The Mean Side of Niah

A cloudy but otherwise amazing day, the sun stuck behind the clouds and the world seems at peace. It threatens rain, though the clouds are nowhere near dark enough yet. Celiketh is on the ledge stretched out, and Niah is reading to Zaenar, Ellyza, Zialon, and Zion. The two babies are wrapped up and almost asleep on the bed. Ellyza is alert, and Zaenar listens as Niah half read-sings ballads. Most of them very old, she has a sweet soprano that carries. What she is wearing, well it's very much just a short white dress that barely gets past mid thigh. Might as well be a night gown, the neckline plunges. Her hair is up today in a loose bun, and Zaenars head is near Niah's chest as she listens to her mother figure sing.

Dhonzayth backwings to the ledge, quite careful to avoid Celiketh, even as he rumbles slightly. L'ton carefully dismounts, sending him on his way, before moving straight into the weyr to settle down on the bed behind Niah, leaning to give her a kiss on the cheek as he ruffles Zaenar's hair, though staying quiet to not interrupt story time.

Niah finishes one of the last songs, stroking Zaenars hair out of her face and then blushing brightly. Pulling her kneese to her chest she says "Oh.. hi tonny." Giving him a small smile, and leaning back against him. Zaenar picks up Ellyza, moving over to put the little girl in a play pen for a nap. Then she says, being a bit louder than usual "Miss niah, may I go down?" Niah smiles and says "Sure, just be safe." Not like she could get in to much trouble. With a little nod she goes out to Celiketh and leaves them alone. After she is out she turns and says "Hello." Laying her head to the side and moving to put her ear where his heart is.

L'ton had leaned forward to peek over Niah's shoulder, stealing a glance now and then down the front of her dress, though as Zaenar moves off, he's suddenly sitting up even straighter, waggling fingers at her, watching her go. "Hey there, sweetheart.." He murmurs, ducking to give her a kiss as she leans into him, wrapping an arm around her and tracing the line of her neckline with a single fingertip, distracted.

Niah turns a bit covering her neck line and shaking her head " can't even look. My turn day isn't all that far." She's safe now, and she giggles enjoying herself and taking his hand in hers, moving the fingers away from her breasts. "I want it to be special." Whispering and scooting up so she can let her lips trail along his neck, undoing a few buttons and running her nose very lightly along his chest.

"But…" L'ton whimpers softly as she pulls his fingers away from her skin, lifting his gaze to her face, bottom lip coming out just a little bit. "It could still be special…" And then as she's scooting and gently kissing he's tugging his hand free to reach for her thigh, running fingers over it, pressing slightly. Must touch!

Niah takes his hand gently and moves it again. Moving away from him she picks Zion up, putting him in his crib and taking Zialon gently placing him next to his brother. Taking her hair out of it's bun and giving a little spin, so he might catch a peek at what is under the dress. Going back to the bed she tips her head to the side "You know you do not want me that badly tonny." She says in her quiet voice, eyes all big. Pulling her dress up a bit so he can see a little more she says "But, maybe if you do not get me for a bit you'll want me more."

L'ton actually whimpers as she pulls his hand away, and twirls around, letting her hair loose. Watching each and every movement, he's biting hip lip, shifting a bit to roll awkwardly onto his stomach. "Why dun ya think Ah want ya that badly? Yer gorgeous.. how could Ah not want ya?" He murmurs softly, taking her in with his eyes, since he can't touch.

Niah shrugs just a little, "Well.. just, I mean.." She isn't good at this teasing thing. As he turns over she pouts a little herself. "Talked to k'ael.. well I mean, he sort of was at the hot springs and so was I an he.. he did a lot of looking and commenting." She mentions, that is so unfair he can look but L'ton can't. "And, just.." Her face lights up with a bright smile, "I realized that, that you love me tonny. And that you give me as much as you can of you and." What has he done to innocent Niah, she is closing the curtain and taking the dress off.

"Wait, K'ael gotta look, and Ah can't?!" L'ton starts to protest as loudly as he dares, lest he disturb the newly dozing babies, shifting awkwardly, and narrowing his gaze a bit. But then as her face lights up, he gives her a bit of a smile. "Ah do, Niah-pet, Ah do." And then as she's closing the curtain, he tilts his head. "Sweets, Ah.. Ah dun think Ah can stay, if'n yer gonna get all undressed, and Ah ain't able ta do anything."

Niah smiles a bit, "Well.. still have to make my birthday special.. but." Not at all good at this, boy is she putty in his capable hands. Getting closer she moves to kiss his neck, "Unless you do not want to I mean.. it's ok. I haven't in almost two months. I'm sure you can wait." Shrugging and then saying "You can go, I mean K'ael.. well I tried but, he just kept looking and saying things about how good I looked and." Another small shrug, the bra is off and she pulls a blanket over herself. "I guess, if you want to leave and not… then you will /have/ to wait tell my turn day."

"Wait…" And then L'ton is staring at her rather confused, shimming to moving up the bed to cop a feel as she is pulling the blanket over her self. "Ah want to, though. Ah dunno why Ah dun.." And he's pouting, reaching to trace her ear with a fingertip.

Niah shakes her head. "You.. you don't want me." Sad look, "I mean, k'ael said he wanted me." She offers blushing brightly and ducking her head into her pillows. "How is mai? And the baby?" Asking, an attempt at a distraction though he might be distracted enough as it is. "If, well if you want to wait I might be able to… well I do not like the idea of letting someone else.." Insert your choice word, since she won't "But.. I really like your.." Again, that nasty word. "A lady can only go so long before she needs love, and and.." Sniffle.

Now L'ton is more confused than ever, as he's moving to stretch out next to her, cutting off all her words and explanations with a long firm kiss, hand grabbing her butt and giving it a squeeze. Only after a minute does he pull away, shifting to press his body against hers, softly speaking. "Ah just didn't want ta force ya.."

Niah kisses back happily running her hand along his back and working on the buttons on his shirt.. "So." More blushing and she presses herself up against him, moving a hand and wiggling out of her underwear and her last stitch of clothing, at his grab she squeaks. "Still want.. my turnday to be nice." She offers, "Celi does not think I should give in so easily."

"Who said that yer turnday wouldn't be nice?" He murmurs softly, working on unbuttoning the rest of his shirt buttons even as he's leaning to her ear, nibbling a bit as he chuckles. "Ah dun think its giving in…" He pouts. "But, if'n ya'd rather, like, listen ta him…"

Niah cuddles into his chest, "You.. you would not make me.. beg for this would you?" Big innocent puppy dog eyes, "I don't wanna beg to have.. some love." rubbing him gently and running her tongue along his neck, "I could listen to him, and.. if you won't do it now then.. then maybe I will forget how amazing you are and.. then I end up doing it with someone else."

"Who said Ah was gonna make ya beg, baby girl? If'n anyone should be begging its me.." He murmurs, before giving her a long kiss, pulling away long enough to shed the rest of the clothes before he's pulling the covers over himself as well. "Can't have ya forgetting about me, now.." He murmurs. Not at all.

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