NPC: Pazinnia

Pazinnia was one of countless children that all grew up together at Shipton Cothold, the home of an extended family - with new members constantly being introduced to the family as it continued to go. She had a rather unremarkable childhood - she was one of 7 daughters - and while she received necessary schooling from passing Journeyman Harpers, she never continued past the basics. After all, it was her destiny to marry young and support the family as she was raising her own.

At the age of 16, just months before she was to be married off to one of her rather distant cousins, she was discovered in a hayloft, quite comfortable with Pallaton. Unfortunately for both of them, it was not just an innocent meeting, for it was discovered that Pazinnia was in fact pregnant. The pair were forcibly separated, and nine months later, Zipalla was removed from Pazinnia's care almost immediately to be raised by her parents as one of their own.

Despite the stigma now attached to her, her wedding went on as planned, albeit delayed by almost a turn, and since then she has settled into life as a holder's wife, and has been raising her own brood which already has 6 legitimate children. Her eldest daughter, Zipalla, has all but been removed from her memory since she was taken by her father to Ista Weyr.

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