Father: L'ton
Mother: Vesvesris
Home: Ista Weyr

Zsriston is the first child of Vesvesris and L'ton's weyrmating, and the bronzerider's first son. Zsriston is arguably L'ton's second favorite child, as he is his first son, and the first child of his long-time weyrmate. Due to the various duties of both Sris and L'ton, Zsriston was fostered shortly after the 6 month mark, and has spent much of his time with the nannies since then, however he does know who his parents are, and is at the age to begin trying to use that to his advantage.

Zsriston looks like considerably more like his mother than his father - dark brown, curly hair, and dark brown eyes. He is on the taller end of his age range, though there is time for that to change.

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