Late Night Soak

Ista Weyr - Hot Springs
This cavern off the lower caverns is fairly large, and quite warm. As you step inside, you notice the dominating feature of this room, which is a number of large pools, filled with water from a underground spring. Steam rising from each of the pools speaks of the underground thermal which heats them to comfortably warm temperatures.
Around the room sit various benches and hooks for holding everything from towels to clothing. Near the pools are small containers of sweetsand for the folks that come in to not only relax, but wash. Several of the pools are set back in the wall, within small caverns to give privacy to the occupants. Near one pool, a crack emits a heated steam which mingles with that off the pools to cloud the air.

It's later in the evening, a good number of people are happily sleeping in there beds. No one else is in the hot springs for once, so it's perfect for Niah to come and soak away her troubles and sorrows. All her stuff is neatly hung on a hook, bathrobe and slipper beneath, steam rises up and she's chest deep in water eyes closed as if she might be asleep.

There may have been no one else there, but that is no longer the case, for it seems that L'ton has stealthily made his way down to the hot springs as well, when Dhonzayth passed on that Niah had left her ledge. Almost silently, he's leaving his clothes on a bench, moving to slide into the water next to Niah, just watching her with a bit of a smile.

Clearly in her own little world, she doesn't so much as shift when he comes in and yawns a bit before realizing that someone is next to her. Jumping a bit, as best she can in the water she squeaks and pushes herself away from L'ton, blinking and looking around. With sigh she says, "You scared me." Moving quickly to his side but staying where he can't reach her.

L'ton reaches for her wrist as she jumps and tries to scoot away, but then she's out of his reach and he's looking after her with wide eyes. "Hey now.." He murmurs, shaking his head. "Ah didn't mean ta scare ya, ya just looked so peaceful, Ah didn't wanna wake ya up just cause." He shrugs a bit, watching her, but not yet grabbing.

Niah scoots a bit closer, "It's ok." Saying with a quiet, shy voice, not making eye contact and sucking on her lip. "Was not expecting anyone to show up." Getting a bit closer to him yet again, and reaching out to run a finger along his collarbone. "I am fine with being woken up, by you." Blushing, before scooting to his side.

"Still ya were just so cute, Ah didn't wanna bother ya." He offers softly, gaze watching her, dropping his eyes to the finger on his collarbone, reaching slowly to take her hand and fold his fingers through hers, leaning to try and get a kiss. "Well, ya weren't there for me ta wake up, earlier."

Niah squeezes his hand gently as there fingers intertwine, letting him have his kiss and then dunks under water. Pulling her hand from his and coming back up, hair all over her face, she splashes at him playfully and swims out of reach "Does Mai know you're here?" Asking from the other side of the pool and inching forward.

L'ton starts pouting as she pulls away, and then disappears out of the water. Making a face as he's splashed, he's wincing away, before looking after her where she disappeared. "She went ta her parents fer a few days, while she can still between. Wanted ta see 'em again, before Ah go get 'em when she's about ta pop." So, perhaps it was a lonely night in the L'ton-bed.

Niah makes it very apparent she's in a good mood, swimming back over to him and saying "So, does that mean that tonight I can have you? I mean.. Zaenar is up there and really she wouldn't notice if you spent the night with me and of course the boys wake every few hours and." HEr face falls a bit as she rambles "I guess.. you probably do not want to stay with me." Moving to lay her head on his shoulder, pushing her wet hair out of her face.

L'tonwatches her as she comes swimming back, grinning a bit. "It does mean that ya can have me tonight.." He agrees with a nod, chuckling at her list of reasons that he may not want to. "Its fine, sweets, its fine. Ah'd like ta come up… We'd just have ta be quiet." He teases her, helping push the hair out of her face, giving her a smile, and a kiss to the tip of her nose.

Niah smiles brightly, "You really mean it?" Asking, and taking a deep breath. Gently relaxing she lets it be nice and quiet. As he mentions them having to be quiet she turns bright red, nodding "I-I won't have a problem with that.. but well you might." WHispering in his ear and ducking her head, suprised at how bold she's become.

