Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Dhonzayth

Cool wisps of icy brass form a subtle layer of foggy condensation over a glistening shade of pale copper. That particular metallic coat sweeps over his steadfast body and fleshy haunches, blocking much of his base color's reflective quality. What should perhaps be shadow on this frosted bronze, the curve of his belly and underside of his strapping limbs, is instead lighter still, a fine Victorian brocade of opalescent lines, dancing across mulled amber. Each broad paw finds itself home to a set of shining claret talons, the tone isolated from the rest of his coloring. Brass thickens, choking out the copper, up his lissome neck, creating touches of pearl across his eyeridges and head knobs where a delicate shine returns to his hide. Broad wingsails cast of translucent auburn are supported by skeletal spars, deceptively tenuous. Curling down his tail, the brocade pattern returns, finishing at tail tip in blinding ivory.

(Art done by Ae'ran)

Egg Name and Description

Twin Wedges Egg
Rendered in twain by a broad band of fibrous silver spindles, this egg is a strange mix of two contrasting elements. The vertical belt of hoary simulated splinters appears to be ready to flake off at the slightest touch in spite of its memorizing glitter. While the rest, is a sparkling sinister jewel in an explosion of dark honey triangulates, murky pine trapezoids and bold mauve rings. Dependant on the angle the egg is approached, the colors seem to perform an intricate waltz under a mollifying glass surface, like a sprite trapped within a terrible crystal prison.

Hatching Message

The Twin Wedges Egg has had enough. The shell just doesn't have the strength to hold it's captive inside any longer. Large bits of shell peel off and fall away, flashes of hatchling hide and limb visibly thrashing around until nothing of its former prison remains.

Impression Message

Heat. Not the same at the sands around you, but still there is a warmth spreading over your flesh. This of course, only visits itself upon you long enough to make the transition to cool autumn breeze all that more striking. «Look at you. Come away from these others. We have better things to do. Never too soon to begin to farm a reputation. Dhonzayth and his L'ton, everything a female could want and a male could want to be. Yes, I like that.» A sudden flicker of bright red and copper dance before your eyes, the mental breeze snuffing out. «Oooh, but I'm empty. You have food don't you?»



Why Pallaton? While still captive of his egg, Dhonzayth found your visits to be far more enjoyable and interesting than the others. Not obsessed with cooing and placating, wooing an egg if you will, instead you merely were as you are. Genuine response to his less than soothing mannerisms. One could hazard to guess that he chose you for your genuine nature, holding true to the things that make you who you are, even if others may not find some of those qualities 'socially acceptable'. What is more important than vigilance to self after all?

Sphene, the stone your egg was based on, is a gemstone associated with Air signs. The Air sign in particular I derived his personality from was Gemini (As well as plenty of Malfoy as requested). Something that you may find funny and helpful is a particular speech in 'Team America: World Police' illustrating the differences between dicks, pussies and assholes. Dhonzayth, to me, falling under the first category.

Starting out, he'll be quite petulant. He wants things, and he wants them /now/. If someone doesn't have something to give him, he has no reason to spend time with them. As he grows older he'll find the more subtle things that people and dragons can give him, aside from food, toys, oil, etc. Company. Support. Conversation. Adoration. Comfort. Perhaps even with the right approach.. a leg up on pretty Miss Green's next flight? While he loves to be the center of attention, those he surrounds himself with will have to meet rigorous standards and 'testing', because he can only associate with the best. Otherwise he's being unfair to himself. Before he really makes the jump to adulthood, his insults and mocking follow more along the lines of very bad impressions.«I'm Dragoneth, I'm a stupid whiner. Watch me prance around and trip on things. Nyah.» But more clever insults will develop as he learns more about what buttons to push with each dragon. «Oh yes, do tell us /all/ about how you nearly toppled end over end on that landing, Dragoneth. Rather surprising you didn't snap a wing-sail. Good thing you didn't though. You're already so far behind that an injury would be disastrous.»

Dhonzayth may have to be silenced in lessons and other events when he should be listening. That's because he loves to talk! It's not just idle chatter with these folks, either. He's intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information. The more information Dhonzayth collects, the better. Sharing that information later on with those around him is also a lot of fun, because what's better than hearing one's self speak and having absolutely no doubts as to whether you're right or wrong?

Dhonzayth is bright, quick-witted and the proverbial life of the party. Even though his intellectual mind can rationalize forever and a day, he also has a surplus of imagination waiting to be tapped. Can a day with Dhonzayth be boring? Never!

Dhonzayth is a dragon of two minds. On the one hand, there's the brilliant, self-assured playboy, with no dreams more than being the absolute best. And if he's not the best, it doesn't really matter, so long as he can still convince others that he's a prize. A singular and unique commodity worthy of admiration and worship. It's this side of his personality that makes those cutting, sarcastic remarks. A bit of a bully, he's of the opinion that if you can quickly nip other in the bud when they start to catch some of the spotlight, there'll be more for him. The other side of the coin is a more thoughtful dragon, introspective and curious. He /needs/ to know things. Especially what other people and you, think of him. He dissects his tiniest flaws, fretting over them in private should anyone find out he's not as perfect as he believes himself to appear. He may easily become defensive if a sensitive subject is even grazed over, most specifically, his hide. If anyone should make special note of it's uneven sheen it's a shot in the dark as to whether he'll play it off, tossing clever insults back, or go into an irritated huff. Denying the other dragon of his very precious company. He may not know who's showing up either, which can prompt others to consider him fickle and restless.

He can be wishy-washy, too, changing his mood on a simple whim. It's this characteristic which readily suggests the Mutable Quality assigned to Gemini, part of his personality basis. He is adaptable and dexterous and can tackle many things at once. The downside of such a curious mind, however, can be a lack of follow-through. How much can any one dragon do, anyway?

*Image credit to T'eo



This one wants someone with the confidence to defend their opinions in the finest arena imaginable. Debate! Intellect and pursuits of the mind are most precious to this one. In a bond it wants spirit, fire, and a most importantly perhaps, humor. It has a sarcastic streak that borders on harsh mocking most of the time, but its mate will understand this, yes?

His mind will always hold a subtle sheen to it. Warm autumnal colors, varying in intensity and luster depending on his mood and level of excitement, dance like flickering tongues of flame. When he bespeaks, his voice is a smooth, romantic quality to it, slightly accented but only enough to give it a subtle rhythm. Actor Clark Gable would be a good example of this. Self-assured and masculine, oozing with charm even as he says terrible and rude things. A musky scent of exotic wood tends to entwine with his mind, as if tropical kindling has been tossed into the flame of his mind-voice. His voice becomes associated with a cool breeze, whipping about the intended when he's executing his most cutting remarks, or expressing especial disfavor for something or someone.


The sole person to blame for your Dhonzayth and his Twin Wedges Egg is Woodrow.

I thought maybe warping the name you requested would work out. Especially since I found a Name in French (What I've been told is the language of Madagascar, one of the places Sphene can be found) 'Donatien' which means 'gift from god', a root for Dhonzayth along with your example of Dhanzyth. Because he certainly puts on the face that he's a gift from on high.

*Dahn-zAYth* (Just the way I've been saying it)

The Egg theme was 'Silicates'.

*Image credit to Tarish


Name Not Quite Metallic Enough Bronze Dhonzayth
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Vsonath
Created By Woodrow
Impressee L'ton (Pallaton)
Hatched 13 September 2005
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
  • Painting of Dhonzayth done by Khiitan

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