Uno, Dos, Tres

Eastern Weyr - Garden Terrace

Athena is sitting down on one of the garden benches with her daughter. The greenrider has her daughter on her lap and is softly singing to the young girl. Zalena is snuggled into her mother's chest listening. Athena looks a fair bit tired compared to normal. Either she's been overworking herself, sick or something else is wrong.

Perhaps L'ton is just at Eastern for another reason, but perhaps a message was passed along to Dhonzayth, but he's meandering through the gardens, checking each bench in turn before finding the one he's apparently looking for, moving to settle down next to Athena with a smile to Zalena. "Hey sweetheart… dearest.." He offers to each in turn.

Athena looks as she hears L'ton's voice as she watches Zalena get down off her lap and run over to her father to hug him. Athena stays where she is and yawns quietly for a moment letting their daughter enjoy the time she does get with L'ton. Athena can wait her turn and really doesn't feel well enough to stand either. "Daddy!!!" Zalena calls out towards L'ton with a smile.

L'ton quickly pulls the girl up into his arms, twirling her a bit, and giving her a kiss on the forehead, settling her on his hip with a grin. "How's my lil girl, hm?" He grins, bouncing her a bit, reaching around to pull a shiny purple shell the size of her palm out of his breast pocket to offer to the girl. Moving to settle down next to Athena, he gives her a smile. "What's wrong, sweets? Ya ain't sick, are ya?"

Zalena looks at the shell that her daddy offers her and takes it, giggling at the kiss on her forehead. "I'm good Daddy." Athena looks at L'ton as he sits down. "Sick… well that is kinda a loose way of saying it…" She says softly towards Zalena. "How about you go for a walk over there and pick some flowers for me ok? Mommy needs to talk to your Daddy."

L'ton grins, giving her an absent pat on the head as Zalena wanders off, turning to wrap his arm over Athena's shoulder, pulling her gently against him. "Athena.. Are ya gonna be okay? Ah mean.. Its not… Not something bad, is it?" And he seems quite concerned, forehead wrinkled up.

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies quietly watching Zalena walk off as she leans into L'ton. "I'm pregnant…" She replies softly. "Been really sick though… never felt this bad with my pregnancy with Zalena and well… the healer had one of the dolphineers check things out with one of the dolphins…"

"Pregnant!" L'ton exclaims, quickly slapping a hand over his mouth as he looks after Zalena to make sure that the girl didn't turn around, before dropping his voice to a whisper. "Pregnant? Really?" And he's done a complete 180, now completely thrilled, giving her a gentle shake, though as he remembers she's sick, he stops. "And? Is it all okay?"

Athena looks towards him as she looks a bit pale. "The dolphin says there are three…." She bites her lips. "The healer says that's why the morning sickness and tiredness is bad." She looks at him. "I've missed you L'ton… I'm kinda scared."

L'ton quickly moves to tip her chin up, pulling her closer to give her a deep kiss. "Three? Are you sure?" And he's grinning even as he asks that, gently petting her hair, giving her another gentle kiss. And then, after a a moment, it seems to since in that she in fact said three, and not two, and he's pressing his hands into her cheeks, squeezing his eyes shut. "/Three/?"

Athena kisses L'ton back and as soon as he stops kissing her she nods and says. "Yes…. three." She seems almost unbelieving herself.

"Well, three it is, then…" He murmurs after a moment, giving her another kiss, and then turning to look after Zalena, smiling a bit before looking back at her. "Darn ya, though. Had ta go and get pregnant right 'way. Bet yer gonna take 'way my fun now, ain't ya? Being sick, and all.."

Athena looks at L'ton as she replies. "It seems so…" She says quietly. "It's not like it was planned you know." She gives a yawn as she leans on his shoulder. "I missed you." She says softly as she looks back up at him. "The healers say to just be careful."

"Seems like they had ta make a mistake, hm?" He offers softly, moving to put his hand over her mouth as she yawns, and then squeezes her gently. "Ah'm sorry Ah ain't been here. Dhon 'cided that Ankhepith's eggs were his, and trying ta get him away at the end there was like trying ta pull a dog from a bone. And Mai's real sick, ta, so, Ah really ain't been able ta get away."

Athena nods quietly as she replies towards him. "I understand… just a little hard when something I didn't plan happened and it wasn't just being pregnant." She reaches to touch his cheek. "I didn't mean it to happen but it did…" She pauses trying to find the best words for what she wants.

L'ton gently rubs her back, leaning to give her a bit of a kiss, gaze wandering briefly to Zalena, before his attention is back on her, and he's smiling a bit, reaching his hand to gently slide it into her palm, folding his fingers through hers. "What happened, sweets?"

