Father: L'ton
Mother: L'alie
Home: Xanadu Weyr

Despite the claims that Zee was the result of a flight loss, the truth is that Zee was the result of a rather extended fling between the Weyrsecond of Xanadu and the Weyrsecond of Ista, after the two executed a certain business deal. Her name is what it is after L'alie was unable to decide on a more specific name that fit in with L'ton's request of a Z name. She spends her time split between the various Weyrs - sometimes with her mother at Xanadu, sometimes with her father at Ista, and still at other times, she is at Western with her half-sister Teila and her effective step-father T'eo.

Her eyes are a mix of hazel and green, and her hair is the lighter color of L'alie's, rather than the dirty blonde of L'ton's. She's quite scrawny for her age, an illusion propagated by her tendency to steal her older sister's clothing.

She has an older half-sister by her mother L'alie - Teila, who is the daughter of T'eo - as well as younger half-siblings - the twins Alistaur (M) and Surie (F) by R'sul.

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