Father: L'ton
Mother: Senkyou
Home: Xanadu Weyr

It was a drunken night for both L'ton and Senkyou when the Xanadu Wingrider took L'ton home with her, so that he wouldn't have to spend the night sleeping in the caverns. In the end neither of them ended up spending the night alone. Despite a few rough issues during Senkyou's pregnancy - including telling L'ton that clearly he didn't care enough. She has mellowed lately, though, though sometimes it is questionable if Zalyu will survive to adulthood with her as his mother. He spends the majority of his time at Xanadu, but will spend the occasional week in Ista with L'ton.

Recently, the L'ton-clone that is Zalyu has been sent to Ista to 'get to know his father'. However, almost immediately upon arrival at the Weyr, Niah decided that Zalyu was too adorable and 'took him off his hands' for the time being.

Zalyu has two older half-siblings by his mother - sister Serenity (by J'vry) and brother Leterou (by L'ter).

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