Catching Up With Zip

Ista Weyr - Main Beach(#3773RJa$)

Its a gorgeous evening to be at the beach - the sun is setting, the water aglow with the last of Rukbat's rays, and dolphins are frolicking offshore. One of those enjoying the beach is L'ton, his bronze Dhonzayth there too, the larger half of the pair stretched upon the sand while L'ton is wadding through the shallows, now and then finding a shell that goes in a pocket.

Casting a moving shadow along the shore Zipalla walks a familiar path, though perhaps somewhat more watchful this time than the last that she visited. Her eyes fall to Dhon almost immediately then scan for his rider and her eyes light up seeing him in the shallows. She approaches the big bronze first and rubs over his snout then hugs against his huge frame, "Hi there," she whispers to him then turns, seeking out her father.

Dhonzayth croons contently as he receives attention, gently whuffling the girl and extending a wing over her, even as it seems L'ton's entrance is caught by the happy greeting his lifemate is offering. Pausing in his gathering, he's turning back to look at the growing shadows, smile widening as he sees the still slightly smaller frame of Zip. "Hey sweetheart.." He offers, heading beachwards.

The crooning makes Zipalla smile and she draws gently away from Dhon to make her way to his rider. Little-girl eyes upturn to the man and she smiles, "How's my da?" she asks, reaching to curl her arms around him in a warm embrace. "Collecting shells?"

L'ton smiles widely at Zipalla, even moving to pick her up and give her a little twirl before giving her a long hug. "Ah'm good, how's mah lil'girl?" He questions, before nodding slowly, reaching into his pocket to pull out a trio of large, almost palm sized shells. "Had a few ideas fer some of the lil's, but Ah needed some shells. Ain't sure yet if'n it'll work yet, but."

Zipalla giggles and clings as he twirls her and she plants a sweet kiss to his cheek then smooches his nose playfully. "I'm good too.." She glances to the shells and smiles, "Oh what kinda idea?" she asks. She looks around once with a sort of narrow-eyed gaze then looks back to L'ton, smiling.

"Well, Ah thought that might could sorta put 'em together and make like a lil… thing ta hang over their cribs. Like with different colors and stuff. And maybe some shiny bits, ta, ta catch the light." And then there's a look back to her, arching an eyebrow. "What ya thinking lil'bit? Ya were gonna say something weren't ya?"

"Oooh that's a good idea, da," she says with a nod then she grins and raises a brow. "Oh.. just how different the beach looks now than the last time I saw it.." and she smirks. Something must flash in her memory because she chokes back a giggle then ahems and glances up at Ton. "I came out the other night and Aryll, F'yr, D'son and K'ael were out here, we played some truth or dare."

"Truth or dare, hm?" L'ton ventures, arching an eyebrow with amusement, trying to avoid immediately becoming the disapproving father. "So, did ya truth, or didja dare?" He teases, ruffling her hair with a grin, moving to settle down with his back against Dhonzayth.

Zipalla giggles, "Both.. but.." and she bites her lip. She knows he's probably thinking she did something to disapprove of, but she can't seem to figure a way to broach the subject of her almost uncontrollable giggles. Finally she straightens and tries to look at least a little serious, "Found out K'ael went and caught a goldrider.." she stays, stammering that last. "A very..ah..experienced one.." a pause, looking up at him.

L'ton chuckles, slowly nodding. "Ah know he did. Good riddance. Kathryn is a nice woman, but Ah'd prefer not ta sleep with someone older than mah own ma." He winks, patting the ground next to him for her to join him. "Ah bet he weren't so happy, ta wake up next ta that one, in the end." He chuckles, still clearly amused by K'ael fortune, or perhaps misfortune.

She gasps some then sits down beside L'ton and finally just laughs. "Nothing against the woman of course.. I don't mean to sound rude about that..but.. yeah he was a touch bothered.." She collects herself a bit then tilts her head, "Good riddance?"

"That he's the one stuck in that forsaken place, once them eggs come, not me and Dhonzayth. Ah dun mind Igen a bit here and there, but Ah've already done my stint there, with Dhonzayth on them sands. Though, dun tell Mai that Ah ain't so fond of all that sand." He winks, before shaking his head. "Dun ya worry, though. Ah woulda been a touch bothered if'n it was me, even though its just Kathryn."

