Father: L'ton
Mother: Niah
Home: Ista Weyr

Smaller than average size for his age, the delicate child has his fathers curly locks and his mothers light brown, copper hair. Still very much a baby his eyes are bright blue, though they are slowly darkening the final color remains a mystery. Zion is Zialon's identical twin brother, and both are rather small after being more a bit early.

It was a rather unremarkable day on the Ierne beach when Niah and L'ton first met. It was just a few meetings later that shy, sort of lonely Niah ended up asking L'ton for a baby. The rest, as they could say, is history. Niah moved to Ista during her pregnancy, and that's where the boys were born, growing up raised by their mother, and visited on a daily basis by their father and even his weyrmate.

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