Father: L'ton
Mother: Tresa
Hold: Fort Hold

The fact that Zaresa's father is in fact not Tresa's husband Lord Laric created a fair bit of stir, and was not made any less of an issue after L'ton was the male present at her birth. The question that is still unanswered however, is what prompted L'ton and Tresa to spent time together in the first place, though given it is L'ton, it shouldn't be too difficult of a question.

Zaresa is a very bald baby, with only a light sprinkling of blond hair on her head. However, it is quite obvious that her baby blue eyes are going to remain just that, Blue.

Zaresa has two older siblings by the Lady Tresa - Larsen, the Heir apparently to Fort Hold, and Treia, another daughter rather questionable parentage.

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