Father: Pallaton
Mother: Pazinnia
Home: Ista Weyr

Zipalla was born when both her parents were quite young - and caused quite the stir. Pazinnia was due to be married, when it was discovered that the distant cousins were spending time getting to know each other quite quite well. When Zipalla was born, she was quickly 'adopted' by Pallaton's parents, and never truly told about her parentage. When she was about 3, Pallaton, by then L'ton, rider of Ista's bronze Dhonzayth, snuck home to Shipton Cothold to 'liberate' her from the family's backwards, and rather closeminded nature. Since then she's lived comfortably at Ista Weyr - though she was found drunk at the tender age of 8 causing the formation of the League at Ista - and spends much of her time with her father, but also with the nannies when his duties prevent him from returning home. Vesvesris, his father's weyrmate for turns, is the one she considers to be her mother, and even after their split, Zipalla enjoys spending time with the brownrider.

Zipalla is tall and slender, especially for her age, though she'll likely become only slightly taller than average as the other members of her peer group catch up. She's inherited the crooked Shipton family nose, and the same dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes as many members of the family has.

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