Father: L'ton
Mother: Jheina
Home: Ista Weyr

There are times that even when your dragon loses, you do not. And that was the case with L'ton when Dhonzayth failed to snag Jheina's Talisyth. Unfortunately as a result, Jheina found herself pregnant, and when Zhein was born, he was sent to Ista to live with his father, to avoid serving as a constant reminder to the Eastern Junior. He is being raised long with Vesvesris's kids, though he will be told who his mother is.

He has inherited his mothers dark brown, nearly black hair, as well as her chocolate eyes. Unfortunately for Zhein though, even as a child, his nose is showing the distinctive quality that belongs to a Shipton.

He has a single older half-sister by his mother - a girl named Riana who's own father is brownrider R'nel of Eastern.

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