Zylan (AKA Xylan)

Father: L'ton
Mother: Xylaihl
Home: Xanadu Weyr

Zylan was the unexpected result of one of Xylaihl's mating flights, when her green Xvetaoth took the the skies and was caught by L'ton's Dhonzayth. It was quite a surprise for the older greenrider - however, it was in the end a rather pleasant one. Despite a bit of a naming issue - as Xylaihl wanted an X name and L'ton of course wanted a Z name - they came to a rather awkward compromise that will work for the time being.

Zylan has inherited the same dirty-blonde hair from both parents, while his eyes tend more towards the blue spectrum of hazel.

Zylan has a hand-full of older half siblings by his mother, the youngest a full 10 turns older than him, including:
Triplets: Xaspia (F), Xezzara (F), and Xalansho (M),
X'hil (M), Rider to Bronze Kinseth,
Xyala (F)
Xaliyan (M)

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