"Ah really mean it.." He reassures her with a chuckle, ruffling her hair a bit as he settles his arm over her shoulder, dropping his gaze with amusement to determine just how far her blush goes. "Well, Ah can't help it, what ya do ta me.." He murmurs back in her ear, leaning to kiss her softly, with a grin.

Niah cuddles up to L'tons side, giggling at his kiss, "It's not my fault, I can not help that." Nuzzling into his neck, she allows her eyes to close again very relaxed. Letting her hands wander over him, fingers very lightly tracing his chest and stomach.

L'ton chuckles a bit, shifting under her very light touch, squirming a bit even as he keeps her next to him with a tight arm around her shoulder. Leaning to catch her for a long kiss, he opens his eyes to meet her gaze, smiling. "So, have ya ever regretted that day on the beach?"

Niah leans forward, placing her hand on his other shoulder and kissing back, holding it and softly enjoying him. SHaking her head quickly, "Never, I still do not understand why you like me." Looking down at herself and back up at him, "Look at those other girls, and.. then me?"

"Cause yer sexy, cause yer so cute an innocent. Ah know where ya've been. Them other girls? S'ya and Suri, and Sari? They use meh, just like Ah use them. We enjoy each other, and then we go on ta enjoy someone else. Ain't the same." L'ton justifies, giving her another soft kiss as he rests his forehead against hers, moving to settle her on his knees rather than beside him. Easier to hold.

Niah brightens at his description, letting him pull her onto his knees and leaning back against him, turning her face so she can nuzzle into his neck. "Well, I have only had two people.. and I do not think L'ren wanted to keep me. I certainly did not want him around forever."

"Two? What, me and L'ren? There was that greenrider too.." L'ton offers softly - perhaps he should have learned by now its best not to bring it up, but oops. Tightening his hold around her middle, he's leaning to kiss her now and again, with a grin. "Ah think L'ren prefers boys. Ain't sure, but… Ah wasn't gonna stick 'round ta find out."

Niah's eyes are now huge, biting on her lip and turning to straddle his knees. If he allows she's now facing him. "We..well.. do not count those incidents." A bright blush on her face she kisses along his neck. "Well.. I had never, before L'ren.. and I figured after 22 turns that maybe I should. Once. It wasn't all that nice." Grimacing and kissing his neck again.

L'ton helps her shift around, resting his hands on her thighs as she's now facing him, stealing a glance before looking back at her face with a smile. "Works fer me." And then he's tilting his head some, sighing happily as she kisses his neck. "Ah'm sorry sweets.. Ah hope that its a bit different now… And Ah wish Ah could have made it so yer first time weren't what it was."

Niah puts a finger on his chin, running her fingertip gently along his lips and sighing happily. "I guess, what it was because of you." Rambling a bit nervously to explain herself, her voice is very gentle and reflective "You left L

Niah puts a finger on his chin, running her fingertip gently along his lips and sighing happily. "I guess, what it was because of you." Rambling a bit nervously to explain herself, her voice is very gentle and reflective "You left L'ren, and so I went with him. Celiketh felt sorry for him, I was scared and alone. He was there." SMiling to try and take some of the edge off her words, if there is any edge at all "Now, I have you and you me. Everything is so much different, but wonderful."

L'ton gently kisses her finger, giving her a bit of a smile. "Wait, ya were that rider? When Mai.." He shakes his head slowly, as he realizes he had seen the bluerider before, and then he's giving her a soft kiss. "Ah do, and ya do. And its okay. And, Ah'd like ta think ya ain't worried 'bout that anymore." That being the word she just can't bring herself to say.

Biting on her lower lip she ducks down to lay her lips on his neck, moving up and sucking on his earlobe. Whispering "Yes, you and M'iken where there. Then, you left and it was just me and L'ren." Explaining and lapsing into a pleasant silence, sucking on his ear lobe and nipping at his neck "We should get something to drink, before going up to the weyr." She suggest with a smile, "How often do I get to have you all to myself? I wanna enjoy it."

