Dirty blonde hair is tousled, falling past his eyes and curling around his ears, usually hiding his hazel eyes from view, though never enough to hide his very distinctive family nose from sight. Said nose is narrow, a bump near the top of, sloping quickly downwards, though still protruding a fair distance from his face. A rather narrow face tapers to a cleft chin. His frame is rather lean as well, shoulders slightly narrowed, though he's reasonably muscled, skin rather toasted from years of work outdoors. Standing at just under a full 6', he tends to slouch, shoulders drooping when he does.


Pallaton hails from a small cothold on the Northern tip of Ista Isle, where his family lives as a group, sharing the tasks of the hold, and of herding the sheep in the nearby hills. A member of a huge family he has gotten very used to communal living, and being responsible for a particular task around the area.
At 17, he was discovered trysting with a 16 year old girl, in fact a distant cousin of his, and much to the dismay of the family, it was discovered that she was pregnant. After the child was born, it was decided that the infant would be raised not knowing of its parentage, and his cousin was quickly married off to a holder to the south, and Pallaton was encouraged to throw himself into the woodcraft more completely.
Eventually he was amongst the group selected to take a large herd of sheep to Ista Weyr, on the condition that while he was there, he would seek further instruction, to better his technique.
While Pallaton was at Ista Weyr, both himself and Paimida found themselves Searched for the clutch upon the Sands. After a lengthy battle with the family, they both accepted candidacy, and even more surprising, both Impressed. And so Pallaton became L'ton, rider of bronze Dhonzayth. The family demanded that they leave their dragons and return home, but both refused, causing many rifts to form between the new bronzerider and his family.
Weyrlinghood passed, and in time L'ton was surprised to be offered the position of wingleader. And then, more surprised to find himself falling for a young candidate Vesvesris, who became brown Odeleth's rider. Eventually the pair weyrmated; shortly thereafter, L'ton returned to Shipton cothold to 'retrieve' Zipalla, bringing the young girl to live with him at Ista.
After a few turns, L'ton found himself being made Weyrsecond, and just about that time, Vesvesris found out she was pregnant with their first child. The turns since then have been rather uneventful - Sure there are the ups of winning gold flights both at Ista and elsewhere, and watching Dhonzayth start the next generation of dragonriders, the downs of disagreements with his weyrmate, his cousin, and his friends, and the neither-up-nor-downs of discovering he had sired a multitude of kids around Pern. After 8 turns, Vesvesris and L'ton went their separate ways, though it wasn't long before another brownrider seemed to take her place - M'iken, brown Meluth's. M'iken, however, is more lenient when it comes to L'ton's tendency to wander - allowing Niah and her children to even be at Ista - as long as the bronzerider comes home to her and their son Zelik at the end of the day.

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