Light dawns in Zip, she understands all the other stuff they were talking about. "Ohh.. " and she nods her head. "Well.. whatever.. he's.. ah.." and she pauses then smiles, "I guess I understand what you meant about not seeing how things really are when you care for someone. Things look vastly different when the smoke clears." Her head nods once then she smiles, "I left pretty early and since K'ael woke up the next morning naked and puked on, yet again, I think I must have missed the real "fun"," she says with a grin.

"See sweets? Yer growing up more and more every day." He grins at her, moving to ruffle her hair. Though, at the mention of K'ael waking up naked and thrown up on, he just shakes his head. "What the shards were they doing? Ah dun get y'all kids… Ah mean, Ah think the only puke Ah've had ta deal with is baby puke, and that's bad 'nuff."

Zipalla smiles up at Ton then paws at his hand and giggles. "Drinking and playing truth or dare.. lessee..K'ael had to drink beer out of D'son's belly button which was.. disgusting.. then K'ael dared Aryll to kiss F'yr but she tricked him.. kissed her on the cheek.." a pause to laugh. "Hmmm..then D'son dared F'yr to pass her bear to Aryll's mouth.. and he meant FROM her own mouth but again, girls outsmarted boys and she just poured it from the bottle.." Her shoulders lift, "My dare was to hop on one foot and pat my head.. don't worry.." she says with a smirk. "And my truth was asking me the naughtiest thing I've ever done or talked about..and it was only kissing much to their disappointment.." She blinks however, not sure for a moment Ton knows she's been kissed. Meep.

"Gross." L'ton mutters at the mere mention of beer and D'son's bellybutton being combined in any way shape or form. "Ya shouldn't even think about alcohol, and a guy's stomach.." He mutters softly, before giving her a look. "Ah mean, ya shouldn't even think about alcohol." Yeah, that. At the mention of the truth, he doesn't seem too upset at least, just shaking his head and tsking. "Ah'm sure ya wouldn't get much more than that from Aryll or F'yr either."

She laughs and nods, "I and.." and she does one of those fake gags. " was funny.." and her shoulders lift. "Nah not really.. but I had to laugh every time the boys thought they had F'yr and Aryll in some "daring" dare and they'd turn it around on them." Zipalla leans over and nudges her da, "And no I wasn't there when the clothes started coming off.. I had to be up early so I left early.. I only know about the clothes cause K'ael came to see me last night."

"Well, Ah've learned that them two are trouble, as much as Ah wouldn't want ta admit it, they're sneaky. Good thing that Aryll didn't 'press with F'yr or Ah think Ah'd be saving us from weyr-fights every other day." Nudging her back, he grins a bit. "Good. Ah'd prefer if'n ya weren't there for that yet. Or having people take booze from yer belly button."

Zipalla smiles, "Well.. I don't know them very well..I mean not like.. close friends, but they're nice to me so whatever floats their boats.. apparently booze for the time being." Her hand slides down and finds Ton's and she holds it gently, content to just be sitting and talking with him though she does grin and look up, "I know, da, don't worry.." then she hrms, "Do you think…well.. you think people look at me different cause I'm the werysecond's daughter?"

"Ah dunno if'n they look at ya different, but Ah do think that if'n ya do something, yer gonna get a lot more attention fer it, cause yer mah daughter. Ah mean, shards. Ah dun wanna think about what would happen if'n ya pulled some stupid stunt like them girls did." They'd have his head as well as hers. "But, Ah think at the same time, ya get more from people." Reaching to rest his own hand lightly over hers, he smiles, giving it a pat.

She nods, thoughtful about that topic, brows furrowing some. "So I guess I sorta AM a liability in some ways.." she says the shrugs. "Oh well. I don't really like how beer tastes anyway.. and I especially don't like the thought of being drunk.. I think I sorta got that out of my system early.." she mutters, with a smirk. Zipalla squeezes Ton's hand, "I'm just a boring goody-goody.." she snickers, "..I won't get us in trouble."

