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Xanadu Weyr - Laera and Kereth's Weyr

Laera is as usual hanging out in her weyr, but there is another familiar visage hanging about as well. Well a pair of them really, Zaala and Analis. It seems Lisle has come to visit her sister today and the kids have been dropped off with Laera. Well she don't seem to mind, she is sitting on one of the bean bags watching them and their block sets. Analis patiently building up towers and Zaala knocking them over.

Its a gentle tap at Laera's door before L'ton is peeking his head inside. A grin as he spots Zaala and Analis playing, he quietly shuts the door behind him, picking his way around the edge of the room to settle down on the beanbag next to Laera, "Shards they're getting big.." He murmurs as his hand moves to rest on her knee.

Zaala is nearly 3, Analis around 10. There we go. At the tap on the door, Laera motions him in and smiles as he joins her, her fingers interlacing with his. Only then that Zaala is interupted from her game to notice him and she practically flings herself at L'ton, "Dada!" She squeels as Analis smiles sweetly to 'uncle Tonny', taking the 'distraction of the destructive force' to build up her castle again. "Too fast…seems like she was only born yesterday." Studies still seem to be providing a distraction for the young woman, books still scattered upon her bed, tables, now a book case, though small. Medical texts and yet no craft knot adorns her shoulder as yet.

L'ton is barely settled before Zaala is throwing herself at him and its all he can do to catch his daughter, blowing a kiss to Analis before he's bouncing Zaala a little bit, giving her a noisy kiss to her cheek, settling her in his lap, one arm going to snag Laera and pull her closer. "Commere, love.." He grins, glancing at the girl. "Can't believe its been so long already.." He shakes his head, attention on the bluerider and little girl, chuckling as Analis takes advantage of Zaala's distraction.

Laera scoots over content to have this 'family moment'. She hasn't exactly been a doting mother, but she has been dutiful when was needed. She is most content for Lisle to be looking after her daughter and Lisle seems most happy to be doing so. She loves Zaala, but more like an Aunt really. "Maybe we should try for another one." She says casually with a smirk on her lips to show she is partially joking at least, "It was great for the boobs, actually had some when I was pregnant." She continues as she nestles in next to L'ton.

L'ton chuckles softly, his other arm looping around her shoulder as she snuggles up close, shifting Zaala as the girl leans against his shoulder. Her words cause him to smirk, the bronzerider leaning to kiss her firmly - a move sure to cause a disgusted sound to come from Analis - before whispering in her ear. "We can try all ya want, lil'bit - whether it succeeds or not, Ah leave totally up ta ya." He winks at her as he leans back, hand shifting to grope just a little. "Can't complain 'bout them even now."

"I could give Aunty Lis an endless supply of kids…my family duty…" One that she was going to do for D'len and Kris, but well…no longer. She wouldn't dare inflict any further children on her own mother. "Well it could give me some time off to actually sort this all out." She gives a half motion to the books before she herself is distracted by a kiss and a grope. At the groan from her cousin she laughs, "Oh Ana…Surely K'ris and Aunty Lis do that all the time to." Analis rolls her eyes and wrinkles her nose in disgust, "I stay in the brat dorms now, I don't have to watch."

L'ton grins at her words, shrugging a little bit, before the groan from Analis sets him into actual laughter, which causes Zaala to squirm out of his arms, hellbent on returning to destroy all of Ana's hard work, taking it out with a loud crash of blocks. "Ya won't be making faces forever… My Zip used ta, but now she's got a boy all her own." He comments, before glancing sidelong at Laera, arching an eyebrow then at the indicated books. "Canni help ya sort anything out?"

As L'ton's lap is vacated, Laera moves to take up residence instead. She grins at the wanton destruction of the hard work and Analis just groans at her 'sister', "Such a brat!" Of course Zaala just giggles at the 'compliment'. The question from L'ton causes her to look to him, "I don't know, trying to decide whether to craft up or not…I ain't exactly normal apprentice age and I have been study a couple turns with Kris, but rather specfic stuff really."

L'ton chuckles as he upgrades his toddler to a bluerider, though his arms go around her easily enough, resting his chin on her shoulder, smirking at Zaala and Analis, just shaking his head a little. "Kids.." He murmurs, before he leans to catch Laera. "Ya should go fer it. Ya've got a good bedside manner… Ah'd love ta be nursed back ta health by ya.." He winks at her. "Besides.. yer never ta old ta start.."

Laera looks about at the books for a moment. It is not like she has not been dedicated to it for several turns, though it surprises most people who know of her. The flighty bluerider who generally wears as little clothes as she can get away with…interested in healering. Rumours of her sexcapades still abound with all the time she stays holled up, but in truth it has just been…studying…or L'ton. "I suppose…" She bites her lower lip and dips her head into his shoulder.

L'ton gently turns her towards him, sparing another glance at the children who continue to build and destroy in turn, before his eyes are glued to hers. A hand gently curves around her cheek, smiling at her. "Ah'd help out anyway Ah could, Laera. Even if it involves being poked and prodded and wrapped up til ya got it all right." As his thumb brushes over her cheek, he gives her a soft kiss. "Hey.. ya can do it, Ah know ya can.."

Her face leans lightly to his hand , her eyes meeting his as he encourages her. "So you mean, I can play healer with you once the kids leave?" She asks in a teasing whisper as her arms wrap around his neck. The last bit causes her to drop her gaze and rest her forehead on L'ton's shoulder, that brief flicker of guilt and grief touching her eyes before she hides her face.

L'ton chuckles softly, nodding. "Aye, ya can play Healer with me once th kids leave." He winks right back at her, but as soon as she's dropping her gaze, he's lifting her chin with a gentle finger. "Laera love… Yer a smart girl. Ya always have been.. yer gonna do great at whatever ya decide ta do.." He settles down to just hold her, offering what support he can as they watch her cousin and daughter play.

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