L'ton shivers a bit more, hands on her sides, scotting her closer to him. "Well, now its just us.. Dhon ain't just lost, but Ah think that we'll enjoy ourselves enough ta make it seem like he just did." And then she's continuing to nip at his neck and earlobe and his fingers tighten a bit. "Whatever ya want love, whatever ya want.." Putty in her hands? Certainly.

Niahs breath is coming faster and she pushes away from him, "Shall we? We could go the sands and get a drink." Kissing him on the cheek and rising out of the water, it seems if he wants her he will have to follow along. Looking around she sighs, "Do you see my towel? I.. well I was very sure I put it near my robe."

"Nah, we can stop by the Sands and get some stuff ta take with us. Ah ain't letting ya away from meh fer that long, and Ah dun think they'd appreciate it, at the Sands." He comments, amused, even as he's stretching and moving along after her. As she pauses to look for her towel he sneaks behind her, wrapping his arms around her. "Who needs a towel.." Persistant, any?

Niah squeaks, "No, we.. people in sands would be watching!" Totally shocked at how bold he is, "When we get back, the boys get me first. Then I am all yours" With the arms she turns her head, moving her hair so her cheek can rest on his chest "I do, then my robe, and then clothes."

"See? So, we ain't stopping there fer long." After a moment, he reluctantly steps away from her after a lingering kiss to get her a towel, draping it over her shoulders, and moving to find his own. "Fine, how 'bout ya go ta the boys, Ah'll get the alcohol, and then we ain't wasting no time?" He's mostly dry as he's tugging on his pants, wincing slightly but then grinning at her never the less.

"That can work, get something fruity. Alcohol could effect the boys if I am not careful, so make it light." Niah explains, happily sighing as she has a towel over her shoulders. Drying off she wraps her hair up and slips into her robe. "Meet me in my weyr, unless you do not want to come." Batting her eyes a bit, small innocent smile on her face. "I could just go to bed." Walking out she moves with a bit of an exagerated walk that shows off her legs and backside.

"Shards, Ah ain't letting ya get out of this, Niah… Not now." Watching her go, he mmms softly, before grabbing the rest of his things and heading off to get the alcohol for them, keeping her instructions in mind.

Ista Weyr - Celiketh's Sinking Ship(#10142RJ)
The ledge has a few chunks taken out of it, and you can see where dragon talons have reshaped the rock over the turns. Near the door to the weyr are a few potted plants, and two large rocks presumably to hold the doors of the weyr open on a nice day.
Inside the weyr the walls are a lilac blue, soft and mild coloring. The entrance has a rug of dark midnight blue in front a navy blue sofa which is adorned by a baby blue blanket a pillows. The place only has two windows, and both have been adorned with curtains of a blue that matches the walls. In contrast is a round table near the small kitchen area, the table is a dark maroon and four chairs that match. Sitting on the table is a vase holding a flower of white and blue, if examined closer it would be discovered the flower is fake. Further into the space behind a heavy curtain of deep crimson is a king sized bed adorned by a bright red quilt and pillows that vary from a near pink red to deep maroon. All the furniture is red, shelves along one wall hold a collections of shells, pictures and other household items. Space has been left near the bed so that Celiketh may be near Niah at night. Off to the side is a well swept dragon couch, fabric hanging near it is bright and very cheery blues, near the couch is a small collection of objects varying from yellowed leaves, shells and pieces of glass that are blue and red.

All if quiet, Zaenar asleep with Ellyza laying next to her. Niah has gone and closed all the windows, as much to keep the breeze from chilling the weyr down as to keep anyone from peaking in. Celiketh is comfortably on his couch, and the curtain has been pulled around the bed and Niah has a small very short night gown on, well it's actually a babydoll. Light blue, with small navy polka dots, covering it. Zialon is in the crib, Zion in her arms and she is laying on the bed looking down at the baby like he is the most beautiful thing in the world. Aww.

Creeping quietly from the ledge, Dhonzayth more than happy to go back to his own ledge as soon as L'ton is dismounted, the bronzerider has a pair of skins, apparently fruit juice mixed with something light. Pausing to assess the situation, he's moving heading to the bed, carefully stretching himself out next to Niah, resting his fingers lightly on Zion's head, without saying a word.