"Least it took ya a heck of a lot less ta get ya ta that state then. Ah mean, Ah doubt it'd take ya very long now, either, but, ya know." He teases her, shaking his head slightly. "Not ta much of a liability, long as Ah know if'n ya've done something, so Ah know Ah can clean it all up 'fore anyone finds out about it." Squeezing her hand a bit, he chuckles. "Ain't nothing wrong with that. Ah'm sure once ya Impress ya and yers'll be enough ta keep me busy."

"That's what K'ael said…that I'm a liability.. to guys.." she ahems and looks shoreward. Zipalla looks up at Ton then back toward the water, leaning back against Dhon a little more, "You think he's right?"

L'ton arches an eyebrow, considering this, before chuckling slightly. "Ah think yer a liability fer any guy who wants ta keep himself intact, and not meeting the wrong end of a bronze tail." A bronze tail which is shifting to curl around the, even as L'ton chuckles.

Grins at his amusement and then hmphs a little but strokes said tail, the grin turning to a soft smile. Thoughts knit together and she sits quiet for a moment, absently twisting a strand of her hair around her finger, piecing together what K'ael had said with her father's view on things. "Well I guess so.." she agrees.

"Think of it this way. Even Ah know better than ta mess ta much with the lady holders, usually, cause they usually have some husband or some father wanting only the best fer 'em. So, Ah dun take that risk, ta often. It'd be worse fer ya if'n ya were Sharix's daughter, lemme tell ya. She's real scary ta guys." Even L'ton, even after all these years.

Her head nods and she frowns, "Oh..right.." Zipalla sighs softly and lifts her shoulders. "Guess it's a good think I have my drawing," she says as she digs the fingers of one hand into the sand absently, lifting to let it slither back through them to the beach.

"If'n its a good boy, and yer sixteen, Ah ain't gonna stop ya. But, if'n its that bluerider T'ev, er someone like that, Ah ain't gonna let them near ya. Ya may not understand, but even K'ael dun come close ta that bluerider." And he moves to put his arm over her shoulders protectively. After a moment, though, he shakes his head. "How's that going, sweets?"

"Likely no one will bother trying, da, don't worry," she says with a little nod of her head. She bites her lip against another comment then smiles, "Oh it's fine..I have one almost done but..well I have one done…and one almost.. the almost one is my first one and it's for you but I can't finish it yet.." and she tilts her head to cast him a teasing glance.

"Nah, yer a pretty girl already. Before ya know it, all them boys are gonna be falling over themselves fer ya, and yer gonna need a really big stick ta keep 'em from trying anything." A wink, and then he tilts his head. "Well, what's the one ya have done?" He questions, though he does look at her quite amused, waiting for the reason she can't finish the other.

Zipalla reaches into her satchel and pulls out her sketchbook, "Now these are just the sketches..not the final paintings…waiting on a few supplies for that.." she reminds him, giggling a little. The first is a 3-image series:

Within the confines of a frame, the canvas has been divided into 3 panels. The first depicts a young coupl, faces aglow, staring into each others eyes. He holds a blood-red rose up against her cheek, as if to stroke her fair skin with the velvety petals, his other hand curled around hers.

In the next panel the same couple embraces under the pale light of the moon, its luminescence filtering through the branches of a tree, casting them in shadows. Again he offers a rose, this time the stem of the deep red bloom is tucked behind her ear, resting against her silvering hair.

In the final image of the series the man kneels, a crimson rose held in his hand. His hair is white against his tanned skin and though he is quite old, the look of devotion on his face hasnt changed. He is kneeling on a shoreline of black sand and the rose droops gracefully toward toward the water, ready to carry it away.

"They're coming, they're coming. Ah should go talk ta them again, but they promised they'd be in the next shipment." And then L'ton's comtemplating further to himself. "Maybe they got stuck somewhere.." He's murmuring before reaching to lightly touch the drawing, careful to not smudge the lines, before looking at Zip with surprise. "Yer good, sweetheart…"

Her eyes light up when he compliments her work and she smiles, "It's slow going but.." then she turns the page and glances up at him. "I can't finish cause..I don't want to jinx anything.." and she glances to the page. The sketch is of a girl atop a dragon and they look to be standing on the sand.. though it's not clearly a beach, almost desert-like with what might be dunes rising up in the background. The girl's face is not detailed and the dragon is vague as well but her posture shows a proud rider with head held high.