Athena looks into his eyes as she says softly. "I love you L'ton." She replies. "I know the situation and all but I couldn't stop it."

L'ton's eyes widen, and he looks slightly shocked, though not disgusted. After a moment, he moves to pull her into a hug, kissing her forehead. "Ah love ya ta, Athena. If'n Ah didn't, Ah wouldn't be here. Ah mean, Ah can't be just yers, but.. Ah can spend the time Ah can here."

Athena looks towards L'ton as she pretty much expected that reaction even though it does hurt a tinge knowing that he can't be hers alone. "I know L'ton. I wasn't going to tell you but… I'd rather be honest. I appreciate the time you give Zalena and me."

L'ton gives her a bit of a smile, and a squeeze of her shoulders, giving her a gentle kiss. "Ah know sweets. Ah'm sorry things are like they are.." And then he's glancing over at Zalena, chuckling slightly. "Ah guess Zal's gonna get the little sibling she wants, hm?"

Athena nods as she says quietly. "If things ever change, would you weyrmate with me?" She is curious. "Yeah… and a very tired and sick mommy." She sighs. "I don't know how I'll be able to care for her this way…"

"Ah can honestly say that ya are on the top of the list, hm? Ah mean, Ah'd have ta talk ya into Ista, but." He gives her a smile, and then gently kisses her forehead. "Ah dun suppose that nanny of hers could take her all the time, fer the duration?"

Zalena runs over just in time to hear about the nanny and giggles. "Nanny is fun too." She looks up to her father and then her mother. "Mommy ok?"

L'ton gives her a gentle squeeze, giving her a smile. "Well, Ah'd ask if'n ya wanted ta move ta Ista now - Ah mean, then Ah'd be able ta give ya some more time, since Ah wouldn't have ta be boucing back and forth. Ah mean, it ain't everyone who has three at once." He murmurs, just as Zalena reappears, and he's pulling her back into his lap. "Mommy's gonna be just fine.."

Athena looks towards her daughter as L'ton picks her up and smiles. "It's ok Zalena. I'll be fine… just not been feeling good… but mommy is going to be good. And you're going to be a big sister." She smiles with a yawn. "Zalena, do you want to move to be closer to Daddy?"

L'ton resettles Zalena a bit so that he can watch her face, smiling at her a bit. "Ya can come and be near Zerissa and Zvelton, ta, and play with them, like ya play with the girls here." He leans to give Athena a quick kiss, smiling at her in turn.

Zalena appears to be really happy as she hears her mommy and daddy speak of Ista. "Yes Mommy Daddy." Athena smiles as she looks over to L'ton as she replies. "I hope I can do this and all, I'm so tired and not sure how I'll be able to handle the moving and all."|

L'ton tickles Zalena a bit, before grinning, and then he's glancing sidelong at Athena. "Ah can help pack some, and well, ya gotta have soem time, Ah mean, before its safe fer ya ta between again, no?" And he tugs gently on Zal's pigtails, before smiling at Athena. "If'n there's anything Ah can do.."

Athena nods as she looks towards Zalena and L'ton. "Well how about I get the nanny to take Zalena for a bit and we can start making arrangements and such." She says softly.

"Ah think we can do that." And he's giving the toddler a squeeze, smiling at her. "Ya're gonna come see me again soon, Zal. Ah'll be back ta see ya soon, ta, okay?" And then he's squeezing Athena's shoulder gently.

Athena nods quietly as she looks to Zal and smiles as she hugs L'ton. It's just fortunate timing that Zal's nanny isn't too far as Zal runs up to the woman and tells her all the news.

L'ton chuckles as Zalena goes running off before moving to pull Athena to her feet, pulling her into his arms with a gentle kiss once Zalena is out of earshot. "Lets figure out what ya have, ya know?"

Athena kisses L'ton back as she closes her eyes. "I think the question is what don't I have?"

L'ton scoops her up into his arms to save her the energy of having to walk, and heads off towards her weyr. "Shards, ya're gonna be another of these, aren't ya? One of them women that have everything from a bed ta a dresser ta a bunch of big rocks, huh?"

Athena looks towards L'ton as she replies. "Well it's not exactly my fault my parents felt the need to make sure my accomodations were suitable as they say."

"Maybe Ah should send fer yer parents, ta get people ta move it all. Stick it on a boat and it'll get there about the time ya do." He teases her, giving her a kiss.

Athena nods with a laugh as she says softly. "That's an idea for sure."

"Well, lets go test everything out, and see if'n there's anything that can stay, and that ya can just replace once yer there, okay?" And then after another look to where Zalena ran off to the nanny, he's carting the expecting mother off to her home.

Athena nods as she replies quietly. "Yes I know, likely they'll help me out too."

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