Niah listens to L'ton, turning and smiling. Spotting the skins she rises, wrapping the baby up and placing him very gently down in bed. Pulling her hair back she walks over to a mirror, staring at herself and tilting her head. Small sigh, lips thinning as she turns to one side then the other. "I need to lose another few pounds, at least." She really doesn't she finally has curves and is shaped like a woman.

L'ton smiles, watching her progress, looking over her appreciateively even as he's retrieving a pair of glasses, pouring the lightly spiked orange juice into the pair of glasses, waiting for her to rejoin him on the bed. "Ya dun need ta lose weight, sweetheart. Ah think yer wonderful the way you are. Sides, now ya have stuff ta grab." And he illustrates this point by grabbing her as soon as she's in reach.

Niah flops down on the bed turning to him and scooting forward, the grabbing gets a quickly muted squeal, wiggling and scooting away. Avoiding spilling her juice she takes the glass, sipping it gently and sucking down some of the juice and placing it on her bedside table. "Well, if the view is enough then you could go home all satisfied." She's not teasing, it's a totally innocent suggestion. (I swear).

"Sweetheart, we're way past that." He comments softly, voice enough enough, tipping his own glass back in full - just a little spiked juice never hurt anyone. And once the glass is set down - don't want to spill it, he's shifting to gently push her back against the bed, carefully straddling her waist with a grin. "The view just makes it better."

Niah giggles a little, and bites on her tongue to keep herself from being to loud. The suprise of his straddling her shows in her face and she reaches to his pants, unbuttoning them quickly, and forgetting the buttons on the shirt she starts to just pull it off.

L'ton, being L'ton, is amused at her surprise, and quickly moves to push her cute little outfit over her head, tossing it over his shoulder to the floor, before taking the time to undo enough buttons to pull his own shirt off without it getting stuck. "Right… Now, where were we.." L'ton ponders at a murmur, eyes gleaming as he looks at her.

Niah is sucking on her lip a bit nervously, shifting and saying "Not sure.. I'm ready." Horrible timing on her part, taking a deep breath she runs her hands over his chest. Under the little babydoll is, nothing. Well not nothing, niah is there in her turnday suit but otherwise, no suprises she isn't covered in sugar or wrapped up in gift wrap so he can unwrap her. Nope it's just her body, but that's more than enough.

L'ton looks a bit confused at her words. "Ya ain't?" And he's leaning down to give her a soft kiss to her lips, fingers tracing her ear and then twirling themselves in her hair. "If'n ya dun want ta, sweets, ya just gotta say something." He murmurs, giving her another kiss. Unwrapping is overrated - though he really just did, pulling off her clothes.

Niah looks a bit nervous, then says. "Can.. I try something?" Asking very sweetly, to sweet her big greenish blue eyes sparkling even in the low light. "Could. I maybe.. Oh, you wouldn't like it." Attempting to pull herself out from under him, her automatic response of trying to pull her knees to her chest is hampered by him ontop of her.

"Long as it dun involve a cold drink on mah stomach and ya running off.." He murmurs, glancing at her as she tries to move, flipping over onto his side to stretch out next to her. Watching her gaze, he chuckles, leaning to give her a long kiss. "Dun leave me?"

Niah relaxes, hands unballing as they had become fists and she shakes her head "No, no silly tonny." Speaking to him as if he is one of the boys, and not 7 turns her senior. Once he's on his side she presses him against the bed, ah-ha! "Not leaving you." Kissing him she presses herself against him and then groaning "Now." Kissing him wherever she can reach without moving and rubbing her face on his chest.

"Sure, sure… That's what they all say." And then she's pressing him into the bed and he's pulling her closer, fingers pressing into her back and keeping her there. "Good… Cause Ah dun think Ah could take it, if'n ya left me like this." And he's kissing her, giving her encouragement to stay.

Later on, Niah is laying in bed taking a deep breath and saying. "You awake?" Asking, and stroking his chest happily. "Thank you." Whispering again and getting very quiet, eyes closed almost asleep.

