Father: L'ton
Mother: Aeris
Home: Xanadu Weyr

When Dhonzayth caught Aelith over Telgar Weyr, L'ton spent a great deal of time egg watching with Aeris. In addition to watching eggs, though, L'ton also got to watch an expanding Aeris, for the older goldrider became pregnant from the flight. As the eggs finished hatching, the stress put Aeris into labor, and Zaerla was delivered with L'ton, Vesvesris, and a healer in attendance.

Zaerla is a rather cute little girl, with medium brown hair that is kept in short curls, and large hazel eyes. She's slightly chubby, though the majority of it can be attributed to baby fat for the time being. She is a quite bubbly child, and makes those at Xanadu aware of her cheerful presence on a regular basis.

Zaerla has a older half brother by Aeris - Aereo, son of T'eo. Through T'eo, she is also related to L'alie's daughter Teila.

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