"Ah realize, ya can't go to fast." And then L'ton is glancing down at the sketch, turning his head slightly to look over it, giving a bit of a smile. After a moment, his brow furrows a bit, a finger moving to gently touch the dunes. "Looks like Igen does, sweets…" He comments absently, though he does turn a questionning look to her.

She smiles looking down at it then gazes up at Ton to watch him look it over. A quick glance down to the canvas and she snorts, "It's truly not.." then she giggles softly. "But who's to say if I might land there one day, doesn't mean anything," she nods her head, a hand giving a fond rub to Dhon.

"Good, Ah was worried that ya were gonna leave me fer a bit there." L'ton smiles, giving her shoulders a squeeze, and then glancing up at Dhonzayth, chuckling. "He says that Ista's better, and even he dunno what ta do with all that sand at Igen." And he taps the picture again. "Ah guess ya should wait ta color it, though, hm?"

Zipalla turns a bit and snuggles up to Ton, "I'm not moving anywhere, though I did go visit Xanadu last week, met a young boy there, shells if he isn't the skinniest thing I've ever seen.." and she huffs. "Nice enough though I guess." She nods in agreement about the picture, "Well's as unsure and vague as I am.. but it's the first thing I put on paper so.. it will be for my da..a picture of me."

L'ton gives her another hug, leaning to rest his head on hers, chuckling some. "A real skinny boy, hm?" And then after a moment, he grins. "Ya didn't happen ta catch his name, did ya? Ah met one.. Erd.. Erd something. Thought it was Erdra, but that dun seem like a boy.. He was all dressed up like a girl one night." And then he smiles, carefully nodding again at the picture. "Well, Ah can't wait til we both know, so ya can finish it."

"Erdric..I think..or something like that.." then she blinks, "Dressed like a girl..was he with K'ael and the gang?" she asks, laughing. "I can't wait either.. everything will be right finally," she says with a nod, nuzzling her father's jaw a little.

"Nah, he was with all them girls. Ysa and S'ya and Mai. Ah went ta check on her, and fell over and they found me. They were gonna dress meh up ta, so Ah went running off. But he fit right in." He teases, giving her forehead a kiss, squeezing her shoulders again.

Her head nods and she grins, "Glad you got away then.." and she giggles. Her eyes close at the sweet kiss and she rests her head against his shoulder. "How is Niah? The boys? How is Mai feeling?"

"Ah really dun think pink is my color, ya know?" He winks, absently petting her hair as she leans against him. "Niah's good, and the boys are growing. Just seems like as soon as ya get one ta sleep the other is up." A face, and then he's grinning. "Mai decided she was feeling a bit better, so she went ta see her ma and pa fer a few days. Ah can't wait fer her ta be back.."

Zipalla laughs, "No no pink on my da…" she says with a waggle of her finger. She nods and smiles, "I'll bet.. when will she return?" she asks, brows lifting. "We should fix her dinner or have a welcome home par..err…you probably will have your own.." and she snickers.

"Ah dun think it'll be more than another day or ta, she left yesterday. Course, she may wanna stay a bit longer, cause she ain't gonna be able ta go, soon." And then he chuckles, making a face at her. "Ah think we could so something fer her. Ya could come have dinner with us, and Ah'll try not ta ruin it ta bad."

Zipalla beams and nods her head then nudges Ton gently in the ribs. "You take care of getting dinner.. I'll make a cake.. I'm learning to cook.. one of the ladies in the kitchen shows me things sometimes.." and she grins. "You guys can be my guinea pigs…"

"Mmm, cake.." L'ton murmurs even as she nudges him in the rib, reaching to curl his fingers around her elbow to forestall anymore nudging. "Ah'll try it.." What man wouldn't try free cake? Dhonzayth whuffles a bit, even as L'ton chuckles. "Dhonzayth says ya should make a herdbeast cake."

"Oh da, just get the cooks to fix it and you pick it up.. I can't cover for a man's cooking with just one cake.." she teases. She grins to Dhon then rubs his side, "I will, for him.." she says with a firm nod. "Oh I'm excited now!"

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