L'ton shifts a bit as his bedmate his shifting, and he's mming softly with a nod. Keeping his arm around her, he keeps her close to him, picking up his head enough to give her a gentle kiss. "No, thank ya sweet heart…" He murmurs.

Niah shivers being kissed, smiling back at him but getting very quiet eyes closed. After a few moments her breathing evens out, and she is apparently asleep. From the crib near the bed one of the boys whines, not crying yet just making fussy noises. Tired enough, Niah doesn't wake.

L'ton could probably fall asleep right along with Niah. After all, he just had an exhausting experience! But, as one of the boys starts to fuss, he blinks rather blurrily, giving Niah a slight nudge. "Ni?" He murmurs softly, his arm still around her.

Niah is not very willing to wake up, sighing with a groan and pulling herself up. "Could you go pick him up?" Requesting and burying herself in the covers. "Which one is it?" Both of them are dressed the same again, so it could be a guessing game.

L'ton carefully detatches himself with a soft sigh, not really wanting to move any more than she does. Glancing to make sure that Zae is still asleep, he's gathering up the fussy boy, darting back to bed and the warmth of the covers, and Niah. "Zialong, Ah guess." He wagers, at least.

Niah sits up in bed, opening her eyes and reaching out for the boy. Blinking to get the sleep out of her eyes she looks down at him, "Yes, it's my Zialon." Her voice become tender and loving, she leans down to kiss him and scoots out of L'tons reach.

"Why ya moving? Just cause yer gonna feed him doesn't mean Ah can't sit with ya.." L'ton murmurs soft, scooting a bit after her, and trying to shift to provide a good support to lean against. "Please, yer warm, Niah…"

Niah gives him big eyes, "Ok, try not to shift me around he is a very fussy eater." Situating herself and covering up with a blanket. Scooting slowly and moving so she can lean against him. Zialon has his eye open, and kicks unhappily with a blanket covering his face. Sighing she looks down at him, his eyes are open while he eats, little hands reach up trying to grab onto anything he can.

"Okay, okay, Ah'll hold still…" And hold still he does, carefully looping his arm around her as well, offering a finger to the boy as he grabs around, L'ton leaning to rest his chin on her shoulder, watching the boy eat. "How long do ya.. plan on breastfeeding 'em?"

Niah has eyes for only the baby at the moment, whispering and humming lightly. Obviously this is a routine now, stroking the childs head and rubbing her cheek against his. "I was hoping tell they're a turn old, maybe longer." Zialon keeps ahold of his father and kicks his feet, very active baby.

L'ton gently rubs her opposite shoulder, continuing to watch the boy suckling, leaning to give her a kiss on the top of her shoulder before chuckling as he kicks his feet, gently tracing his fingernail along the bottom of the baby's foot. "Ah see…"

Niah raises an eyebrow, "I just want to give them the best." Zialon doesn't stop moving his feet, though Niah shifts and shakes her head "He is done eating, I know him he's just like his father." Giggling, "He just likes to sit for a bit, I do not know how I am going to deal with him when he's older."

"Ya should.. Ah was just wondering… Ah mean. Ah dun mind sharing 'em.." And as the boy finishes eating, L'ton's fingers drop a bit to touch her chest, as if pointing out exactly what he has to share. "Ya have enough lap fer ta of 'em, Ah think. It'll be okay."

Niah looks down and blushes, "Oh, well… yes though. Those weren't, really intended for you.. as much as for the babies." Incredibly embarrased, eyes looking anywhere but at him. "They, well they get them first and then you.. I can't believe we're discussing this." She mumbles shifting and scooting down, the baby being moved and layed on her chest. Zialon gives a small yawn and his eyes are getting heavy.

L'ton seems incredibly amused by this whole thing, perhaps its lack of sleep, perhaps its the aftermath of an enjoyable evening. Either way, he's chuckling cheerfully, murmuring a soft, "Ah'm just playing with ya, sweets," As he slides back down into the bed, stretching out next to her as she settles the baby on her chest.

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