and jaw, stopping at his ear to rub his earlobe and then pulling her hand back. Her eyes wander around the weyr, and she says nervously to S'ya. "I-I like the purple." Not sure how to deal with this situation, it's a dream anyways what she says doesn't matter. Right?

S'ya seems to relax when L'ton caresses her back, the greenrider snuggling into the crook of his neck instead. She can improvise! She gives him a little kiss on the neck, tickling him with her breath before looking over at Niah. "How about you, love?" She asks with a grin as the bluerider moves over a bit. "Do you? I thought it went well with everything. Adds a nice touch." She says happily to Niah before stretching loudly. "Shards, I cannot believe how long we were at it. Well, there were three of us but still." She giggles moving to playfully twirl Niah's hair between her fingers. "Darling, you /must/ come by my weyr more often. I can tell you all about my color choices and decor." She sends a flirty wink the womans way before resting her chin on the bronzers chest.

"Ya are awake, sweetheart. Dun worry though, Ah mean, ain't like we did nothing bad." L'ton offers, trying to comfort the bluerider, though he's shivering a bit as both of them play with his neck. "Hey now.." He murmurs, giving them each a kiss in turn again, arms still wrapped around them and keeping them close - though more so Niah, so that she doesn't suddenly take off. "As long as y'all enjoyed yerselves.." He chuckles, before settling back down and letting the women talk about color and decor.

Niah blushes but lets S'ya play with her hair, still pretty convinced she's asleep. It seems this has Niah acting oddly, what are her dreams normally like, one might wander as she reaches up to stroke S'ya's hair. "I guess I could do that, it is nice.. all the purple." Getting quiet and she runs her hands through his hair, and as he says she is awake she says "What?.. no.. this is." Eyes are huge and she is shocked, pulling her hand back and pulling her knees up.. "Oh dear. What have I done." Burying her face in a pillow she stays very still.

S'ya gives off a little huff when she notices that L'ton keeps Niah closer, even if it was so that he could prevent her from fleeing. When Niah starts to play with her own hair though, she beams, giggling. That is until she buries her face in the pillow. Without warning she gets to her feet, not caring that she's wearing only her birthday suit, and moves over to pour herself a glass of wine. "Exactly, love. I mean, you are not afraid of girls, are you?" She asks with a little smile, gesturing the bottle towards the pair as an offer.

"Aw, dun leave me, S'ya… Ya should just bring the bottle back here…" L'ton sulks a bit, even as he's gently rubbing Niah's back, trying to hide his amusement. "Ya ain't done nothing, Niah. Ah mean, it happens, Celi was up there, ya weren't thinking clearly.." Or something like that. Petting the bed next to him, he tries to lure the greenrider back with a pout, even as he tugs the sheets up a bit more.

Niah watches L'ton quietly and uncurls herself, at S'ya's question she simply shrugs. Stuttering a bit, her voice is naturally quiet and she makes no eye contact. Almost like a puppy who's expecting to be beaten, "Y-yes.. Ma'am." She replies, calling the younger woman Ma'am and taking a deep breath, "At-at least you're not as crazy as the last.. one." Blushing even brighter, if it's possible and pressing her body against L'ton. "Could.. could I maybe get some wine?" Asking very quietly, and then rambling "It's yours and I am so sorry that I followed along if you are at all unhappy I could leave and I really should because my babies are with nannies and.." Lost for words she nuzzles into his neck, clinging to her man, well sorta her man, she owns stock in him.

S'ya seems half tempted by L'ton, never one to resist a man sulking. She takes a few steps forward before suddenly verging off to her closet, pulling a night gown over her bed before joining the pair already situated on it. "Of course you have not done something wrong. It is perfectly natural for you to want to follow through with what your dragon is doing during flights. All that pent of sexual tension, have to release it somehow." She says to Niah before offering her cup to the bluerider. L'ton is ignored for the moment, seems the greenie is a bit sore with the man. "Of course not, love. You are no bother at all. And I hope you do come to visit me sometime. We should get to know each other better outside of flights."

L'ton looks a bit pathetic, though he doesn't seem too phased by the fact that she's grabbed a robe, instead looking at her with wide eyes, and still that darn pout. "What Ah do?" He murmurs softly to the greenrider, even as he gently pets the bluerider on the back. But then, it seems that not only are the pair are going to talk, that there's someone else looking for L'ton. Someone who probably wouldn't hesitate to come bursting through S'ya's door. After a moment of looking at the two there in the bed with him, he's reluctantly getting to his feet, giving them each a kiss in turn should they allow it, before finding his clothes and stealthily sneaking out, with a backwards glance to them.

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