Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Dhonzayth
Hatched: September 13, 2005, Ista Weyr

Lisle's Let Me Tell You a Story Gold Umniyath
S'va's Bronze Vsonath

PC Clutch Siblings:
Ae'ran's River of Molten Magma Bronze Knephyth
Peri's Blasted Desert Rock Brown Dielth
L'da's Midnight on the Waves Blue Rovillorth
Reen's Angelic Waters Blue Voronweth
Franses's Washed Ashore Green Danath
Ta'sin's Abstract Stained Glass Green Janneth
Pi's Mesa Verde Green Psylenith


First PC Clutch:
Aileen's Wrought of Wayland's Forge Gold Uthandriath
Hatched October 14, 2006, Igen Weyr

Vi'leko's Bronze Shidenisseth
S'ar's Brown Carometh
S'hir's Brown Valthrenezath
Yifara's Green Kaverith

Second PC Clutch:
Jeriah's Luck Be a Lady Gold Teloriith
Hatched February 2, 2007, Ista Weyr

Leslyn's Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Ankhepith
A'tien's Fading Days of Summer Bronze Cereth
J'io's Marked by Fate Bronze Ytroth
D'nes's Warrior in Miniature Brown Davinath
Ma'deske's Hiding from the World Brown Tuliculath
Kora's Easily Distracted From Adventure Blue Buhaodith
C'nor's Shimmering Mist Blue Caerith
Zh'ae's Racing the Starry Sky Blue Zhilinith
J'sky's Guardian of the Spirit Realm Green Biaboth
Lomare's Wise Old Crawler Green Hausisth
K'rok's Sunlight Forest Canopy Green Heliath

First NPC Clutch
Jeriah's Luck Be a Lady Gold Teloriith
Hatched May 2007, Ista Weyr

J'son's Bronze Likorieth
C'son's Brown Boonath
T'az's Blue Clemoth
Brit's Blue Emith
Danela's Blue Sveth
Neeka's Green Alenath
L'ke's Green Eveth

Third PC Clutch:
Aeris's Gold Aelith
Hatched May 31, 2007, Telgar Weyr

Jhoren'sSunlight's Passion Gold Sribaimoth
R'sul's Oath of Blood and Bronze Hesketh
Q'reni's Sleeping Potential Bronze Lhyzaeth
Tarynn's Living the Life Brown Forieth
M'ric's Rebel With a Cause Brown Golmanth
J'ldor's Dark Forest Shadows Blue Rhaniath
Phoelyn's Lure of Midnight Blue Theisyth
Eiriana's Maitresse des Danseurs Green Balmaith
R'yki's Becalmed by Seaweed Green Usath

Fourth PC Clutch:
Sharix's Gold Merkabath
Hatched September 7, 2007, Western Weyr

Aerhi's The Guiding Star Gold Onauth
P'kup's Light of the Jungle Bronze Venaith
I'ana's Merchant Brown Ndiath
Phee's Creature of the Deep Blue Qhayth
Sher's Jungle River Blue Coluth
St'ven's Canal Waters Blue Panath
B'taru's Falling Downriver Green Floeth
Ina's Imposing Mercenary Green Luxth
Lilini's Lost in the Deluge Green Phiaroth
Ophelio's Searching for Adventure Green Berinth

Second NPC Clutch
Jeriah's Luck Be a Lady Gold Teloriith
Hatched February 2008, Ista Weyr

R'ian's Brown Zoniath
Sulvena's Green Sarvahuth
Neesa's Green Ashlith

Third NPC Clutch
Lisle's Tell Me a Story Gold Umniyath
Hatched February 2008, Ista Weyr

V'rian's Bronze Nerruth
Slaon's Brown Briath
S'rity's Brown Rayoth
Lexi's Blue Havranth
R'ch's Blue Racheth
W'ard's Blue Marrth
Devona's Green Charreth
Altheia's Green Lyssath

Fourth NPC Clutch
Ethne's Sunshine Sugary Sweet Gold Mellonath
No Viable Eggs Produced

Fifth NPC Clutch
Rea's Painted Frontier Justice Gold Bennueth
Hatched September 2008, Western Weyr

B'ret's Bronze Mavrith
Br'sco's Brown Blyth
W'yat's Blue Earpyth
L'cus Blue Rifelth
L'ra's Green Ingalth
Michaela's Green Quinneth

Sixth NPC Clutch
Kadesh's Child of Nature Gold Celimoth
Hatched September 2008, Fort Weyr

O'ron's Bronze Alberth
C'ry Brown Azelth
Titia's Brown Ovith
G'ger's Blue Eranath
Zoe's Blue Spyroth
Robin's Green Laumath
D'cas's Green Arieth

Seventh NPC Clutch
Zevida's Fire of the Dawn Gold Avaeth
Hatched October 22, 2008, Xanadu Weyr

A'miss's Bronze Rebeuth
Allee's Brown Kreuth
D'eny's Blue Haaseth
N'von's Blue Leith
G'non's Green Jaeneth

Fifth PC Clutch
Leslyn's Moonlit Marble Queen of the Hunt Gold Ankhepith
Hatched March 22, 2009, Ista Weyr

M’tri's Dreams and Schemes Bronze Rixaith
S'tler's Bronze Waldorth
Zip's Hidden Strength and Wisdom Brown Adereth
Sh'drev's Cheery Chocolate Cake Brown Oraddokath
L'ar's Time of Testing Blue Sisketh
M'key's Green Dhozeth
Zorya's Brilliant Display of Verdant Green Ixophenth
Polly's Green Siliveth
Malani's Green Tieth

Eight NPC Clutch
Ameera's Gold Elinith
Hatched May 2009, Western Weyr

Robbin and Green Mosieth
J'ay and Green Lidiath
Leslee and Green Kariahth
F'letch and Blue Stromth
Th'ad and Blue Pauth
Maysey and Blue Joelth
Miranda and Brown Mirylevath
D'om and Brown Andreth
Ry'an and Bronze Kodath
B'eau and Bronze Oranth

Sixth PC Clutch
Zevida's Fire of the Dawn Gold Avaeth
Hatched June 7, 2009, Xanadu Weyr

Bronze Nyunath Impressed to R'owan (Rogawani)
Brown Faraeth Impressed to M'nol (Morlanol)
Brown Mikalath Impressed to R'zel (Ruzel)
Blue Cidheoth Impressed to Ontali (Riyontali)
Green Alosynth Impressed to Keziah
Green Kelioth Impressed to Vivian

Bronze Ilveriath Impressed to A'den (Ashaden)
Brown Nachtelaith Impressed to V'den (Vandoren)
Blue Tandth Impressed to M'ont (Monte)
Blue Nesyth Impressed to Nyela
Green Adanaith Impressed to Lerta
Green Jelieth Impressed to D'ren (Daren)

Ninth NPC Clutch
Orla's Gold Nieleth
Hatched September 12, 2009, Western Weyr

Bronze Ireth Impressed to N'hin
Bronze Isth Impressed to L'en
Brown Oneth Impressed to Gabbi
Brown Kinith Impressed to R'que
Blue Eevath Impressed to L'dar
Blue Iasoth Impressed to S'as
Blue Lyeoth Impressed to Anmary
Green Rynath Impressed to Cara
Green Toarath Impressed to Myram
Green Angith Impressed to Salla
Green Estith Impressed to L'bes

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